TubCasts You Trust, From Naked Hosts You Don’t


TotalDrama is putting a pin in this idea.

You heard it here first:
Tubcasting is the new podcasting.

Here’s the original post. But now that Leo has expanded his studio to include a tax-deductible vat of slimy water in his backyard, the editorial board at TotalDrama is committed to the idea of spreading the word “tubcast” to describe the lazy type of broadcasting that Leo Laporte engages in. He’s a tubcaster now.

5 thoughts on “TubCasts You Trust, From Naked Hosts You Don’t”

  1. I can only dream of leo being nude in his tubcast, but being able to drink his tub water is better than any golden shower yoko ever gave me! I am truly blessed to bask in the shade of leo’s ass.

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  2. The tub cast was a bit traumatic. Definitely have empathy for his staff. When I listen to how Leo discusses his staff plus the way he talks to then; makes me ask the question is it better to work for a small private business. He doesn’t like it when Lisa calls a TWiT staff to fix her gadgets. He voiced today how that upsets him. He thinks she should ask him for help. It’s all about respect.

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