Broken News: The web empire of has been taken offline.

Update: The rumour being spread that a team of hackers, based in Vatican City, have taken offline is false. At least that’s what this reporter can glean from Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Meerkat videos.   None of which has shown the purported hacker team (dressed in cassocks) actually hacking.  Fr. Robert Ballecer has been asked his opinion and we will relay it when received.

Further details coming.

13 thoughts on “ Down!”

  1. The rumor on the street, Grand Master Admin had too much to drink and tripped some cords last night, after he sobers up site will be back. Meanwhile, you can say how you feel about him at

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  2. Developing from the story, it was purported that when Father Robert Ballecer was asked for comment he said “I’ve sent in the drones” then turned with an evil glare in his eyes and shouted “Leave me to the Choir Boys, their mine, all mine!”.

    We know that ScooterX had nothing to do with it. He is too busy being a dirty old man to Carly and stalking her on twitter and instagram.

    Corks on Champagne bottles were popping at Laporte Towers and splashing in the Japanese soaking tub for a short time until it was reported to Leo Lapork that had come out of stasis and was waking like Godzilla ready to stalk and report on the shenanigan’s at the Brick Shit house.

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    1. On the contrary. Molly has kidnapped him and taken him to a places that specializes in turning gay men straight. Have desires so much to bear his children and at the same time bare her chest with depilatory creams.

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  3. …it can’t be for lack of content. Yesterday, Leo claimed his reason for wanting to buy the Apple Watch was so he could send penis drawings to his now wife and former bookkeeper, Lisa.

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    1. Looks like Putin may be the last hope for freedom of speech.

      In fact China shows more freedom of Speech that TWiT.TV does except when it is talk about penises (or is plural “Peni”?)

      I didn’t know that there had been any payroll information leaked, there was the phone numbers but that was really LEO that leaked those!

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