It’s not what you think.

It may be the Leo Laporte is obsessed with totaldrama or just not operating normally but right now domains are hot.


Which one really angers you? Probably none of them. Leo however hates at least two. (He has admitted that wellheyheyhey.com is pretty awesome).

Leo does not like someone, AKA the one ass, is registering domains that his elite staff didn’t. He has determined that there is an enemy and it is I.

Carly and Hilary are approaching the same jokers with more equanimity, using the publicity to promote their individual campaigns. I get threats. Doesn’t really seem fair. But I have big shoulders and can carry the weight and responsibility. I also have a crew of bikers (mountain) who will surround me on my jaunts from the basement.

No videos from me today. Boring, booooo!. I know. But editing takes time, just ask Lisa. Leo has reported that she spent most of the night trying to craft the last disaster known as TheNewScreenSavers into a masterpiece. Adobe Premier is not her friend. Look forward to more off-site editors as Lisa decides that this editing thing is greatly overrated. Will the great Jason Howell be the next to hit the bricks? We pray no as he is one of the last guiding lights at TWiT.

There are no other trolls here. Keep moving along, nothing to see. But if you have some complaints send them in. We promise to read them all and make smart comments.

9 thoughts on “#domaingate”

  1. Surely you don’t mean Lisa sat down and tried to edit. If only they had a really good, experienced editor. But who am I to say? I guess Yahoo, Intel, NBC, CNN, Discovery, Safeway, Intuitive are all wrong about me. Lisa knew best!

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  2. Isn’t it apparent that Lisa is trying to learn to edit so she and Leo can sit at home and make Twit shows without the need of staff?

    that is the plan, they are trying to get rid of all the shows and scale it back down to just the screen savers and 2-3 other “Leo Only” shows that make money. They don’t want a hosting staff.

    If I were at twit, I would be looking for a new job sooner than later. 2 years from now, twit will be live from the Laporte bedroom in beautiful petaluma.

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  3. I hesitate to be Captain Bummer, but let’s do some
    approximate calculations.

    TWiT contains 4 ads. Mr. Laporte recently mentioned on mic that he expects that program to generate 200,000 downloads weekly (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/This_Week_in_Tech mentions a much higher number). 200,000 downloads x 4 ads/TWiT x $70/1000 ad downloads x 50 TWiTs/year means at least $2.8 million per year. Another participant on this site recently mentioned figures that indicate Mr. Laporte can reasonably expect to gross another million dollars per year from the Tech Guy (salary and downloads). When we include Windows Weekly, MacBreak Weekly, Security Now, and other Laporte centric shows in the mix, it is entirely likely that the gross revenue for the entire Laporte operation is well in excess of $5 million annually.

    While I am appalled by the boorish, deceptive, and grossly over-indulgent behavior of Mr. Laporte, and while I grieve for the cruelties, injustices, and depredations he has perpetrated on what was, once upon a not-so-distant past, a technological Camelot, the numbers I see point to a more robust financial condition than many readers here might expect.

    Just figurin’ and best regards

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    1. IIRC, Leo had said about the time the Twit Shithouse opened, he blurted out that gross revenues for the operation was about 3 million dollars. And that some of the talent salary was “in excess of 6 figures” (lets assume that to be tom merritt, probably Iyaz and later, Sarah Lane). … and the payroll was about a million dollars. Whatever. Money ain’t everything. There are many wealthy people that are not happy, no matter what they have.

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  4. Well I couldn’t wait for the appropriate post – when Jolie O’Dell is on the show you know you’re in for some cringe from Leo’s locker-room mouth. I mean, how about taking some notes from Thurrott or even Jeff Jarvis (of all people) on how to treat a colleague and guest with some damned respect. WIth a child in the audience, no less.

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