Breaking News: Mobile World Congress 2015 is go

It’s Sunday March 1, 2015 and Mobile World Congress press conferences are live around the internet.

HTC announced a flurry of strange products, Huawei unveiled an attractive watch and MIke Elgan tours Barcelona bakeries.


Yes, actual tech journalists are live tweeting, producing videos, interviewing executives.

The new HTC One M9 has been put in journalist hands for reviews and comments.

TWiT and Mike Elgan are doing the job of checking out the Gothic quarter of Barcelona.


Thanks TWiT and Leo for sending Mike and Amira on an awesome super vacation.

7 thoughts on “Breaking News: Mobile World Congress 2015 is go”

  1. C’mon, give Mike a break. It’s not like he or TWiT are going to break any news here. There’s *plenty* of time for him to read all those press releases and blog posts before This Week in Tech this afternoon. That’s not until midnight his time. I’m assuming he’ll Skype in for part of that, talk about how nice the city is, then read from a few press releases. Then he has until 7pm tomorrow night to sightsee again, until tomorrow morning (CA time) TNT.

    If he worked for a 24/7 news network… sure… maybe it’d make sense for him to be working. But he just needs to provide once-a-day commentary in a 30min chunk. Plenty of time to take in the sights.

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  2. The only loveable tech journalist? Is this fucking clown for real?

    Anyway, if anyone has listened to Leo run his mouth on the stream then you know Elgum and his wife are best buddies with the Laportes… so this trip isn’t about breaking news but about Elgum getting a free vacay on the company dime. This is Lisas MO – run the network into the fucking ground with shitty advertisers while she treats herself and her friends with nice things like Audis and European vacations.

    I wonder if Elgum and his wife tag along when the Laportes go for those super expensive Wagyu steaks they apparently feast on every few weeks?

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