The neverending saga of TWiT’s Mobile World Congress 2015 coverage

Mobile-World-Congress-20151We at Totaldrama are fair—truly. We watch TWIT and comment. So to that end I set my alarm for 6 a.m. PST to participate in Mike’s live broadcast from MWC.

A disaster. Truly. A clueless mumbling Gumbot cabled to a camera. Were wireless mics not in the budget? Showing the audience reams of fitness bands and smart watches. Talking to some toothbrush manufacturer about their smart brush. Eventually telling the spokesman, “Enough of that!”

Quote of the day: “This appears to be um, ah, err…a wearable shirt”

So no discussion about the Intel press conference going on at the same time. Nothing about Google becoming a MVNO. No hands on with anything that anyone would actually buy.

And it ended with a stumbling ad read.

Good luck, editors! Your work awaits you.

Again for real coverage check out Android Central (Phil Nickinson is a good friend, of someone at least), The Verge (we love them, they might not like us much), Engadget, PC Perspective (Ryan Shrout, you’re too good to be on TWICH) and almost any other technology site on the internet.

UPDATE: A irate commenter reported that our close personal friend Phil Nickinson is a douche. Ouch.  So try Android Police instead.

6 thoughts on “The neverending saga of TWiT’s Mobile World Congress 2015 coverage”

  1. Dear Mr. East,

    After reading your comments on world reporter Mike Elgum, I will ask you but one question. Why do you expect so much?

    He is after all Leo’s greatest and most seasoned employee. Also he has Myriam with him. What else could the be doing with themselves but making great videos. Of the conference.

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  2. Leo will spend any amount of money as well burn up resources just to prove he is never wrong. I really think he has little to say any more about the way his network is run.

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