Hitler Finds Out About Leo Laporte’s Dick Pics

Guest SubmissionWe didn’t make this, but it was sent in to us using our feedback system, and we thought it deserved to be seen by everyone. Sometimes you need a bit of humor to counteract the depressing cesspool of sitting-around-a-table bullshit TWiT has become.

Credit goes to Leichewow. Check out the other videos in the channel if you have time as well. Lots of good content.


14 thoughts on “Hitler Finds Out About Leo Laporte’s Dick Pics”

  1. Funny, but it does nothing bring attention to the fact that dick gate was an inside job. Why? A bit of numerology might help, Leichewow = 99 & Rubenstein = 99. 1 x 3 x 33 = 99 √ Masonic? Yep… √ Running interference? Yep… Is Leo in trouble? √ Definitely. #Rubenstein_must_be_Stopped!

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      1. Sveg, He’s head of TWiT’s mind contron, oops, I mean social media operations… You think if he wasn’t behind all of this he would be doing a better job with Leo’s online image? I’m pretty sure he is the one behind this site. Rebunstein, it’s not Game On, it’s #Game_Over for you! I’m onto ya, and I’m coming for you. You messed with the wrong fat guy, ’cause that fat guy is my tech guy!

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    1. Actually, much self control was demonstrated in this video… With so many Leo FU’s to pull from, only someone with total control of their factuality’s could pull together such a tight script as this. All that is missing is Lisa’s bag of buttery popcorn ….

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