20 thoughts on “Leo Laporte’s public Instagram account gets weird”

    1. Jeff you are part of this crew as of now you have nothing to say.
      You work with these people there for you also condone it.

      Everybody here make their own decision. To me Molly/Jeff is done.

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  1. Does Lisa’s son have a developmental disability? I ask because this is not the first time I’ve seen this mother / son duo in this type of contact on TWiT.
    When I was his age, there is NO WAY I’d have done that with my mother. I’ve always been close to my Mom, but never ‘creepy close’.

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    1. He did mention the expensive lens he purchased during the TTG radio show. Unless I was making a living in photography, I doubt I’d dump that much dough on an item. That’s one expensive hobby. To each his own, I guess..

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  2. Hmmm…the comments on the Instagram feed seem so positive, yet only one or two people on here appreciate the art. But it would be NAMBLA as in North American MOTHER Boy Love Association. So there is that.

    You are all perverts for seeing it that way.

    That said, the pic is gross. It is creepy and abnormal. But maybe that’s the way things are in Petaluma.

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