What happened to this site? It used to be good

Dearest God in Heaven Above,
Lord of Lords and Host of Hosts (but not Leo)

We beseecheth you to bringeth back ye olde TotalDrama. You know the one where there were constant #scoups and long-form videos?

td-crossWhy hath thou done did and forsaken us in our time of need? Thine “comedy posts” doth rubbeth some readers the wrong way. You know, those readers who don’t pay a dime to this site, who don’t understand that this is a volunteer effort and that it takes time and patience to tendeth to a site like this one. You know, those idiots of the most graceful and tender nature.

So fucketh you all to a violent yet peaceful death and may you live and reign in the kingdom of Drama for evermore.


21 thoughts on “What happened to this site? It used to be good”

  1. Jeremy are you saying “Amen” to having all the assholes go to hell? Or to bringing back the old Drama; the one where it took an incredible amount of work by people working for free?

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    1. fucketh dem assholes.

      I’ve loved every post on this site. The old stuff was great and this new stuff is too. “No trans fats” is probably going to be the post of the year for me.

      Do what thou wants. Trust thine heart.

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  2. Title should be Humorless Post. It’s not funny. Another example of some crap a child might write. Maybe people don’t donate a dime towards the site because they’re not getting much value from it lately.

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  3. This is simple. If you do not like the evolution of TD move on. Volunteers get pissed off and leave and take their gaming laptops home with them. Nothing ever stays the same anywhere.

    So you can appreciate the offerings here or watch twit.tv.

    It’s very easy to bitch when you contribute nothing but criticism.

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    1. That is priceless. Should be the motto of this site: It’s easy to bitch when you contribute nothing but criticism.”

      It’s even easier to provide childish insults rather than real criticism about actual issues.

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  4. Your check bounced Leo “the soup snorter” , until it clears I will not troll this site as you ask. I need batteries for my chainsaw dildo which this trolling pays for. HelloWorld, I want to bare your children, send me a jar of love and a turkey baster!

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    1. Molly, you don’t want to ‘Bare’ his children, you want to ‘bear’ his children. Sorry, I am not normally a spelling Nazi, you post just sounded perverted. I hope you and HelloWorld have a lovely family together and name one of your children (either sex) Miriam.

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  5. It is really getting dark. The mound is deep. Trying to find a breathing hole ! Don’t keep flushing turds or it may be hard to squeeze from the ground. It is frozen. Time lapses but wait, be patient for TWiT has holes to cover. Don’t step to close or you may fall in the hole. Do you want to learn the width, the length as well as the depth. Depth may be lacking. So you may stand alone. You have nothing. Nothing may lead to something. Read on & on. Chance is taken when you read nothing or something regarding TWiT. There could be crumbs!

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  6. Pretty much the beginning of this site was showing twit going down the tube and now that everyone is leaving twit and its clear that twit is dead this site has just become the person poking the corpse with a stick it doesnt have to dig deep anymore

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