Is Leo Laporte preparing to boot Sarah Lane out of the Shithouse for good?

Leo Laporte is apparently getting his ducks in a row to kick the lovely and talented Sarah Lane to the curb, le finiti. In this video (above) we see how he warms up his zombie-audience to his reprehensible plot. In the continuing mission to save money, the dysfunctional tag team of Leo ‘n’ Lisa have determined—yet again—that rather than paying broadcasters to host shows, it is more economical to have whomever is around take a shot at it. Based on the public figures spewed on-air by Laporte, it is estimated that Sarah is pulling in a meager $450 per episode for the show she created and built while Leo slurps up the bulk of the profits.

With two idle hosts on staff, either Moronne or Moron (aka Elgum) will be forced into a sad attempt at replacing Sarah in order to save the glutton the $450 per show that is paid to said goddess. Asked for comment, noted Sarah Lane expert Richardya said, “This turn of events could be related to a recent Instagram photo (seen below), which conjured up images of the ‘dark triangle’ [that] Laporte can’t get out of his head. It is also known that TechCrunch is planning to enter the podcasting sphere which could leave the failing TWiT network in ruins.”

Sarah Lane's racy Instagram account may unfortunately be used against her by the piggish Leo Laporte.
Sarah Lane’s racy Instagram account may unfortunately be used against her by the piggish Leo Laporte.

P.S. Nice try – lying once again about this being “abrupt notice.” Sarah informed you about the trip weeks ago. We see the schedule online fat man.

13 thoughts on “Is Leo Laporte preparing to boot Sarah Lane out of the Shithouse for good?”

  1. I think this story is backwards. I think it is Sarah who has kicked Leo to the curb. I even predicted this last week. On The Tech Guy show February 14, Leo told a story about a colleague who recently used a dating app and was paired with someone who had 30 felony arrests. That colleague was Sarah Lane, who told the story on IPad Today a week earlier. Sarah was incensed that Leo would bring up her dating story on a national broadcast and went into the chat room to yell at him. Leo even mentioned this on a commercial break and said “I just better stop talking.” This past Saturday, Leo said Sarah had travel conflicts and could not do this week’s IPad Today. Coincidence? I think not. I wouldn’t be surprised if Sarah never again had anything to do with that egomaniacal jerk.

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    1. He is going to fire her from Ipad today, she went on DTNS and that is a no-no. Highest rated episode of DTNS so far.

      We know she originally quit being full time @Soup McSoup

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  2. The minute they issued the first statement about Sarah leaving but would still present iPad Today I knew it would only be a matter of weeks. before she was completely gone.

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  3. In all of this, Leo has also been screwing Dick around on the GizWiz. During the 1500th episode celebration of the Gizwiz, Leo basically surprised Dick with “oh yeah, ipad today will now be after The Tech Guy on Saturday, so we’re pushing you back – hopefully you can still make it”
    Dick’s face definitely showed that he was insulted.

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    1. Mr. DeBartolo is funnier, kinder, and more likeable than Mr. Laporte; he is more endeared to many fans of TWiT than Mr. Laporte. Therefore he may be seen as a threat to Mr. Laporte, and Mr. Laporte is running out of old threats to pick on.

      Best regards

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      1. I’ve always enjoyed the Giz Wiz. The show hasn’t missed a beat since Chad took over. Guess that’s why Leo had to return and remind everyone that the red headed step child hasn’t been much of the 1500 episodes.

        Chad, milk Twit for all it is worth and get your plugs in for your stuff while you can. Who knows how much longer the titanic has.

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    2. I think he’s being trying to get rid of the GizWiz for sometime. I can’t see it lasting to the end of the year and then he gets Chad off his hands properly too. Chad kind of demeaned himself by sticking around after being fired or helped take his show to the next level by being nudged out of the nest (as Leo described it) in the first place.

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  4. Sarah indicated TC called her out of the blue – nonsense – her agent was hard at work and both called in favors from old friends. L&L started working on her 10 months ago when she was perceived as deliberately sabotaging Elgan – (he does that well enough himself) . The fight about the set, the snipping about ads on IPT, the Reddit cancelation and the ‘retirement’ of TSH – Sarah finally took the hint/ L&L did not like her salary and particularly Yoko felt her ‘off the field’ activities were unbecoming (not too hypocritical) – her Tinder talk and who she’s dating was actually a surprise to both Laportes and based on certain *biases*, she landed on the chopping block. Some of the Brickhouse call her the Tinder Tart – that phrase originated from the very top. Also took a swipe at her ‘self esteem’ – this is all blatantly transparent

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