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BREAKING: TWiT has lost its case against Twitter


Re-enactment of press corps reaction

We are receiving reports from the United States District Court that TWiT was unsuccessful at extorting millions of dollars from Twitter in the trademark infringement case of the century  previously covered (1) here, (2) here and (3) here.

We could not reach Leo Laporte (or Hilton Goring) for comment, but we were able to secure the following video from a random German media outlet (above).

Actual Courtroom Audio

Audio of Judge lambasting and laughing at TWiT’s lawyer

UPDATE: TotalDrama has received the official ruling below:

TWiT, LLC vs. Twitter Inc. – Case Dismissal

If you have any ideas for an article (like who Leo is frivilously suing next) we encourage you to visit our chatroom, leave an anonymous comment below or submit a tip.  A big thank you to our intrepid court reporter who was forced to listen to endless hours of TWiT pleading its case in court without being able to openly laugh his ass off.

Hitler Finds Out About Leo Laporte’s Dick Pics

Guest SubmissionWe didn’t make this, but it was sent in to us using our feedback system, and we thought it deserved to be seen by everyone. Sometimes you need a bit of humor to counteract the depressing cesspool of sitting-around-a-table bullshit TWiT has become.

Credit goes to Leichewow. Check out the other videos in the channel if you have time as well. Lots of good content.