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We all loooooove catching people in lies and none are more fun to catch than the two masters, Leo and Padre, go on and click the image below to read PSJ’s horse hooey.

Making the world a better place
Making the world a better place (Non-relevant portion is darkened – full conversation is here.)

The church is now an employee leasing service? I liked the old lie better, ‘he is spreading good will for the church by being at TWiT.’

We have been told countless times by Leo that PadreSJ has turned down assignments from the Church to work at TWiT. So why did he say that the church ASKED him to be at TWiT? The church didn’t know shit about TWiT until Padre told them. PSJ has also made references to the church not being happy with him. Why? In his twitter feed the man has said many times he chose to be at TWiT and was asked to do some sort of year long sabbatical he is pushing off. Am I supposed to pretend an arch-bishop or some higher up came up with the idea to put PSJ at TWiT? Come now.

Does he really expect us to believe TWiT’s measly donation pays for his room, board, food, expenses and saving Bolivia?
Why wont he say how much the #guzzler pays the church annually? I am gonna bet that the job Padre stole would have cost #Soup at least 100K in salary, payroll expenses, insurance and benefits if TWiT had to pay a “regular Joe.” TWiT probably pays the church 5K-25K annually tops.


I am not a church guy but I have no animosity towards the church either, Why not just be honest? Don’t try and paint working at TWiT as something you will be canonized for. Stay quiet. Working at TWiT is not god’s work.  Hopefully PSJ fooled himself so he can sleep at night because he doesn’t fool me.

**The blackout was not done to take something out of context or protect PSJs target. Everything  aside from his fib about the Church asking him to be at TWiT was not relevant. The link is in the picture caption**

10 thoughts on “Follow Up”

    1. I’m not offended. It was just a thinly veiled attack personal attack/threat under all that blackness. The important stuff was called out in the article. If you follow the link you can find the full exchange going back to the first poster who commented ,” The Fat priest again! Why?”

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  1. “Why not just be honest”…Because Padre is clearly a pathological sociopathic liar like his boss Leo. Man of the clothe my ass…what a douche-bag.

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  2. He’s a liar and eats food that should go to people that don’t have six tons of fat reserve.

    I guess he is proof positive of the power of prayer, because the church has ASKED him to live in Petaluma and cover quadcopters and enterprise tech. The fact that he would clearly do this over actual work in a needy part of the world is a mere coincidence you guys!!!!one11!1!

    Don’t even bother with this fucker, his heart will give out soon.

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    1. yeah i see those comments now thanks digital and yeah it comes off as a conflict of interest at this point for a priest to be working for Leo at this point. the whole dick pic should have forced him to leave just for that alone. i guess they don’t care since the get paid. that and they prob see it as a way to promote the church in a uncommon fashion. i question if hes really a priest at times the way he talks and acts on air sometimes is not priest like in my opinion. twit bosses influenced him negatively in the long run.

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  3. He did not start out this bad. He was always a fan of Leo and twit but now he basically follows Leo’s teachings:

    Lie in ads
    Lie to viewers about trolls
    Use computer skills to terrorize critics
    Backup Leo lies
    Protect Leo and fire Shannon morse
    Work free so other people can’t have paying jobs

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