Calling all TWiT Moderators.

We at would like to encourage the TWiT Moderators to express their inner feelings at the sight of their Führer living in such gluttony and opulence in London.

Leo loves me

Do you [TWiT] Mods set a value on your time and livelihood? or are you simple half-baked slaves who merely lap at your masters heal in the hope that he may one day toss you a bone.

 Now that you have experienced and savoured Leo’s, effluence, sorry should have been affluence; which was made on the back of your misguided support. Do you now think you should be paid a minimum wage for your pathetic efforts rather than being repeatedly exploited by Leo and Dan? Perhaps it may be time to consider getting a real moneymaking job, hobby or even a girlfriend and thereby accomplishing something of your lives and adding value to all society.

Leo is so funny
I hope Leo says my name today on air

TWiT Moderators please feel free to express your thoughts and aspirations so that all the silenced TWiT fans (you continually choose to insult) can understand your motivation for living.

Fans, we would also ask you to give examples of overzealous TWiT Mods you have had the misfortune to have known.

19 thoughts on “Calling all TWiT Moderators.”

  1. I had Dan give out my full name in chat for (his) fun. I have been told to DIAF (Die in a fire) by mods. I have been asked at least 8 times by people in DTNS IRC why it says “Get a life richardya” by people who get kicked. I have been accused of everything from DDOSing (which i still don’t know what that even stands for) to doing something to suicide prevention lines.

    I have had enough. I challenge anyone with logs of chat to find one bad thing, amongst the thousands of comments I had, I ever said in there BEFORE my ban.

    They lost privileges of being treated as human beings. And the harassment of people who ask about the schedule is ridiculous. Do I NOW go in there and make trouble? YES, PROUDLY. It is so much fun, i love it, i want to quit my job and do it full time. That IRC has to go, sopranos style.

    As a matter of fact, that would be a good first step for Leo to show he hears the fans.

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  2. The TWiT moderators shouldn’t be called moderators. They do not moderate, they abuse. They abuse that position to the extent that they seem to be psychologically damaged individuals.

    In fact if anyone is trolling the TWiT IRC then it is the moderators themselves that believe that they are doing a service to the world by kicking people off for the slightest reason.

    In fact many of the people that are kicked off are not kicked for breaking the rules, their comment lays well inside the rules.

    Not long ago it was shameful to see that if you happen to also be called Leo you cannot be on TWiT IRC. Some poor guy was banned simply for having the same first name and accused of using that name to pretend to be Leo Laporte. First time he was kicked because he used just Leo then he went back with his full name and was banned for continuing to use “Leo” as part of the chat identity!

    I suppose Leonardo Decaprio would be stunned that he can no longer shorten his name because it may get the ire of TWiT Moderators that would have to show their disgust and accuse him of copying “The Leo”.

    As for anyone complaining about someone trolling the IRC, when are they going to deal with their own Padre who posts some rather dubious statements on the TWiT IRC that are far worse than the statements that many are banned for. He is far worse a Troll than Richard, far far worse.

    While I know what DDOSing is, I, like Richard and most likely almost all the people that visit TotalDrama don’t have the ability to do it. I am sure that the good Padre knows exactly how to do it.

    It did make me laugh Sunday when a guest discovered he was banned from chat and Leo tried to make a statement saying that Twitlive2 says that when there is not overflow from Twitlive. That was a lie! He had to unblock the guy. He was probably a victim of the Mod’s on a previous show. In fact I have noticed numerous times comments from guests that say that they have been kicked out of the chat, a couple had it happen while they were actually in the middle of show for “impersonating a guest”.

    Yet we, the visitors and commenters and contributors to are accused of being the trolls or being sick individuals by someone that chooses to troll themselves and hide under multiple id’s on the comment system. Though they really should be more careful about the little trail that goes back to them, they are not as clever as they think they are.

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      1. Really, I wouldn’t say there was threat, there was a statement of fact, that there is a trail. Maybe you should post under the name Hansel-and-Gretel?

        Now if you feel threatened by a statement then contact Law Enforcement? Show them the post, then show your posts and your statements. Then ask them to decide who is trolling who? You may find yourself in trouble. Discussing a subject on a website is not against the law and not against our rights.

        If you are concerned about our comments then don’t visit the site. It’s that simple. Yet you seem to have some compulsion to visit Totaldrama and post comments and snipes at people.

        Just because Total Drama does not choose to block your IP or even range of IP’s and keeps the comment system etc open for everyone shows that Total Drama is not concerned with keeping up the “Family Friendly” Leo system of making Penis jokes in front of children in the audience or screaming abuse at his employee’s in front of the audience or going on a tirade on the subject of his, then, wife. Yeah that’s a class act Family Friendly atmosphere.

        So if continue to post comments on any of the names that you have used then you obvious get you kicks out of it. That’s kind of like a Robert Ballecer (I will not call him by Padre or use SJ because he is not Godly in any way at all) or Mike Elgan type of thing!

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  3. Comparing Leo Laporte to Hitler? I knew you people were bitter idiots, but now you are also totally offensive douche-bags.

    However congratulations on reaching a Godwin’s law fail so quickly.

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    1. Please do enlighten me – in which ways do you feel Leo Laporte DOESN’T meet the definition of being a dictator?

      The main people who’d defend him are the misinformed, freebie fame-chasing show hosts, or those BEING PAID to do so.

      So which of those three are you?

      The guy appears to meet the text book definition of a sociopath. If you’re in his employment you’ll find that out soon enough when there’s no longer a use for you. Don’t think the CEHO will protect you. Once she’s met her main financial target (marriage) you’ll find out how valued you really are around there..

      When that day comes (and it will) feel free to cast your mind back to these words – “I told you so.. ” 🙂

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    2. Hey, look, I appreciate your position here on this site. I understand you may or may not consider your view in defense or as an apologist, or however you may interpret it, I mean no offense. Perhaps your position is strictly against the kind of material and how it is presented and yet neutral or uninvolved. I know some people feel they know who you are but I do not and so will not affirm.

      My thoughts and feelings toward an institution that provided a majority of my weekly ritual waned for a while until I had to disconnect. I found this site and read some things from people that went through the same kind of decline for similar reasons as myself. Granted, there is a lot I don’t really approve of in discussion, how certain things are presented, the language used, the rage and even slander that can occur. I do not participate to such a degree, it’s just not my nature. But there are bits of information that come through, even in the comments, including a really passionate plea that someone felt the same way as many of us do but do not approve of what’s happening here. I appreciate that this is a place where someone can express that and not be talked or bullied away from being able to express that.

      Same with how people treat you and your message, no matter how it is responded to, is considered valid. Some have rough words, some have a more personal approach. But your messages are lost in that fuel, from the point of view you’ve expressed your message is more about insulting the insulters…but that’s the point, it isn’t an introspective message, an actionable message. If your point is to add fuel to the fire and troll the comments, okay, I get it, none of what I said will change this train of thought.

      Whether or not you are here in defense or just as a devil’s advocate to the kinds of things here with no stance, why not fuel that fire? Why not use that grenade to ask a question that makes everyone discuss these things? There is a lot of thoughtfulness coming from people (sure, some of it hidden in the text), and some that won’t be as quick to have a cool-headed dialog, but really it could bring upon some interesting discussion that you can be a part of too, with perhaps a bit of rhetoric instead of being a part of the noise you write within.

      I know I’d like to hear what you have to say. I have plenty of ears to lend. 🙂

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      1. I agree with what you said Sho. I too find some of the language in the post a bit rough for my tastes but I enjoy the truth buried within them. I have to say I am impressed that the mods here allow the trolling (as lame as it is at time) and descenting opinions. Twit could learn something from this type of openness.

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        1. David, so on the money there. I’m a little in the dark when it comes to how chat has been handled and has declined in quality, I think in the many years as a dedicated viewer I jumped into chat 2 or 3 times so I really don’t know personally…I wholly appreciate the moderation here hasn’t been to block or silence people. Even I stooped to calling him Elgum, maybe I was feeling saucy that day ^_^ But trolling makes it destructive when really it is nice to know there are others who feel disappointed that we had to move on from something we loved and wanted to see become huge but feel it kind of let us down for the wrong reasons :/

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    3. thank you Dweller for being such a idiot. thanky you.

      the more stupid you act the better.

      you have bean driving trafic to our IRC.
      web chat #drama

      Dweller keep up the good work moron.

      every one else thank for the support.
      drop by and say hi. we are friendly unlike the Dweller guy.

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    4., YOU are the one that has made the Hitler Statement! All that was made was the word “Führer”. Now that is a common word in the German Language. Angela Merkel is the countries Führer and Leo Laporte is the “Führer” of TWiT. He is their leader and that is all that the word means. It is a common word.

      If someone wants to read anything into the word then they are the ones with a problem.

      Yet again you choose to make the assertion about Leo Laporte through your own connection. Not through anything that was said but by what YOU, YES YOU!, have decided to read into the word. I think it may be you that has an issue and certainly you that brought about “Godwin’s Law” into action on!

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  4. It is more than power, as when one is kicked out of chat room, the mods actually start calling the poster names, like parasite and other good positive things, they are very good role models. Calling names is a sign of bullying and THAT is what they mods get off on, bullying, name calling, harassment.
    They are so sick as it is THEIR INTENTION to inflict harm, mental cruelty is their game, and they love it. They are the type of people that would kill your pet and laugh, empty inside.
    Strange that they kick me out, they have power of ending and controlling conversations, total bullying.

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    1. Well yes, the Mod’s on TWiTLive seem to get off on picking a target and then kicking them from chat. Most times they are targeted for no clear reason. Seems to be a ‘High’ for them.

      Most victims, and they really are victims, are left astonished when they realize that they have been kicked from the chat and even more stunned when they get a rude nasty message when they try to go back on!

      They are oblivious of the upset they cause. Yet many of these people make comments that pale into insignificance when Leo Laporte makes crude statements or screams abuse on air at the unpaid workers there to gain experience and free labor for TWiT!

      The number of times I’ve heard the ‘F’ word many times before and audible even though he believes that he is out of range of the mic.

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  5. These ban happy pricks will gladly boot you for mentioning Tom Merritt or Amber Mac but they do nothing about the creep talking about searching for kiddy porn.

    [02:04] [install]: use ixquick instead of bing
    [02:05] [WIguy]: install, whats Xquick?
    [02:05] [install]: WIguy: they are not evil and not google
    [02:07] [install]: ixq is safe and sound
    [02:08] [Side-Of-Fries]: The funny thing is we know who runs Yahoo and Google but for whatever reason we don’t know who runs ixquick. Hmm.
    [02:08] [WIguy]: sure whatever, some of those “other” search engines are so full of adds you never know whats real and whats sponsered results
    [02:08] [WIguy]: sponsored*
    [02:08] [WIguy]: Side-Of-Fries, yeah thats a problem
    [02:09] [install]: google and bing started distributing CP but you do dont see that as much on IX
    [02:09] [dalepoco]: well they joke about you
    [02:10] [Side-Of-Fries]: And how would you know install?
    [02:10] [install]: truth doesnt matter
    [02:10] [Side-Of-Fries]: Doesnt answer my question.
    [02:10] [WIguy]: install sure it does
    [02:11] [WIguy]: install, whats CP?
    [02:11] [Side-Of-Fries]: Child Porn
    [02:11] [cuoops]: O_o
    [02:11] [install]: punishment
    [02:11] [Side-Of-Fries]: (answering WIguy’s question)
    [02:11] [cuoops]: keep it down…i’m trying to watch security now
    [02:12] [Side-Of-Fries]: I want to know how ‘install’ knows that ixquick doesnt show “CP”.
    [02:12] [Side-Of-Fries]: Well, install?
    [02:12] [cuoops]: might be a pop quiz
    [02:12] [WIguy]: Side-Of-Fries, install if they find it they take it down, because it it illegal in the US but it is actually legal in some europein countrys
    [02:13] [WIguy]: install, yes how do you know
    [02:13] [install]: Side-Of-Fries: its random query searches, with random words , less offensive images
    [02:13] [WIguy]: hmmmmmmm
    [02:13] [WIguy]: random words
    [02:13] [install]: for fun
    [02:13] [Side-Of-Fries]: Excuse me?
    [02:13] [WIguy]: sure, yeah,
    [02:14] [WIguy]: w/e
    [02:14] [install]: you are board and search for random queries, ixquick is more sane
    [02:14] [WIguy]: i am never THAT board
    [02:15] [Side-Of-Fries]: And that’s not exactly “random”.
    [02:15] [WIguy]: no its not
    [02:16] [WIguy]: install, do you know because of the way you computer works, “it” may be on your computer RIGHT NOW, and there might be enough there to get you busted
    [02:17] [WIguy]: not to freak you out or anything
    [02:18] [install]: i cant wait to quit the internet for some years after i get ajob that doesnt require it
    [02:18] [Side-Of-Fries]: He should be freaked out. Who the hell searches for that content “for fun”?
    [02:19] [WIguy]: Side-Of-Fries, i know and regular stuff wont do?
    [02:21] [WIguy]: if we take this much futher we might have to take it to the other room
    [02:21] [install]: Side-Of-Fries: image searching for random partial words is not the same as searching for “that content”

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