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Calling all TWiT Moderators.

We at TotalDrama.org would like to encourage the TWiT Moderators to express their inner feelings at the sight of their Führer living in such gluttony and opulence in London.

Leo loves me

Do you [TWiT] Mods set a value on your time and livelihood? or are you simple half-baked slaves who merely lap at your masters heal in the hope that he may one day toss you a bone.

 Now that you have experienced and savoured Leo’s, effluence, sorry should have been affluence; which was made on the back of your misguided support. Do you now think you should be paid a minimum wage for your pathetic efforts rather than being repeatedly exploited by Leo and Dan? Perhaps it may be time to consider getting a real moneymaking job, hobby or even a girlfriend and thereby accomplishing something of your lives and adding value to all society.

Leo is so funny
I hope Leo says my name today on air

TWiT Moderators please feel free to express your thoughts and aspirations so that all the silenced TWiT fans (you continually choose to insult) can understand your motivation for living.

Fans, we would also ask you to give examples of overzealous TWiT Mods you have had the misfortune to have known.