I like to think we have come to a place in society where men view women as equals. Where we see more than pretty faces and boobs.

Leo & Steve, if you want to have this conversation, do it off-air. And please, if you do it on air, why include it in the official podcast?

Let me guess, Leo will have three men on TWiT again this week, and maaaaaaaybe Christina Warren who hasn’t realized what a pig the guy is, yet. At least Steve has an excuse, he fell in love, hard. (Original podcast is here)


A fan compiled the following video and is looking for more clips, if you have any, respond in the comment section on YouTube.

If you’re a #soup fan, or you are reading this Sarah, and you think this is ok because it’s joking around, ask yourself this: What would happen if Jason made any of these comments about Lisa, is it different when it’s not the boss making the comments? Would employee Jason be in trouble for saying these things about Lisa? Hmmmm A boss gets to say less, not more than everyone else. And this banter is not done for “the show” it is always in pre/post show, so don’t try that rationale.

*Thanks to Captain Juno for his tutelage in video editing and iMovie. I did 1st video
**i hate to agree with Leo, but he was right, those boots don’t go with that skirt.An outfit accentuating the leg should flow to the foot or a tight boot/shoe. The open shaft is too cowgirlesque.

35 thoughts on “6TH GRADE BOYS”

  1. It is nice to find a place where the lecherous, abusive culture that has permeated throughout the Brickhouse and beyond is being put up for examination, criticism, and discussion.

    This afternoon, while lurking in #drama, I was thinking about how it is interesting that Leo spends a great deal of time lately bemoaning the state of ‘trolls’, when what he is actually doing is complaining about more and more people becoming forcefully frustrated by his ongoing–perhaps increasing–pattern of lazy, corrupt, untruthful, and vulgar behavior. A set of behaviors which he claims to loathe.

    It is confounding: It is someone becoming hostile towards people who are trying to point out a variety of poor behaviors on the part of that someone, that someone being a person who claims to find these selfsame behaviors abhorrent. It is a hypocrite named ‘Hypocrite’ who sanctimoniously protests against hypocrisy and those who refer to him by his proper name.

    That isn’t ‘trolling’, necessarily: It is speaking truth to chowder, mixing the foul medicine into the bisque. It is a shame he chooses to ignore it rather than confront his own undoing and make attempts at becoming less offensive and disappointing .

    Though perhaps these aren’t the ‘trolls’ he is referring to… He undoubtably deals with all sorts of malcontents and ne’er-do-wells, not simply those who wish to see the sourness replaced with a sweeter broth.

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  2. Sarah is like 37 or 38 and Leo’s kids are college age, so any relationship he contemplated was when married. Unless he knew Sarah when she was 16 or 17 when he wasn’t married. (No one at twit was aware he was (he claimed) separated until his relationship with Lisa was public) I would also guess no relationship was in her head. Also, it’s of interest that he never says anything about her talent or wit or smarts, to him, she is “just a woman.” (Steve admired the whole person)

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    1. What kind of a DICK gets married in the last year, and then admits he has a crush on Sarah, as if she would spit on him if he were on fire?

      Most of the time, it’s obvious Sarah is just tolerating Leo.

      I know Lisa married Leo for his money, so her children would have some security, but I don’t give their marriage another year.

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  3. I never felt lied to or insulted by Steve or Sarah. Leo and CEO lie constantly, every thing they say to fans is to manipulate them, they have been rude and mean to people I respect, their chat mods have an insult waiting for me every day when I check if my ban is up. So I have decided to insult them back. Padre back them and the chat mods up.

    I don’t see the reason for insulting Steve or Sarah, they seem like nice people to me. That’s my opinion.

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  4. The phrase that pop’s into mind when you see the title is “Boy’s will be boys!” but…

    …these are grown men. There are some things that it is okay to ‘think’ but not say. Both crossed the line by saying things that should be kept to themselves.

    When you have one that sets the standard of what they can and cannot say inevitably the other will follow and the fault sadly lays right at the door of Leo Laporte.

    Saying out loud that you don’t have the ability to self censor is not an excuse. What he needs to do it learn. I’m sure Lynda.com has a course somewhere for that.

    By failing to control the direction of your words and making sure that you do not cross any line in the sand! Having employee’s affected by the comment shrug their shoulders and say that they were not insulted does not make it okay.

    There should never be a reason for any employee to admonish the actions of your superior in a business whether it is done voluntarily or for fear of losing your employment!

    Nobody should cross that line. It is okay to say “You look stunning today” or a similar compliment when done directly but not to speak about them in the 3rd party in such a way and never on a live broadcast.

    Leo Laporte was sanctioned for this very thing! He was accused of sexual harassment because of this lack of self control and inability to not say phrases that are not only construed by the person he said it to but also by the legal department of the Channel. Then he was surprised after multiple offenses that he found himself being told that his services were no longer required by the channel.

    I would say that the trouble at TWiT is not only at the Owner level but also at the CEO level. The tweets sent to the Owner by the CEO concerning sexual activity and wanting his penis inside her went across that line regardless of whether they are in a relationship or not, there are just somethings that you don’t do and sending sexually explicit statements where they may become publicly visible is equally wrong.

    Leo Laporte and Lisa Kentzell need to learn self control when it comes to such statements. There is no room in a business for such conduct either between themselves or concerning other members of staff especially when they are of the opposite sex!

    They both seem happy at setting a very low bar when it comes to proper conduct in the workplace and it seems that it does have an affect on other hosts that have a working relationship and they seem to be equally happy now to lower their standard of conducts and cross that line that should not be crossed.

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    1. Here Here!!! Soup can’t control his outbursts towards women. I doubt if he can or will change his disgusting behavior and one only wonders why CoHo puts up with it and Soup. Oh, it’s only about the $$$$ now . I don’t see the ending of TWiT going well for Soup.

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  5. OK,
    I’m calling BS.
    It’s real apparent to and most on here a guy “that has no filter’s” chooses his victims carefully.
    Take a close look at the females that stay around this man.
    If this guy ever spoke that way to my wife or daughter in my presence, he’d be spitting up teeth and I would gladly that the consequences.
    Stop passing the buck and report him, you think the woman that still work for this guy are going to do it!
    Cali. has very strong laws in place for this type of workplace abuse.
    It’s a real easily documented case.
    Send a link to the http://www.calaborlaw.com/2010/01/14/sexual-harassment-in-california/

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    1. Unfortunately, and this is unfortunate, it is a requirement that those directly affected have to file the case. A third party cannot file a case and in the instances where he has made what amounts to sexual harassment that is clearly visible on screen the person that is the target of these statements has made it clear in their statements that they are willing to ignore the behavior and treat it as a normal every day occurrence and normal behavior that they choose to accept as part of their working day.

      Even if a 3rd party were to file a report, even with visual evidence such as that supplied it is pretty certain that the targets of this abuse the female fellow employee’s would be hostile witnesses i.e. uncooperative.

      Another and more important issue is that, and that compiled collection of Leo Laporte’s statements on camera and recorded take place over an extended period and most of those acts cannot be used in a court because they have taken place outside the 6 month window. I am sure that Leo Laporte is more than ‘capable’ of controlling the statements he makes and I am sure that he is ‘capable’ of self censure and capable of limiting these acts to targets that he knows would not be willing to file a case against him or his business.

      The trouble with TWiT and the female employee’s especially, it seems, is that they are so used to it that they treat it as ‘normal’ while everyone around perceives it as it really is. It is the same thing as a wife that is regularly mistreated by her husband! All around can see that she is being abused but she will stand by her husband and blatantly deny that abuse even with physical evidence on her body that she is abused. Any law enforcement officer will tell you that it is almost impossible to get a wife in this mental state to place charges and they know that if they were to go ahead and charge the husband the wife would sit in court and literally deny there was any form of abuse!

      Everyone at Total Drama can discuss it, we can voice our disgust at the environment that these women are working in but unless we are one of these co-workers literally cannot do much. While there are strict laws in California concerning this type of situation there are limitations on whom can enact on these situations.

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  6. Also remember that #Soup gave a lot of grief to Sarah when she started dating M.G. Siegler (or at least when it was known), remember how uncle Leo was constantly asking about MG to Sarah (begind a bully really).

    But I mean dayum, why hasn’t this guy been sued by some current or former TWiT employee is beyond me.

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    1. Give his history of spending money on everything, I’m sure he’s paid them off to stay quiet. It’s the only reason I can see that Sarah sticks around, and that’s because she gets paid extremely well to put up with his crap.

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          1. It also gets tired when anyone criticizes a poster on TM they are written off as Leo Bots or actually someone in the employ of the fat controller.
            So every time you popup to Sarah bash I’ll popup to call you on it.
            Our little game 🙂
            Although I think we are basically on the same page, but I like Sarah and will defend her from pointless personal attacks about her appearance. Schoolboy humour much like Leo’s!

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  7. George hates Sarah, it’s ok. I just hope he says something more interesting besides her appearance comments over and over. Howard Stern used to do a bit where he has homeless men and mentally disabled men evaluate playmate models. It was funny how picky they were and how the models actually cared.

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    1. I’ve said this before, but George’s comments about Sarah’s appearance are no better than everyone else’s comments about Leo’s appearance. Calling him fat and Lisa ugly is so juvenile. Especially when there are so many other things for which they can actually be criticized.

      So if you’re offended about George’s comments about Sarah’s appearance simply because he doesn’t like her, think about what you say about Leo and Lisa. Criticize them about things that matter, not the fact that Leo enjoys having soup for lunch.


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      1. Leo Laporte makes himself a target every time he’s on air, with his constant food shoveling, belching, eating noises straight into the (high end directional) microphone, he’s gross and we all know it.
        I guess he knows it too but just doesn’t care? If he has an addiction then he still has enough time and money to get help.

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      2. I can see why someone shouldn’t be made fun of for being ugly, but being a fat blob should be fair game.

        The dude could easily shed 5 pounds a week simply by canceling his Tuesday afternoon meal break, or Security Now (with diet expert Steven Mc90sTechnology) as it is known to the sponsors, during which he seems to oscillate between face stuffing and waste removal. And stickers.

        Calling a fat person a fat person is descriptive, not juvenile.

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  8. Normally I don’t go in for name calling but here I do. It’s not to fit in but because those are the names that I say in my mind when I see the name Leo Laporte or Lisa Kentzell or Mike Elgan (well for him – I have worse names that I keep to myself) or even Jarvis or Trapani.

    As for making identification accusations. The trouble is that there are so many individual visitors that are from “Petaluma California” that we know that either lots of people in Petaluma cannot stand the pompous prick we call Soup or people from TWiT regularly visit the site to read what is being said on there!

    There are also comments being made that can be identified as being written by particular people at TWiT and by certain ‘cheerleaders’ of TWiT.

    Some people seem to think that we are stupid people. While Leo Laporte and Co. point the finger and say “Trolls” they call anyone that is critical of them as being a “Troll”.

    Mike Elgan and his 3,500,000+ paid for followers on Google Plus (yeah he purchased the followers, otherwise it is a lot of silent voices out there that just don’t know how to unfollow the pompous self serving Hack Journalist because he has barely any on Facebook (2,518 followers) and only 25,800 followers on Twitter (strange!).

    In fact he blocked me simply for pointing out that you cannot make a ‘qualified’ review of a device or spout out about the battery life being terrible on a device after you have posted 30 different slow-motion 240fps video’s and that doing so simply Hack Journalism and to rave about the images when the only device he has compared it to is a 1st Generation Moto-X camera which makes it a little unfair to make statements about the image quality unless you have side-by-side images of images done by comparable devices rather than comparing to a device that was decidedly “Last Year’s Tech” when it was launched a year earlier.

    My comment was deleted and I was blocked. So when he claims that he doesn’t have a trolling problem, he doesn’t. He doesn’t have a problem trolling others or trolling companies or their products. He does have a problem with not being willing to accept critique and blocking those that are critical of him! Leo Laporte and Jarvis etc are equally suffering from the same ‘trolling’ problem i.e. they like to troll but feel that if someone is critical of them then those people are ‘trolls’.

    As for the using of alias’s for the ‘targets of comments’ it makes it easier for some to use that and make sure that they have legal protection since they are not stating the names of the target of criticism and referring to them or making statements about their features etc, well they walk right into it. Heck even Sarah Lane made a comment about Leo Laporte and Soup and Salad! It doesn’t take a scientist IQ to make the same conclusions that we have but does show that others have observed this obsession that Laporte has with certain food thinking that eating these will magically make him lose weight when he needs to learn to eat less instead.

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  9. “Laporte hosts nearly half of TWiT’s 30 shows. A live video stream of the tapings draws an audience of 3,000 to 4,000 viewers, but TWiT makes money because a loyal audience downloads five million podcast episodes a month, mostly as audio. That brings in $6 million in ad revenue a year.

    Says Laporte, “I came to this from mainstream media. I had a built-in audience already. We have an ad sales infrastructure. We have a way of counting our downloads. And we have a very devoted community.”

    That community includes a thousand geeks—some of them IT professionals—active in a chat room that weighs in on the tech topics while the podcasts are being recorded. It’s a boon to Laporte and his guests, which includes tech writer John C. Dvorak.”

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  10. “TWiT’s audience ranges from tweens to seniors, and includes a sizable segment listening abroad. Fans have been known to turn out in droves when Laporte does personal appearances. In 2011, when TWiT’s new state of the art studio was being built in Petaluma, CA, listeners sent in a quarter million dollars to help build the facility. ”

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