Sarah Lane Leaves Twit & Relaunch of Screen Savers

Sources tell #totaldrama that on Sunday March 29th April 19th, TWiT will be (surprise) announcing the relaunch of The Screen Savers in an effort to reinvigorate the fading fan base. [update: I thought that anniversary thing was the 29th]

On an even sadder note, as predicted, the lovely and talented Sarah Lane has been cast off from TWiT for good. In a surprise move, the film pioneer who was thought gone, has returned with a small video in tribute to the lovely and talented Sarah Lane, presented below:

Service Announcement: The long awaited Buzz Out Loud reunion show is scheduled for March 29th 3PM Eastern and 12PM Pacific at

22 thoughts on “Sarah Lane Leaves Twit & Relaunch of Screen Savers”

  1. Just when you think Leo couldn’t be a bigger arsehole he manages to go even further. Glad Sarah stated the truth that it was him and Lisa who pulled the plug. Leo expected Sarah would play along with his fake story that he wanted her to stay.

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  2. Sarah launches a new show
    Sarah gets caned
    Sarah gives back her iPad
    Sarah can come back any time on iPad Today or even TWIT (but most likely on BYB)

    How many times has has Snubs been back?

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    1. Let’s not forget that she committed the unpardonable crime: appeared on DTNS.

      I was glad to see that she pushed back and said it was Twit who wanted to let her go. I mean, Leo working an extra hour or so on Saturday is a huge deal. His grueling 4 hour work days are terrible.

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  3. Laporte will have her back on this new Screen Savers, but you won’t see her doing other shows . Maybe a guest on TN2.

    Screen Savers without spending money is a no-go. Leo needs JCD and Kevin Rose and Steve Gibson. He can get empty promises on 10th anniversary show. This will not work out. He probably has Patrick lined up for a few hundred a week but that is not enough. He can pressure Paul and MJ and all his people to do it but with Skype(?), fail. SS was cheap for cable but not for TWiT. Eight show run maximum and it won’t even get the numbers Game On got.

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  4. Wow, I’m no Sarah fan, but #soupguzzler made her return her iPad? That’s totally disrespectful in every way for all her years of service.

    And I agree, if TSS is to return, Leo’s gotta clear out the Christina Warrens et al and get real tech journalists on the show. JCD would be great.

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    1. OF COURSE Leo made her give back the iPad. Those $1100 half-bottles of wine ‘ain’t’ gonna buy themselves.

      I have no love for Sarah either but my respect for her went waaay up when she went rogue. I wish her much success.

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  5. Does anyone know what day/time the new Screen Savers will on? I heard Leo say something about there being some upcoming shows after Saturday TTG, but he could have been talking about a bunch of prerecords he intends to do of TTG for his upcoming bi-monthly vacation.

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    1. Yeah but handing over a cover after all these years is a total fucking insult. He would have been better off not giving her anything. Leo gets plenty of freebies to shill away to the listeners.

      On the Inside Twit episode I couldn’t believe how disrespectful he was towards Tech Crunch right in front of Sarah who had just got a job there.

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  6. On today’s Buzz Out Loud reunion, Tom Merritt went out of his way to thank the Soup Guzzler (whom he referred to as Leo Laporte) for the part he played in his career.

    Not a surprise – just another example of Merritt taking the high road while Soup remains a bitter buffoon.

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  7. The fans have wanted Screensavers back for years and Leo just ignored them. Now that TWIT is in a tailspin he wants to do it after he’s already burned more bridges than anyone can count. Too little too late. No one cares anymore Leo. No one cares. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

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  8. So sad to see Sarah totally gone from Twit but also very happy for her. Finally she has something better than Leo.

    I have just unsubscribed for the last time on Twit. Ipad today was the only show I watched.

    I won’t stick around to watch Megan.

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  9. If you ever wanted an example of how out-of-touch TWiT is with the Bay Area tech scene, this would be it. Show me another “tech company” where an employee of five years walks away with no stock and has to pay for their personal use gear. They’ve got all the cutting-edge HR/accounting practices of a small town hair salon or insurance agency. No surprise, of course…

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