Well it sure was a stress ridden week. Just as Moses was cast from Egypt and his name stricken from the books of the great kingdom, so too B&J were banished from

In order to lessen the burden and relieve some tension, Cap’n Juno ended his one week retirement. I was placed on sound duty so I pressed more buttons to help the headphones people. My skillz were weak but I did all I could.

A fact to note: Since I was tasked to help with sound, I forsook my duty to fix spelling/typos. There are often many such errors. But do not think less of the Captain, he never had a country to call home or language to call his own.

Without a roar from the MGM lion I present, for your viewing pleasure, a deep dive into lies:

23 thoughts on “Stresslemania”

    1. Well You know, they can pay a piddly stipend to someone from outside whereas they might actually have to pay Sarah what the segment is really worth.

      For a few minutes an outsider may get paid say, $50, not only that Premiere Networks would be the one paying it but if they have Sarah then Leo might end up paying that .

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  1. Because Lisa isn’t a fan of Sarah and both the caller and Leo mentioned her name when the question was raised.

    Also: the “subsidizing” argument is the first step on the March back to the cottage days. Adios brickhouse! Can’t maximize profits in a TV studio.

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  2. When I originally heard the call I didn’t understand what the dude was talking about. Now that I see he was talking about a female voice on the radio show, and not the network, I think it is actually a pretty good idea. Also I think Sarah would be perfect, it will be great for her, and her career, and great for the tech guy to get a younger audience.

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  3. What’s the future of TWiT? I buy it, I lessen Leo’s role on the network. I toss out that Yoko bitch and I right the ship. I mean really, Leo doesn’t need to be on MBW, TWiG, Security Now, Windows Weekly, iPad Today. He can be on Triangulation, The Tech Guy & TWiT but why is he on so many shows.

    Oh that’s right, because Lisa and Leo are chickenshit for the finances of said shows since many people admittingly watch the network for Leo.

    Wake up, Leo is old and expendable.

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  4. I will take this moment to announce that we are moving TWiT™ to a new format . All employees will be laid off and we will broadcast Leo Laporte, 24/7.

    Although some will say we are copying Houston’ New92 in this; no we are not. Lisa thought of it first.

    The live stream will include such hits as Windows Weekly, Macbreak, lunch, naptime, TWiT and me walking around the studio or talking to people. It has been shown that our audience really doesn’t care what the content is as long as I say it.

    Moving to this format was hard but poor ratings for ‘non-Leo’ shows and deepening financial losses made this decision necessary.

    The promised travel show will not be cancelled, only it will now star me.

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    1. That travel show and meetup idea are all just the tax scam these 2 are using to travel. I mean really your going to cancel omgcraft, redditup and the social hour because they don’t fit the network but now you want a lame travel channel show.

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      1. It’s so blatantly obvious it is a way to write-off travel expenses. I have a rich uncle that ran a scam where he leased a cottage somewhere and wrote it off as a warehouse. When they canned him as president, he bought out the lease and paid pennies for it.

        unfortunately, this is how the modern world works. the useless exploit the useful. Leo is a skilled bullshitter. He carved a niche by patching bullshit between the knowledgeable guests he exploits. It’s a hilarious profession that people admire him for.

        Unfortunately he is stuck in a hard place now because he is penis locked to the thing that is going to ruin him. There is a reason why they say not to mix business with pleasure. Lisa should have been fired a LONG time ago for not meet her objectives as CEO. Twit is falling apart because she is firing all the talent that could potentially make twit big. She won’t support talent because they don’t instantly produce top 10 ratings out of the gate.

        She is clueless as to what it take to make things successful when it comes to talent. Then she had an up and coming talent in Erik Lanigan. Cheap “talent”. But she treated him like crap and wouldn’t support him. Sure he was a little awkward in his perfectionism, but who isn’t. Erik got twit in the Steve Jobs Biography and they reward him by disgracing his name and berating him. All the kid wanted to do was create a show for leo and wanted a little support to try and make it a big thing.

        If Leo reads this, he should know he fucked up big time with treating that kid that way. Not only did he ruin the kids life, but he lost a ton of respect and viewership. Everything about twit instantly fell apart at that moment.

        Lisa didn’t like Erik because he indirectly exposed some scenario regarding how Dane was fired. There was obviously something Lisa didn’t want known about that situation. I guess when you have something more to offer to be CEO of your company.

        Holy crap it is just so insane the drama at that business. Leo is a complete ass clown for letting a lady who bangs him run his company. What is wrong with his brain!?? That’s just nuts and so very wrong. I wonder how much she would adore him if he canned her. That is why you never do shit like this. IS the love real or is it just job assurance?! so whacked.

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    2. Oh, and Johnny Jet will be on he travel show. Turns out we don’t pay him for his informercials. Awesome.

      Our plans to do a large screen TV review show and auto review show are in the works. Interested manufacturers are encouraged to emailcall.

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  5. What a stunning video collage that just brings together the hypocrisy of their scripted episode of “Inside Lisa”.

    To collate the lies, the doubletalk and the blatant conversion of personal trips into “Tax Write-offs” to scam the Tax Man. We all know that it is unfair that we pay taxes but why should his employee’s pay taxes while he spends his waking hours trying to think of ways to avoid paying his share.

    It is interesting that because everyone else that he has fired does meet-ups and their online presences are growing that now Leo and Lisa are interested in meet ups when they chose to ignore the British viewers of his shows and not bother with one. Maybe they wouldn’t have spent hours waiting for a “London Tour Bus” if they had done the meet up and locals would have said that they are a waste of time.

    I wonder if the travel channel will be so impressed with this new Travel show that they drop their hosts and shows and say to Laporte, we want to air your show.

    What next, #Soup does a cooking show along with #Gum? One makes pizza’s while the other makes pasta sauces.

    A Wine Show? Starring Leo and Gum with guest spots every few weeks for JCD to come in and correct them over the shit bag of mess they will make. Let’s face it #Gum will drink anything if he thinks there is alcohol in it. It would allow #Soup to purchase very expensive wines and then write off the purchases because they were bought for the show!

    That man amazes me at the incredible arrogance that has been shown. To lie to the viewers and coerce presenters to lie including a Roman Catholic Priest.

    I still can’t get the face of Father Ballsucker out of my mind as he shaved his forehead!

    Maybe they should have a Black person or two on the radio show in segments rather than of the people that he desires to make fun of and humiliate or give bad advice to?

    I’ve always said that you cannot reason with Stupid and sadly TWiT is being operated by Stupid and Stupider!

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  6. A CEO so focused on money, how much this is, cost per minute, producing costs, rent blah blah is super dangerous territory if that’s all the material you got. What does a travel show have to do with technology if social doesn’t qualify? Travel involves high production even at a reasonable level, planning, executing, neither Leo or Lisa are prepped to pull that off. Johnny Jet could. How many producers are coming along? Are you gonna go to London then come back and show a photo gallery and expect that to be a high quality production? Doing it talking head style like that tired old Buzz Out Loud format of all your shows….wait…

    TWiT will survive, sure. But not in the capacity of the vision or scope once expressed. There is no way. There are no halo shows, no loss leaders unique enough to grab a fringe audience and welcome them to check out the flagships. It’s all cookie cutter and not dynamic to grasp the tech interested unless they are unaware of the world out there or already the initiated. Success is not always the scale of return on investment…a show may break even and that’s cool beans if it pulls attention. But instead it’s creating walls, OMGCraft if it has success can give diversification…suddenly TWiT has the ability to expand in a side niche market applicable to a younger generation perhaps, TWiT becomes a network of different areas, specialists in new niches.

    The point is if you bean counter per show your just counting beans. You have to figure out the flow of revenue, and your targets, if it is strictly viewers and downloads, you don’t tell people to sub twice, you influence people to sub at all.

    I’m wandering again but for me it comes to this…when you talk so much about money, is it because it costs too much (and why, where is the overhead? Can we reduce it? Are we efficient where we need/should be?) or it doesn’t generate or trend to generate more revenue (are you not monetizing effectively enough and through diverse streams, is it positioned to most effectively target revenues? Does your content match your target or can we shift it to match the targeted niche?)

    I’m kind of sick of the ‘So speaking of , there was a thing that blah blah’ format, get on with it! Be compelling, be informative, stop the okay time for a new topic I’ll transition with a heavy hand and a bad segue. Viewer turn off because it gets exhausting after the 10th time.

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    1. +1

      So what if OMGcraft was reaching a niche audience; it was making money but we need to keep OMGchad so we “gave it back to him”. So what if NSFW was the only thing attracting a unique audience; how dare they make more money than us!

      They really don’t know how to blend the whole “content with demographics” thing. With Game On! It was all “Hey, youngsters I think are stupid, let’s make the whole show stupid and wacky when really; what was needed was an approachable, raw and informative view on gaming, one that’ll make people open their eyes to the TWiT network.

      Yet they can’t do that; instead of letting OMGcraft live on the network and attract people of all ages; they let it go because it “costs too much”. RedditUp was the perfect show to appeal to young audiences but they let it go because it never got traction. (IE the whole youngers = stupid thing; plus they didn’t market the thing to younger advertisers.)

      Whatever Yoko says, goes. Who cares if someone objects my opinion? I got an editor fired because I held out sex for Leo. Oh my mighty looks got Leo on the hook. Please, you look like an old bitch who don’t know shit and stole money from famous businesses. You’re nothing but a hustler bitch.

      Leo’s also in the doghouse for being with her in the first place; I mean really, this whole BB/JuRY thing should of never happened and Yoko should of been fired for this whole ordeal but no; Yoko held out sex for Leo once again and forced Brushwood off of the pre-vacation TWiT.

      Why do you think that money has to do with everything? Why do you not think outside the box, this is new media, grow, expand. Stop being such a stupid bitch Yoko.

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      1. True enough, RedditUP kinda does sound like a good idea but NOT in the same weird talking head style that is tiresome and hacky, watching the Inside Twit excerpts I instantly thought of more appealing ways to present that content. It’s fine enough for the big shows but even the more open shows Giz Wiz or Know How suffer the same problem, it just does not feel open, and the format shares the same exact pace as everything else.

        Game On! was an overwritten disaster, B&J know this and their commentary back during April 1 Night Attack elaborated on other issues but still, that’s the way you do a gaming show if it were late 90s, now it’s just condescending. Hindsight 20/20 but even B&J were aware it didn’t help it was way overwritten.

        Part of all of this too, and to the suffering of many of the ancillary shows is there is no creative director fine tuning the signal, what’s working, what should change, what can be improved upon. It’s left to producers (not their job) under vision of Leo, who is NOT appropriate to gauge or shape the creative side. Well done content can yield higher quality presentation of content, consistency, and the dynamic to leave every show feeling unique. You get people who stumble in, it appeals to them, boom, you can get more eyeballs on other topical interest podcasts, including your flagships.

        AND it could be those niche programs spun out to make alternative revenue not dependent on sold ads.

        THAT is how a CEO should think, not ‘yeah, losing viewers losing money just dump it.’ instead, ‘why? Is there something salvageable? What are people responding to? Does the success align with the vision, can we pivot it, or is it something we can safely let go of?’ TWiT isn’t the only thing trying to make money on the Internet, not even the only content creator trying and succeeding on the internet.

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  7. The Shwood and Jury banning incident really brought to light some of the issues at TWIT where before I saw both sides having legitimate arguments. This site can really be a place to make a difference and show them what can be done to address those issues. But when all you see is petty name calling and cutting out Brian’s request for forgiveness and tolerance, are you really any better than those you attack? This is a plea for maturity and constructive feedback.

    I’ll continue to watch TWIT not for Leo but because they still have great content and I’ll keep supporting Tom, Brian and Jury.

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  8. The site is childish and immature and full of insults, but there is also a lot of important things being brought to light. Most of the people who write are childish and immature (including me) but we were tasked with bringing this stuff to light. I’m happy you called us out. If only the twitkuve chatroom was moderated by people who insult peoples as they kick people for insulting people.

    We are the lost boys.

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