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Hi I'm roving reporter Deez_Nutz, a fabulous semi-retired, reclusive , eccentric millionaire and mad genius. Mission Statement: My reports focus on factual criticism of TWiT and voicing my opinion, and advice on what will make it better, with occasional humor. These reports are not intended to troll or hurt anyones feelings. I hope you enjoy.

Infographic: TWiT Website Audit: A Colossal Failure

If I was the CEO of TWiT, heads would roll. Here’s why. The company wasted $350,000 on a colossal failure of a website. But I guess since the CEO is not doing her job, I decided to take an hour out of my millionaire lifestyle and give it a gander. Here is what I came up with: Hope you enjoy.

TWiT Website Audit
A colossal failure.
Total typography failure. Leo peeking over the top.
Total typography failure. Leo peeking over the top.
An old never fixed bug.
An old never fixed bug.
Accessibility Report
Accessibility Report
Ridiculous load time due to API.
Ridiculous load time due to API.
Useless redundant thumbnails.
Useless redundant thumbnails.
API Load Time
API Load Time
Worst blog design we have ever seen.
Worst blog design we have ever seen.
redundancy, and poor information planning.
redundancy, and poor information planning.

TWiT’s “Review” of the Microsoft Surface Book is the worst Tech “Coverage” we have ever seen in the industry.

In a segment I like to call “In Depth with Deez_Nutz,” I went undercover to find out exactly what kind of coverage TWiT is providing with all of these expensive products Leo “has to buy” because “it’s his job.” Remember, he’s buying them to protect us. Thank you Leo for such compassion for us, and for doing your job, because without you and your wonderful in-depth reviews, we just wouldn’t know what to buy.

I looked at TWiT’s Microsoft Surface Book coverage — a random choice.  I had no idea ahead of time how good or bad this would turn out. I will provide comparison coverage so we can see how TWiT’s content compares to, for instance, some random guy on YouTube probably operating out of their basement — not a million dollar studio — and likely also doing their own editing, production and all that, you know, “work”.

Besides the usual: Leo carrying around his new toy, petting it and interrupting every show bantering on about it, TWiT provided three official segments on the Microsoft Surface Book.

  1. The Unboxing
  2. The Review
  3. The Hands-On

The “Unboxing”

You can tell that Leo didn’t even spend 10 minutes planning his unboxing. It’s poorly lit and totally off-the-cuff, but overall I am positive on the unboxing. I like this because it makes you feel like you are actually there experiencing the product for the first time. I like how Leo randomly fumbles around with the product too.

I would’ve liked this to be edited to be tighter, with better preparation and more professional production value. I would assume most consumers do not have the time to watch a 20 minute unboxing, so they would appreciate a shorter video.

Comparison Unboxing:

Note: to find a comparison unboxing, I just did a search on YouTube for “Surface Book Unboxing” and selected the first video that came up. Low and behold, it’s amazing! It’s professional and well lit. Nice job, random guy on YouTube in your basement doing all the work yourself.

The Results: If I was a consumer, I would prefer Leo’s unboxing. I think it is more interesting and a better experience. Good job, TWiT.

The “Review”

This is where TWiT totally goes off the rails. This so called review is just Paul and Mary Jo talking about the product on Windows Weekly. No offense to them, and I respect their opinion, but hello! This is not a review, people!! No shots of the product, specs, or benchmarks? Anyone? Bueller?

Comparison Review

To find this comparison review, I picked the first suggested video YouTube offered and low and behold it was amazing! It’s a very detailed review with good production value and preparation. Nice job random guy on YouTube. Your review is better than TWiT’s!

The Results: Okay; I don’t know what the fuck is going on here. Clearly TWiT did not do a review. The YouTube guy clearly wins.

The “Hands-On”

The so called “hands-on” with the Surface Book aired on TWiT’s now-cancelled “Tech News 2Night” news show. It is Megan Morrone interviewing Natt Guran from The Next Web, a journalist who actually did a real review of the product. But there is never any “hands-on.” I don’t even think there are any hands in this hands-on.

So let me get this straight. Instead of doing an actual hands-on, TWiT’s “News Department” is interviewing a journalist who did an actual hands-on, and TWiT is calling that their hands-on?  I am speechless. That is not a hands-on!!

Furthermore, why is the news department interviewing other news departments? Isn’t it the news department’s job to cover the news just like the other news departments do? If every news department interviewed other news departments, what would be the actual source of the news? This is like Wolf Blitzer interviewing Sean Hannity from FOX news to report on the news. This is lazy and another example of TWiT  doing things on the cheap and not doing any of their own work. It seems the more I investigate TWiT, the more I am realizing that this whole company is meticulously designed to re-purpose content and use people.

Comparison Hands-On:

To find a comparison hands-on, I did a search for “Surface Book Hands-On,” and picked the first video that came up and low and behold, it’s amazing! It has actual hands in it with good lighting and good production value. It’s almost as if it was planned out! Nice job random guy on YouTube doing all the work yourself. You did a better job than the multi-million dollar fully staffed TWiT!

The Results: Releasing a video called Hands on with Microsoft Surface Book does not make it a hands-on. If I was a consumer looking for a hands-on, I would be totally confused watching TWiT’s content. They simply did not do a hands-on. Clearly the YouTube guy is the winner here by far.


Well, there you have it. It looks like the only reason Leo “had to buy” the Surface Book after all was — well — to open it!

To cover the Microsoft Surface Book, TWiT filmed a random segment of Leo opening up his new toy. There is no actual review, no benchmarks, nor anything else of value. Instead they had Paul and Mary Jo talk about the product on Windows Weekly, and they called that their review.

For the hands-on, the “News Department” interviewed a journalist from another news department, and TWiT called this their hands-on. But there was never actually any hands-on.

TWiT is a lazy organization that seems to put no energy or creativity into anything they do. They just point a camera at themselves sitting on their asses while using other people’s hard work.

For a million dollar company with a million-dollar studio and a full staff of producers, editors, and a news department, I expect more than this.

This is the worst tech coverage of a product we have ever seen in the industry.  This is not serving TWiT’s audience or their advertisers.

TWiT, you should be ashamed!

Lisa Laporte is a Failed CEO: Exhibit A

Editor’s Note: Happy New Year from the Total Drama Editorial Board

Lisa's failed TWiT: a retrospective
Lisa’s failed TWiT: a retrospective
Diving deeper into the concepts laid out in my State of the Drama Address, let’s now take a look at some of the older shows which were canceled since Lisa became CEO of TWiT and compare them to the failed shows developed under Lisa’s leadership.

When viewing the infographic above, it’s clear all of the new shows were developed specifically for the advertisers — or were just plainly bad ideas — whereas the old shows were centered around people and the TWiT audience. At one time, Leo was genuinely trying to build a tech network of diverse and interesting content, but we are well past that point now.

Hey Lisa and Leo, just admit it; you’re committing the ultimate sin: letting the ad sales department drive content! In some cases, advertising is the content.

Shame on you both.

TWiT’s CEO Lies in Bed Naked While TWiT Burns

yea, no.
Prior to boxing day was Leo distracted unboxing the CEO’s box before being distracted unboxing the boxes he unboxes?
Does Lisa Kentzell Laporte still want to be CEO of TWiT?

Why is the CEO of a multi-million dollar company not at work at 11:00 AM on Wednesday morning? She was home naked according to Leo, possibly still in a sex swing.

Leo proudly proclaimed her nakedness with a chuckle upon entering the TWiT studios late — as usual — for his Windows Weekly taping.

Is it appropriate for management to tell employees that the CEO is home naked? Is it sexual harassment to do so? Is revealing private matters like this demeaning and a betrayal of Lisa’s privacy and dignity?

State of the Drama Address

Here’s an open letter to all of you TWiT fans.

I am a big fan of TWiT. I have respect for Leo’s talent, and his intellect. I appreciate having a network trying to deliver tech content.

But as a reasonable human being, it was not too hard to see before my eyes the character flaws, and the mistreatment of others by Leo and Lisa.

Erik Lanigan. RIP.
Erik Lanigan. RIP.
It started with Erik Lanigan. A young kid who had all of his hopes and dreams crushed. When I saw that the fans wanted more of Erik, and more support for his show, and it was denied for no good reason other than Leo’s ego that was the beginning. Erik was one of the most interesting passionate guys I have seen at TWiT. Leo always said he didn’t want it to be the Leo network, but as soon as someone is good enough he snubs them.

Erik was terribly mistreated and it is documented well. His career and self-esteem was crushed.

Leo’s personal business is his own. But as his personal issues started affecting the quality of his product then it became our business too. It became our disappointment. It became our loss.

We have seen the pattern of Leo using people, discarding them. We have seen Leo’s eating problems. We have seen him bring his relationship into the business. The sexual blue humor. The talking behind peoples backs. His extreme narcissism. We have seen many people leave. We have seen many poor “off the cuff” decisions.

TWiT is a lazy operation. The content stealing, the lack of imagination. The constant ads, and the lack of any feedback or support on their site. These things are all appalling and a spit in our face.

We are the people who were kicked out of the chat room for speaking up. Left with no place to go, we found TotalDrama.

I don’t speak for all of us, but most of us in the #drama chatroom are here to still watch, but have a community where we can air our grievances amongst ourselves, and have a some fun. For many of us, it is the most community we have around TWiT, since there is no other way to give the network feedback.

But we are here having fun, keeping it to ourselves. We don’t intend to hurt or troll anyone.

Lisa Kentzell Laporte, TWiT CeHO
Lisa Kentzell Laporte, TWiT CeHO
Lisa as CEO has not improved anything for the fans of TWiT. I call on any of you to tell me what is better today? For all that money spent, what is better for us?

TWiT is supposed to be netcasts you love from people you trust. I used to trust TWiT, and I used to love their product. Today I do not trust them, and I do not love their product.

TWiT used to have a certain character. The shows were centered around people. Smart, interesting people. If you look at all of the artwork for the shows back in 2010, they all had images of people on them.

Either Leo doesn’t care, or he is intentionally milking this cash cow. I don’t blame him for trying to be successful and make money. But if you have to spoil the product to do it, then that makes you a ripoff artist.

I call on Leo to FIRE Lisa as CEO. Let her run sales, and financial. But keep her out of the content.

I call on Leo to make TWiT about the people again. Not using people.

I call on Leo to re-invigorate the energy of making a great network again. With imagination, and vigor, create something worthy and great and you will make lots of money.

I call on Leo to let us submit our feedback in a respectful manner, and consider it.

Leo if you can not make money in a respectful way, then do not expect respect from us.

Leo Laporte Completes Certificate Program

Leo Laporte has received the coveted Certificate of Drama
Leo Laporte has received the coveted Certificate of Drama.

Leo Laporte — fat monster disguised as a podcast host — has been awarded the Certificate of Drama. He is now certified in opening Amazon boxes full of junk, his only apparent exercise.

According to reports, Leo will continue trying to fill that hole in his heart — left by Sarah and Jennifer — with more crap and cruises.

We congratulate Leo Laporte on earning this certificate. Great going, Leo!