Leo Laporte Completes Certificate Program

Leo Laporte has received the coveted Certificate of Drama
Leo Laporte has received the coveted Certificate of Drama.

Leo Laporte — fat monster disguised as a podcast host — has been awarded the Certificate of Drama. He is now certified in opening Amazon boxes full of junk, his only apparent exercise.

According to reports, Leo will continue trying to fill that hole in his heart — left by Sarah and Jennifer — with more crap and cruises.

We congratulate Leo Laporte on earning this certificate. Great going, Leo!

19 thoughts on “Leo Laporte Completes Certificate Program”

    1. Sir Helloworld,

      Back when TNSS was first announced, fans were told it would feature Kevin Rose, Morgan Webb, JCD, annoying Martin Seargant and all those other people. This is a list of who actually hosts now:

      #33 MBW host Alex Lindsey
      #32 Fat priest
      #31 Twit Host Aaron Newcomb
      #30 Fat Priest
      #29 AAA host Florence Ion
      #28 British wierdo guy who is a friend of Elgan
      #27 Twit Hosts Jason and Wilkinson
      #26 Fat Priest

      Do they have any money left? They can’t fly in Dickie D and Paul Thurott like they said they would…?.?.. And the editing to remove Mike Elgan Sr from the show opening is downright comical.

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  1. Dy-Na-Mite work gentlemen!

    Congratulations Leo LaCunt! You really did earn this through shitty decision making and #dickpics (btw, your lil cock is so small all the real women, except Jennifer laughed at you but you wanted more and your you’re stuck with CeHo). I hope Premiere fires you soon!


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  2. What happened to the dick pic link that always used to be at the top of the home page? It should stay there to serve as a constant reminder of just how creepy Uncle Soup truly is.

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    1. That certificate is certainly not from the Yale Club. After he sent Paul Thurrott there to stay a night and basically didn’t tell him to dress up for the dining room, I wouldn’t trust him to book me a Motel 6. The Fez is more like a dunce cap for anyone that would wear it.

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  3. Seems like “Deez Nutz” is HelloWorld trying to shake off the hate with a new alias. This post is just as dumb as his usually are, “HelloWorld” got the first reply, AND Deez Nuts told someone to eat a dick.

    If they’re not the same person, they must be retarded cousins or something. Too similar to ignore.

    They ruin this site.

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    1. How dare you speak of my mentor Mr. World in such a fresh tone.

      Cup O’Needles, do I need to issue you a Certificate for Eating of Thou Dick from the University of Deez_Nutz? You seem to have met all the requirements and pre-requisites.

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    1. Soup Du Jor

      That is the CEO? can you imagine a CEO dressing up like that at work????????????????????????? She is a whore and not a CEO. We know company Artisinal is ripping off steve gibson and Leo ex-wife by lying about the net income, no sharing. Even in small companies CeHOs do not dress that way. Her poor kid will have to see that and she bitches about her kid seeing this site. what the fucking fuck

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