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State of the Drama Address

Here’s an open letter to all of you TWiT fans.

I am a big fan of TWiT. I have respect for Leo’s talent, and his intellect. I appreciate having a network trying to deliver tech content.

But as a reasonable human being, it was not too hard to see before my eyes the character flaws, and the mistreatment of others by Leo and Lisa.

Erik Lanigan. RIP.
Erik Lanigan. RIP.
It started with Erik Lanigan. A young kid who had all of his hopes and dreams crushed. When I saw that the fans wanted more of Erik, and more support for his show, and it was denied for no good reason other than Leo’s ego that was the beginning. Erik was one of the most interesting passionate guys I have seen at TWiT. Leo always said he didn’t want it to be the Leo network, but as soon as someone is good enough he snubs them.

Erik was terribly mistreated and it is documented well. His career and self-esteem was crushed.

Leo’s personal business is his own. But as his personal issues started affecting the quality of his product then it became our business too. It became our disappointment. It became our loss.

We have seen the pattern of Leo using people, discarding them. We have seen Leo’s eating problems. We have seen him bring his relationship into the business. The sexual blue humor. The talking behind peoples backs. His extreme narcissism. We have seen many people leave. We have seen many poor “off the cuff” decisions.

TWiT is a lazy operation. The content stealing, the lack of imagination. The constant ads, and the lack of any feedback or support on their site. These things are all appalling and a spit in our face.

We are the people who were kicked out of the chat room for speaking up. Left with no place to go, we found TotalDrama.

I don’t speak for all of us, but most of us in the #drama chatroom are here to still watch, but have a community where we can air our grievances amongst ourselves, and have a some fun. For many of us, it is the most community we have around TWiT, since there is no other way to give the network feedback.

But we are here having fun, keeping it to ourselves. We don’t intend to hurt or troll anyone.

Lisa Kentzell Laporte, TWiT CeHO
Lisa Kentzell Laporte, TWiT CeHO
Lisa as CEO has not improved anything for the fans of TWiT. I call on any of you to tell me what is better today? For all that money spent, what is better for us?

TWiT is supposed to be netcasts you love from people you trust. I used to trust TWiT, and I used to love their product. Today I do not trust them, and I do not love their product.

TWiT used to have a certain character. The shows were centered around people. Smart, interesting people. If you look at all of the artwork for the shows back in 2010, they all had images of people on them.

Either Leo doesn’t care, or he is intentionally milking this cash cow. I don’t blame him for trying to be successful and make money. But if you have to spoil the product to do it, then that makes you a ripoff artist.

I call on Leo to FIRE Lisa as CEO. Let her run sales, and financial. But keep her out of the content.

I call on Leo to make TWiT about the people again. Not using people.

I call on Leo to re-invigorate the energy of making a great network again. With imagination, and vigor, create something worthy and great and you will make lots of money.

I call on Leo to let us submit our feedback in a respectful manner, and consider it.

Leo if you can not make money in a respectful way, then do not expect respect from us.