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  1. I’m curious about the interns, are they paid? – it’s my understanding that unpaid interns have be to be enrolled in a course of study and their work can’t be of immediate benefit to the employer or displace a regular employee . it would be interesting to see how TWiT would reconcile that if they are unpaid.

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  2. There was the intern that was building a Star Wars ship Lego kit. Leo said he was getting $50 a week. But I don’t believe anything
    he says. $50 Wow big money.

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  3. Saying all Leo does is eat and open Amazon boxes is kind of, well, it’s, I guess, true.

    Making Mike Elgan the News Director was one of the funniest things Leo ever did. The man is basically in charge of himself, he never watches TN2 and has no idea what to do when he fills in. Elgan is a joke that Leo pulled on the fans.

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  4. So I’m watching ye old TWiT and they’re pushing freaking bed sheets now?

    Hahahahahahaha, what in the actual fuck? Is it to go with my Casper? Oh man I’m still laughing it’s so out of place.

    Is Lisa deluded? Is she building a lifestyle channel now?

    Fuck you money grubbers and thanks for the laughs.

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    1. The Audible ads are getting annoyingly long. They’re just one big circle jerk. I’m waiting for the day Leo announces his new show “This Week in Audible”.

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      1. Every time I hear ‘reading an audio book’ I vomit a little bit. Apparently Bezos is so awesome he can turn water into wine.

        But his commute was soo long to SF! Four hours a day! Which just shows how desperate Leo’s always been for money and the spotlight, I would never do that for any job.

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        1. Hey, Bezos is a fucking asshole for treating his employees poorly, but at least he can land his spacecraft vertically. Elon Musk tries…and tries…and tries…and just can’t get it done.

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          1. BS. Our ‘grasshopper’ rocket did 6 sub-orbital flights landing vertically each time – two years ago!

            Landing an orbital booster on a postage stamp sized barge out in the middle of the ocean is 10x more difficult.

            We’ll get it done in the next few months.

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          2. @SpaceX

            You’re funny.

            Did you even think long enough to recognize that what “you” are trying to land ain’t orbital either?

            So “your” parabola is wider. Big Fucking Deal.

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          3. You’re not funnt at all.

            The F9 booster is travelling 4,500 mph (~2,000 meters per second) at MECO and flying nearly horizontal.

            To reverse the direction of travel, slow the beast down to zero and land it on a football pitch sized barge bobbing and rolling out in the ocean is a trick. BO’s problem is trivial in comparison.

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          4. Oh boy, 2 km/s, that sounds fast! Until you realize you’d need to go >7.8 km/s to achieve orbit at MECO altitude. And *lol* at the going horizontally. That was cute!

            Except that they don’t reverse direction of travel at all, merely flip the ship and bleed away velocity so their barge doesn’t have to go out even further.

            Which is to say this whole “orbital” / sub-orbital discussion is hilarious, especially since landing actually orbital “stuff” has been downright routine for 5+ decades.

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    1. From Leo’s Twitter feed a few years back:
      scottgorman77 Jim Cutler says “netcasts you love” then Laura Sunday says “from people you trust” then the three of us say “this is TWiT.”

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  5. It’s not Amber.

    And it’s not shitty to keep using something like that forever. A person is paid for a voiceover. The person or company that paid typically gets to use it forever unless a different arrangement is made.

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    1. Faux: Jesus Fucking Christ, did you even read my post? My comment was if that it’s Amber, it’s hypocritical for him to keep using it sonce he fired her

      And I believe it’s her. Who do you think it is?

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      1. Leo has answered that question when asked via chat. He named a woman other than Amber as the voice in that lead in promo, I don’t remember the woman’s name.

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    2. It’s dumb to keep using that clip because it starts and ends with a lie. Leo acts like it’s some kind of sacrament to his personality cult, shit that radio hacks like him obsess over.

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  6. Apparently Leo STILL does this thing where he just ups and leaves in the middle of a show and the cohost is just left shooting the breeze to absolutely no one, with no warning, the flow of conversation completely derailed.

    Maybe Leo needs to hire someone to go get his box salads and shove it in his face for him?

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    1. That was my job ’till Leo started hitting on me, that was first day at TWiT, day two Lisa had me in her office working as the advertising sales director, I hit a gold mine here at TWiT

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  7. Leo’s operation is optimized for one thing. Take advantage of people.

    This is why he has built a platform around podcasting, but only actually pays two people to be in front of camera. (besides himself).

    Who would build a million dollar studio, all those cameras, sets, and have all those people working in the background, and only have two dedicated hosts?

    I’ll tell you. Someone who wants to take advantage of other people.

    Leo uses other people who do the work to make the money. Let’s look at some of them:

    – Paul and Mary Jo : They are the entire show : These two could easily do their podcast on their own, and edit and post it, and keep all of the ad revenue themselves. TWiT adds no value.

    Leo’s cut: ($8 – $10K per show) Hosts: ($1K)

    – Steve Gibson: Security Now : He is the entire show, look at the work and prep he puts into this show. Again, he could do this show all on his own, ad free, and get all the free Spinite promotion he wants. TWiT adds no value.

    Leo’s cut: ($12- $20K) Hosts: $2K + promotion

    – Jason : All About Android : Jason is the entire show. He could do it himself, edit it, and keep all of the proceeds. TWiT ads no value.

    – Andy + Rene : Macbreak Weekly. As annoying as Rene is, he has all the facts. Leo adds nothing to this show. They could do this show on their own edit the show themselves, and make all the money.

    Leo’s cut: ($20-$24K) Hosts: $3K

    Another way Leo takes advantage of people:

    1) hire people for low paying jobs.
    2) use them as on air talent.

    He manipulates people by making them feel important by letting them be in front of the camera.

    Why? He doesn’t want to pay for talent.

    He uses this same trick to get people on his TWiT show and other shows.

    TWiT looks to me like a money extraction machine. One where Leo extracts the value out of other people.

    TWiT also does another nasty no no:

    They steal other peoples content. Instead of being a news organization where they formulate stories, and investigate facts themselves, they simply just take the hard work other sites have done and use it for themselves.

    Some examples:
    When the iPad pro came out. Every other news organization had reviews up as soon as the embargo was lifted. They had videos, insights etc.

    Did TWiT? No.. Their news department interviewed another journalist who reviewed it!

    That is lazy.

    As soon as Leo got his iPad pro, he recorded a fast and dirty “from the hip” impression of it. And that was it. He made the whole thing up on the fly. That’s not professional. Nobody else does that.

    Where is the value add in TWiT’s content?

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    1. That isn’t just well written but a very accurate assessment of what Leo and by extension his shitty netcast empire are all about.

      He uses people and tosses ’em like his dirty jizz rag… just for materialistic crap. The sad part is he jumps from hobbies and gadgets so quickly he possibly can’t get any enjoyment out of them. His sole pleasure now in life is probably getting rammed up the ass by his mistress in that sex swing he had installed.

      People who use others are simply the worst, that’s not okay.

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    2. I’ve been an Andy Ihnatko fan for 20 years, but he really doesn’t offer much on MBW any more. He’s spread so thin covering the entire tech sector that he really isn’t an Apple expert at all. Compare him to Rene, who actually seems to know Apple’s inner-workings and has a much deeper knowledge of the company and its products than Leo and Andy put together.

      MBW should more accurately be called TWiT 2 these days. Leo, Andy, Rene, and Alex spend more time talking about Android, Google, and Windows than Apple, and every other week it seems Leo laments that there’s no Apple news, and nothing to talk about.

      It would be refreshing for MBW to actually impart some wisdom, but the “analysis” just seems superficial and lacking any real insight.

      Does this also occur on WW, or TWiG? Paul and Mary Jo seem to at least know what they’re talking about…

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      1. There’s only so much time one can devote to rationalizing the decisions of the world’s most highly-valued publicly traded company.

        Unless one is René Ritchie. Then this is apparently important enough to make it the central pillar around which the majority of your supposed journalism output revolves.

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