TWiT Puts Four Shows Out of Their Misery

Hot on the heels of firing Mike Elgan, Lisa Kentzell Laporte, CeHO of the TWiT TV Network is cancelling four shows effective almost immediately.

I'm the new News Director.
I’m the new News Director.
Possibly racist Megan Morrone will no longer have to do two redundant newscasts a day. Instead, Tech News Today with Jason and Megan will move to TN2’s 4PM timeslot and TN2 — the show created because Sarah Lane hated Mike Elgan — will die.

Coding 101, home of the liar and fake coder Father Robert Ballecer — which used to feature the fat sack of shit pretending to program and failing to be able to use GitHub — will no longer be on the air after December 21, 2015. Lou is out of a job, except that Lisa claims he will be sprinkled around on other shows, just like Shannon Morse, Justin Robert Young, and Chad Johnson. Does that make Lou an offsite producer now?

IRS don't got shit on me
IRS don’t got shit on me.
Before You Buy, the show Leo uses to execute his questionable IRS tax evasion maneuvers — purchasing toys as business expenses — will end December 18, 2015. Instead, these questionable business expenses will appear on every fucking show just like they do now. Leo will continue to say “Look what I just bought before my next cruise, you poors” on every show he hosts, so the IRS should still be OK with this.

Megan does not look like this.
Megan does not look like this.
iFive, the show that people only watched to see the beautiful Sarah Lane deliver snarky quips about new apps and tips for iOS, is DOA as of today, December 16, 2015. iFive was handed over to Megan Morrone — did you know she’s a mommy? — when Sarah Lane left for greener pastures, but nobody wants to listen to Megan and they certainly don’t want to see her. iFive’s success under Sarah even spawned a copycat show “Android App Arena” hosted by Jason. We don’t yet know if this show will meet the axe in 2016.

We find it hard to believe that CeHO is cancelling shows with active ads. How will the money collector pay for his next cruise? We certainly hope they will not take the unethical step of pointing the RSS feeds for the failed shows to active shows in order to fraudulently get downloads from prior subscribers. We will report if this happens.

Father Robert Ballecer
Fr. Robert Ballecer
Father Robert Ballecer — aka FMCP — will be expanding not only his massive gut, but also his show Know How, to two days. One show will be released Monday but recorded out of view of the public. The traditional Thursday live show will continue.

Hey dummy, wanna help me fill time before a bed sheet ad?
Hey dummy, wanna help me fill time before a bed sheet ad?
TWiT claims they will be covering many “marquee tech events” such as CES, Developerweek, Mobile World Congress, SXSW, and “more.” However, TWiT’s full-time hosting staff consists of Leo plus Megan and Jason, so we’re not sure who’s going to do that. We assume they’ll send out the fat priest to jiggle his neck and grin into the camera.

Possibly, TWiT may have actual professionals like Scott Johnson jam a TWiT-branded microphone into people’s faces, pretending to represent the advertising machine masquerading as a technology podcasting network.

98 thoughts on “TWiT Puts Four Shows Out of Their Misery”

    1. This has to just be the beginning. There are probably only 2-3 shows that make money and the TWIT show is becoming a problem with its lame guests and no good topics. I think they are headed off a cliff with this network and the now high overhead.

      Leo should have just pocketed that Ford money and shuttered the place. He is so obviously pooped all the time. Between yakking all day on these shows his wife looks like the S&M type who makes him clean the house in a bottomless French Maid outfit so he can take it up the ass from her strap-on all hours of the day or night.


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  1. Normally I read the words. This time I just read the pictures.

    I find it funny that the picture of Leo flipping the bird reminds me of the dickpic. I am so glad that the link for the dickpic will remain always as a reminder of Leo’s filth.

    I believe that is Megum’s Anal Sex face.

    I never new Grimace was a member of the FAT MEXICAN CLOWN PRIEST cult. That’s too bad i always enjoyed the shenanigans that him and Hamburgular got into.

    I’m glad Sarah Lane doesn’t show up late everyday anymore.

    I will miss Gum’s overseas specials. He really hit it out of the park when He took the show on the road to Germany.

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  2. “There’s a dance band on the Titanic playing Nearer My God to Thee. The iceberg’s on the starboard bow, won’t you dance with me.”

    –Harry Chapin 1979
    Founded by Leo Laporte
    Murdered by CeHo Lisa Kentzell
    Leo will continue to say “Look what I just bought before my next cruise, you poors”

    –describes in a nut shell what TWIT has become.

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  3. twit CEO declares they grew 27% in 2015.
    Every show grew 5%-30% in 2014 according to LeO. And it was also said that 2013 was a banner year….

    However, they fired Gum, are dropping 4 shows and hired no one and added no shows since screen savers.
    They can’t afford rent.

    If they grow 25% a year they should be doubling what they were doing in 2011, at least.

    Padre’s run is up soon. If his shows are getting cancelled when he works free and puts hours and hours into prep, it’s a sad state.

    Keep cutting costs Lisa, your building something great.

    I was watching part of the TWiT with Tom and I feel like Leo is dying to say he screwed up. You know how criminals and cheaters want to get caught, somehow. He wants to admit he made a mistake and apologize but he can’t.

    Leo, it’s time to be honest. your fans are too smart to believe your happy happy everything is great bull shit.

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    1. “If they grow 25% a year they should be doubling what they were doing in 2011, at least.”

      Proving once more that humans just don’t get exponential growth.

      In fact, if you’re growing revenues 25% annually, you’d double them in just over 3 years.

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  4. Nothing is cancelled. Can you read:

    Ifive is being folded into iOS today
    BYB is being folded into TNSS
    Coding 101 is being folded into Know how.
    TN2 is folding into TNT

    We are expanding:
    The extra footage from Know How will be two shows no one will watch.
    We will also expand coverage by covering CES, MWC and the same events we covered last year.

    Fucking amazing news. Listen to scooterX douchbags.

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    1. With that much folding going on at Twit, one can hardly wait for the major breakthroughs in protein formation and the first working warp drive to come out of Petaluma.

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  5. You guys are funny!
    Come out to the Coast we’ll get together, have a few laughs…
    Doing less shows, letting people go is called a down size. I am glad Thurstan H. is gonna get some reigns, good for him. Tom is !
    Gum either fired or left dont fucking matter. What matters is his ass has left Nakitomi. I don’t like him can ya tell?
    The fact is I got one thing to say…
    I said during the first weeks of Game on that the brickhouse needed to start opening streamer channels for tech and irc chatter. A JTV mock for tech and gaming. I know for a fact who said NO and said gaming was stupid!
    (I swear to god I think i remember hearing something along the lines of “Chat doesnt know what they are talking about”)
    Well HO HO HO! TWITCH sold for $1billion dollars! Suck it!
    ( for those thsat don’t know)
    The TWIT show is dead if it keeps the non-live crap up. Pre- recorded pod casts are shit.
    I have said many times to the teach himself to start channel for streamer/copy jtv for the fans. It is too late I think, but a grand idea.
    Sad to see the channel never live. Sad indeed Hans. Now get the Fuck out of the building!
    Merry X-Mas

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  6. Here’s a wonderful holiday game to play with all the family – count how many times during episode 331 of This Week in Google that Englishman Simon Roger (San Francisco-based Google employee) starts a sentence with the American, “Soooo” rather than, “Yeah/Yes/Well” also count how many times he says, “Yo” (“You know”) during a sentence.

    There was another English guy on another TWiT show recently who couldn’t help himself from ending every sentence with the American, “right?”

    Enjoy counting with the family!

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    1. Starting with “so” and ending with “right” is a Silicon Valley thing that is permeating the mainstream. It stems from some very smart computer science teachers in MIT and other schools who do it when they teach. It’s a way to ask students if they understand, right? And it’s a pause so you can let them take notes. So since smart teachers do it, the smart kids mimic them to……sound smart. Now that rich kids like Zuckerberg do it, politicians do it too, right. So you’ll see it will always be done when explaining things to people, right.
      Ok right.

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          1. You mean, “always.” I’m not saying we are better than anyone else, I’m saying it’s odd for an Englishman to decide to use American sayings repeatedly within one 20min appearance.

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  7. It’s called reality. They tried to grow beyond the natural niche market of MBW, WW, TWiG and Twit.

    (re Elgin my theory is that the CEO basically decided the “nEws director’ dream was not working and were going back to what they had before when TNT was on air, so going to chop the ‘news director’ post, and offered to keep elgin on but with a lower rate presenter pay. He, rightly, said no, and then left, “amicably’)

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    1. Elgin was fired. If he quit, Leo would be bitter and nasty. This entire shakeup would not have worked if Gum stayed.

      If he quit they would have replaced him, instead they are making twit smaller and cutting more shows, excuse me folding them into TNSS.

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    2. What you call reality I call the massive failure of a clueless businesswoman.

      She tried to be the CNN of tech and failed, now they’re lucky if they can smoothly downsize to their good old cottage days without losing losing what’s left.

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  8. The CEslut said the new space has the same space as the old studio, less the pixel corp area. So I expect to see:
    1. round table set
    2. living room set
    3. news set
    4. ham radio set
    5. that elevated set where ios today is
    6. soup office set
    7. never used news director set
    9. studio b set

    or she is a big steaming liar
    “The space is smaller but not really because we won’t have someone else in our studio.”

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  9. I guess the podtrack ads that every other podcaster in the world uses as CPM ads are not making millions for Leo anymore. Leo has no exclusive advertising, they are all just ads bought through Podtrack and paid out depending on an affiliate percentage.

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  10. Ever since I came to the conclusion that Leo was a DICK and then talked incessantly about things related to dicks and displayed his dick for the world to gaze upon I ended my relationship with this dickhead and his TWiT network. FUCK YOU too Leo. FUCK YOU.

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  11. This looks like an operation winding down or scaling back big time. Has a new TWIT studio location actually been announced? It sounds like the “deal” for the industrial/commercial park studio fell through. Gum is now fired (disguised as him quitting ) and now we have the cancellation of 4 shows. Do they sack Father Bob next and just run the rest of TWIT with Jason and Meagum in tow?

    One theory is that they are going bare bones to cut costs in order to squeeze out as much profit as possible until they are officially out of the ShitHouse. Jason and Meagum are riding along just to give the impression that all is not doom and gloom at TWIT. After which their asses will get canned too and the Laporkes run off to their next cruise squealing away.

    The other theory is that Lay-O does the same as the above except that he moves TWIT operations to his house and broadcasts nude from his hot tub.

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  12. And the hits just keep on coming.

    I’d say that the shit is hitting the fan over at TWiT, but it’s more like a 3 year old cutting a steaming dog turd with safety scissors.

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    1. Been waiting for someone here to mention & discuss this but since it has been over a month since announced, I guess I have to be the one..

      Here are the first few paragraphs..

      “The CUNY Graduate School of Journalism is planning to launch a live, weekly webcast about New York’s technology industry as part of the TWiT — This Week in Technology — network.

      The show will feature discussion of New York’s technology scene with a regular host, Jeff Jarvis (CUNY J-School professor and a cohost of the network’s This Week in Google), a rotating cast of co-hosts, and guests from New York startups, venture-capital firms, incubators, media companies, universities, government, and elsewhere.

      We are seeking a producer to help launch and produce the show. We need someone who can start in January 2016 and work full-time on this project for the next six months. Once the show is up and running, the producer position, which is grant-funded, is envisioned as a part-time, 20-hours-a-week job.”

      “Grant-funded”.. another non-paid TWIT employee

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  13. so this whole sarah lane is a super attractive hooch is a joke right?

    if you put a lumberjack’s head on a twelve year old girls body and caked some makeup on you would have sarah lane

    she is completely unproportional, has unattractive looks and an even more unattractive snobby, better than you personality

    what am i missing that makes sarah a goddess?

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      1. Oops, I meant to direct that comment towards that sonuvabitch “5489rjt945uj”. How dare he insult the lovely Sarah Lane. He must be gay to not see the obvious beauty of the angel Sarah.

        TYFYC, The Doctor! Sarah’s the fantasy of every man. I would drag my dick through glass just to be able to talk with her.

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    1. Sarah used to look better and have a much better personality. She hasn’t aged that well. In her early days on TWiT she had that young, fresh, college girl look. As she got older she inevitably lost that youthful look. Also, she is tiny. Her very large head on a small body with extremely short legs became more apparent. It must stand out more in real life than on TV where one mainly sees just her face.

      Back in the early days of TWiT in “the cottage,” she was funny and endearing. She did a show called “This Week in Fun” on Friday afternoons with Martin Sargent that had nothing to do with tech. It was a dumb show except that they had terrific rapport with each other and were enjoyable to watch. It actually was fun. She didn’t have any of that snotty thing that everyone notices now.

      I began to hate her when she used to come to the Brickhouse at least 1/2 hour late every single Saturday afternoon to do the iPad show. She never apologized for her lateness. Her lateness meant Dickie D. had to sit around in his studio alone staring blankly at the wall til late at night NY time waiting to do Giz Fiz and making all the Giz Fiz watchers (like me) have to wait for her as well.

      Back around 6-7 years ago, Sarah had a seizure that led to the discovery of a rare parasite in her brain that she got from having eaten contaminated food during her round the world travels on a shoestring budget. This led to months of treatment similar to chemo and radiation for cancer to get rid of the (dead)parasite (she did not have cancer and made a full recovery) where she was quite sick but kept working at TWiT. On one show, she Skyped in lying on her couch in her living room looking terrible. During this time she showed amazing strength, courage, and good humor.

      But maybe partly as a result of this traumatic experience where she didn’t know if she was going to die or be disabled by a brain lesion in addition to getting older and also more successful and making a lot more money, she developed a new prima donna personality that sucks but may work for her in her new life among the rich and successful in San Francisco.

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  14. Clearly Morrone can’t handle a show by herself considering they canned iFive, TN2, and TNT will get Jason as a co-host. Jason will still be doing Android App Arena and All About Android. They didn’t cancel snooze fest like Ham Radio, Home Theater Geeks, FLOSS, and This Week in Law. Friar Double Tuck will still have his own show with This Week in Enterprise.

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    1. They will *never* cancel the “snooze” shows as you disparingly call them. I watch HTG often and Hamnation occasionally and they have plenty of ads, especially the latter. I’m sure they more than pay for themselves.

      Also, at least with these two I mention I can’t detect any Leo influence. They are pure outliers.

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  15. No better time than this to go on YET ANOTHER VACATION. If you’re not going to make a concerted effort to attract an audience, how about about at least trying to stave off the bleeding.

    Leo Lahamhocks strikes me as the type who has settled into letting himself be swaddled and let fortunes fall where they may from here on out Or he just doesn’t want to face the realities of where TWIT is today. He has lost the desire to create anything worthwhile at this point, or really put in any real effort.

    What a sad demise.

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  16. The only show TWiT has left is Know How starring the Fat Fryer with the potty mouth. How else is the over 55 crowd going to learn about how to annoy the hell out of people with toy drones. TWiT’s feeble attempts at actually trying to teach something besides how to shop at Amazon are mainly aimed at the short bus crowd.

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