4 thoughts on “Leo Laporte is now boring even to himself”

  1. Leo’s just going through the motions now. I don’t think he wants to do this anymore but who’s gonna take over? He fired/banned/alienated anyone with any talent (Sarah Lane excluded) or brains and has surrounded himself with idiots and toadies…

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  2. I’ve missed so much of TWiT this last week. I reached the point of boredom and impelled me to get my arse into gear and actually get some work done.

    Now I see that it’s boring for the old Walrus Leo Himself!

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  3. This guy just can’t shut up can he? I used to like him. The last few years, he has gone from entertaining to flat out annoying. He talks over everybody. Thinks his sexist jokes are funny, and has let his he/she beast fire everyone that was worth a lick. I still instinctively tune in to the network when there is any big announcement day but Ladouche can’t stfu long enough to hear wtf is happening.

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