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Jeff N. Dishes on TWiT

What many suspected, is confirmed. TWiT finds fans and pays them pittance until their dream becomes a nightmare. In a medium post [from June 2015] a former TWiT had a lot to say.

One Way Ticket to Freedom.
One Way Ticket to Freedom.
"how I ended up at TWiT involves my Leo-fandom from The Screen Savers days followed by me relentlessly emailing..."
"they [TWiT] were interested in discussing a full-time gig. It was less money than I was hoping for"
"I was excited and optimistic and maybe a tad naive."
"But dreams change. Reality sets in"
"~5 months at TWiT. There were ups and downs, periods of bliss, followed by periods of misery. It was only once the frequency of the latter outpaced the former that I knew it was really time for a change"
"....and I’d end up just giving up and staying at TWiT."

The story has a happy ending. Jeff got a job at Meerkat.

"Right now, I’m extremely thrilled to be doing something I love for a company I believe in"

How long until the remaining fans-turned-underpaid see the light?

Pro Tip for Jeff: You do not have to put everything on your resume. Leave off stuff like McDonalds griller, Cineplex usher and TWiT.

How Low Can TWiT Ratings Go?

As we have seen from other studies YouTube views offers a great insight into the ratings that the TWiT PR department lies to us about. This image shows a sample of the last few episodes of the weekly show TWiT:

JCD = views, Elgum = what else is on
JCD = views, Elgum = what else is on

It looks like when JCD joins the panel there is a 25-percent increase in views. When Padre or Elgum host, the viewers tune out. I know what you’re thinking, it was probably the same when Tom and the lovely and talented Sarah Lane were substitute hosts. Not exactly, see the #truth below.

Tom get over 4,000 views and obviously Sarah topped 5,000
Tom got over 4,000 views and obviously Sarah topped 5,000

So we at #Drama want to know what you think. How many views will this week’s TWiT get with Mike Elgum hosting? It was a big week with Applle news. Remember, Leo could not be happier with the new TWiT. Click the link below and make your voice count.


To the Small Time Troll

Today we salute you. The guy who usually follows rules but once in awhile, has to let one slip through.
Wearing nothing but a webuser or iphone ID, you’re living the real dream.
Getting up the courage to say what you believe, and always believing what you say.
If Sarah looks especially pretty today, let her know and comment on the host’s appearance.
Sure there’s danger; ridicule, and a permanent ban is not completely out of the question.
But your keen instincts tell you to say what you think and type what you feel. And if the joke doesn’t work, who cares? Use your cell connection with its variable IP and try again the in the morrow.
So think up a witty insult, ask about TNT ratings, inquire about the calorie count of that container of #soup.
But always remember, we  love every one of  you!