How Low Can TWiT Ratings Go?

As we have seen from other studies YouTube views offers a great insight into the ratings that the TWiT PR department lies to us about. This image shows a sample of the last few episodes of the weekly show TWiT:

JCD = views, Elgum = what else is on
JCD = views, Elgum = what else is on

It looks like when JCD joins the panel there is a 25-percent increase in views. When Padre or Elgum host, the viewers tune out. I know what you’re thinking, it was probably the same when Tom and the lovely and talented Sarah Lane were substitute hosts. Not exactly, see the #truth below.

Tom get over 4,000 views and obviously Sarah topped 5,000
Tom got over 4,000 views and obviously Sarah topped 5,000

So we at #Drama want to know what you think. How many views will this week’s TWiT get with Mike Elgum hosting? It was a big week with Applle news. Remember, Leo could not be happier with the new TWiT. Click the link below and make your voice count.

2 thoughts on “How Low Can TWiT Ratings Go?”

  1. No Agenda Show listeners only listen when JCDs on. So JCD likely would push 25% more, well that and JCD is interesting because he’s not a acolyte like El-Gumbo, Soup and (Toss Her) Salad, or ChromeBookDome (Jeff Jarvis).

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