Leo Laporte Says John C. Dvorak Threatened Him

Friendship between Leo Laporte and John C. Dvorak ended more than a year ago. Thanks to Leo’s persistence to continue insulting John over and over and over and over again. Well, He did it again!

The dumb, fat one on the left seems to hate the journalistic god on the right.

Leo just can’t help himself, if he does not slander John C. Dvorak on monthly basis. This time he stooped to new lows that we never seen before.

After another boring episode of self-loathing and pretending he knows coding on mega hit show that no one heard before aka Striangulation, show guest asked, if they still invite John C. Dvorak over to co-host TWiT.

Instead of being decent human being saying no and leaving it there, fat fuck decided to double down on his insults by insulting John and his co-host Adam Curry from award winning podcast No Agenda Show(now 2x weekly, Thursdays & Sundays).

To make matters worse, Leo made up some bullshit story that John C. Dvorak threatened his family and called Lisa that he will release some mysterious info about Leo. He never said to what end or why would John ever do something like that, if he has nothing to gain.

All of this reeks of desperation and crying for attention by narcissistic spoiled perv. John C. Dvorak has more integrity in his pinky then Fat Fuck ever had. Leo is not cast of Keeping Up with Soup, he is irrelevant in tech world, forgotten by podcasting world and all he has is his tiny shoe box studio.

We’re happy that during all of this John C. Dvorak remained better man and stayed out of this by not acknowledging Soup, TWiT or that evil cunt and would like to hope he will continue to do so. Also, we would like to congratulate Adam Curry on his achievement of propagating the formula by being guest on Alex Jones InfoWars show, go watch it and give it a like.

PS: We’re not dead and still around 😉

42 thoughts on “Leo Laporte Says John C. Dvorak Threatened Him”

    1. As opposed to the tech horny version of Home Shopping Network that was twit. Though I’ve not watched since The Dvorak Incident. I’ve always preferred #dvorakminion myself. I’m odd, I recall the back page of Mac User. That’s when my minion-hood started.

      Amen, fist bump

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    1. Kinda. JCD made generic comment about one sided coverage by mainstream media and how idiotic reaction to it was on twitter. He did not mention Leo, TWiT or said anything about them at all but Leo threw hissy fit out of the blue, started calling John names and banned him from TWiT. Latest post shows he can’t move on from this.

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  1. It is no coincidence to me that since he married his book keeper, he’s lost many friends and employees. Soup is good at putting his foot in his mouth in public.

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  2. Leo sure knows a lot about the NA show and he claims he’s never heard an episode! Notice his tell, he almost always reaches for his nose, grabbing with his thumb and index finger doing a wiping sort of elongating motion as Pinochio trying to elongate his nose… usually a tell that he’s about to blurt out more b.s. Incredible! Just give up Leo, JCD is never coming back to do another one of you ad laden “shows” no tech value at all, just more regurgitation of other people’s work with endless repetition of the same ads no thanks! JCD knows better and will not stoop that low. Good to see another good post.


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    1. Mark Pugner said:
      Leo sure knows a lot about the NA show and he claims he’s never heard an episode!

      Oh, he listens alright. In one of John’s final appearances on twit Leo made a direct reference to “vocal fry” and shared a knowing look with John, and this was during the brief time NA was doing the extend coverage of fry in MSM. It wasn’t that long ago, certainly well after Adam was banned.

      ITM TYFYC L&L!

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  3. Maybe Leo cheated on Lisa, too? That fat fucking piece of shit. He should be ashamed of himself insulting a tech reporting legend like John and the podfather himself Adam Curry. It must drive Leo insane that Steve Jobs mentioned Adam’s name on stage and never TWit’s/Leo’s.

    #DvorakTrollArmy let’s get back in that TWiT chatroom and show the cock sucker we’re still here.

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  4. Damn, I thought that this shit-hole of a site was finally dead….

    You all must have a lot of free time to hate on some guy none of you have met before. Maybe spend some of that free time on something more… worthwhile?

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    1. You came to this website even though you thought it had died? Were you checking to see if it was still dead or something? Perhaps we’re not the only ones who have too much free time on our hands.

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  5. Just a thought….

    What if Leo really believes this happened, because Lisa told him?

    I have no trouble believing that this crazy woman is not above a good shit stirring.

    I ca see it now. Leo is mellowly eating a big bowl of soup and a prolonged S&M session in the sex swing and he says, “Maybe I went to far with the Dvorak thing. maybe I should Apologize and not look like a total tool?”

    Lisa, seeing the drama quotient of TWIT possibly. Going down, and the possibility of an actual journalist coming back into the fold. Thereby ruining her carefully conceived plan to ruin Leo then dump him while keeping the house and all that goes with it. She springs into action and feeds Leo this tripe, that in his post sex soup slurping bliss he eagerly swallows like a lobster bisque.

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  6. This article is as well written. Seriously. Very well done. I’m sure once Leo reads this, he’ll know some highly intelligent people with incredible writing skills are on his case and he will back off. Don’t worry, there’s nothing to be embarrassed about in this well crafted piece of work. Please, post more Twit content like this. Very well written stuff! Really! Excellent work! So god damn good!!

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