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John Slanina leaks TWiT’s new secret show “Hands on Tech”

John Slanina, TWiT "Engineer"
John Slanina, TWiT “Engineer”

Proving there are no limits to his incompetence, John Slanina (aka JammerB, aka Table Rotation Artist, Studio ‘A’) demonstrated again on Saturday why TWiT still has the worst engineering team in the business.

If you have been following CEO Lisa Laporte’s Inside TWiT posts you would have read that TWiT plans to release a new show in early 2019 to pacify the dozens of fans who were upset with the cancellation of Know How, The New Screensavers, and This Week in Law.

While Lisa Laporte has stated that this show will incorporate reused content(™) from previous shows, more specific details about the new show has otherwise been sparse. Although one of our tipsters did find a few more ramblings on Google+

Video of the big reveal is above. At this time we believe JammerB purposely leaked the contents of his GMail Inbox simply to get TotalDrama to ramp up excitement for this upcoming show. You may be an incompetent engineer but you’re a fucking PR genius.

Thank you to the anonymous chatroom member who tipped us off to this story. If you see anything else newsworthy please (1) visit our chat room, or (2) leave an anonymous comment below, or (3) submit a tip by clicking on “Feedback & Tips” to the right.

Click on picture to see JammerB’s leaked GMail Inbox.

Leo Laporte Views Porn on His iOS Today iPad Before the Show

Leo enjoys pornography
Leo enjoys pornography.
Porn aficionado Leo Laporte let us know one of his favorite porn sites during iOS today: JamesDeen.com (NSFW). We knew he was a big fan of watching porn in virtual reality as well as on the previously linked Samsung Galaxy smartphone.

However, it must be pointed out that Leo regularly hands his iPad over to jammerb to clean with that screen cleaner solution of which Soup is so fond. We shudder to think of the biological material John has come in contact with, thanks to the Chief TWiT.

He nasty.
He nasty.

We were tipped off to this story by a wonderful reader/chatter. Thanks to everyone that sends in tips and participates in our chat. There’s no way we can stand to watch TWiT all the time, so we rely on reader tips/suggestions.

Raw, Unedited Source Video:

Leo Laporte Reveals TWiT’s New Location in Run-Down Office Park Far Away from Downtown Petaluma

While waiting to talk to his good friend, Danny Boyle, Leo Laporte ruminated on his probable new location for the TWiT studio. This is the studio that FMCP alluded to 6 weeks ago, and the one confirmed by CeHO less than a week ago.

1370 Redwood Way, Petaluma, CA
1370 Redwood Way, Petaluma, CA
An enterprising fellow in #twitlive sleuthed around and got Soup to admit that his new location (1370 Redwood Way) is located in an old office park — with ample on-site parking — far away from his current upscale downtown location right across from his beloved soup market.

Live from the TWiT beige metal house far, far away from beautiful downtown Petaluma, it’s The New Screen Savers!

The rent is too damn high.
The rent is too damn high.

We feel sorry for jammerb. He will soon have to travel quite a distance to fetch food for Leo on command. Our sources indicate this will not affect Lisa’s trips to the massage parlor and lack of time in the office.