BREAKING: Father Robert Ballecer Announces TWiT’s “Studio C”

Father Robert Ballecer
Fr. Robert Ballecer

As we all know, TWiT has been on a huge upswing (not a sex swing) lately. We also know that they’ve been busy jamming more ads into “Know How” by taping once and then releasing individual segments over the week. And—of course—the TWiT Brick House lease is in no danger whatsoever.

So it makes sense that TWiT is expanding (into Leo Laporte’s storage shed). Father Robert Ballecer, aka Padre SJ, aka The FMCP announced last night between “Coding 101” pre-records, that TWiT is building a “Studio C” to open either in September or October. Patrick and Padre can’t seem to get their stories straight.

Watch the video along with us and try to decipher exactly what fatass Padre thinks he’s being so clever about. At one point—after spilling the beans—he implores the chatroom not to mention this as he might get fired.

Could TWiT soon broadcast from a run-down abandoned church in the woods?
Could TWiT soon broadcast from a run-down abandoned church in the woods?

Leo has already mentioned that he’s exploring the option of renting or buying an old church in Petaluma. This could be the “Studio C” = “Studio Church.” Padre would certainly burst into flames along with Leo if they really do intend on broadcasting from a decommissioned church. God doesn’t take kindly to obese gluttons who defy the word of the Lord.

One can only hope that this post is shared with Leo on his Twitter. Go head and include Padre on that Tweet as well. Let’s see if we can’t get that fat fuck into some trouble.

We look forward to Cottage 2.0 where #Soup can set up shop after he axes all of the shows that don’t involve him and he can do his shows from an attic for very little money again. If CeHO goes away, maybe TWiT can start over with a new beginning.

Update: Apparently the word is out…

Leo addresses the concerns during the pre-show to the August 29, 2015 episode of “The New Screen Savers”:

70 thoughts on “BREAKING: Father Robert Ballecer Announces TWiT’s “Studio C””

  1. I hope he gets fired, and/or explodes out of obesity before that bright idea is carried out.

    Smug prick. Of all the pieces of shit at TWiT he’s definitely the shittiest.

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  2. Studio “C” for what? To watch old Reruns of shows that have been canceled? Maybe a nice Studio for Soup to play with his expensive camera gear? Just what they need

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  3. Wait, what the fuck? What are they on about?

    “We have video, I don’t know why. That’s another thing we’re looking at is eliminating video of some shows…there’s nothing to see”.

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  4. Sounds like the next scheme is to sublet a nook or cranny of the Shithouse, cuz that’s what all successful businesses do, doncha know.

    Studio C will be marketed as a collaborative effort to reach out to and nurture talent in high-tech incubator space. In fact, it’s all about monetizing a dead zone in the Shithouse.

    Wondering if the lease permits this.

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  5. What in the fuck are they going to do when blimpy gets recalled back to a real job? Half the schedule is built around Father Fatty. On has to wonder how he’s been able to essentially parlay his fucking around with toys into something valuable to the church. Could they be hiding him? Keeping him away from certain demographics?

    Another suggestion for studio C. Maybe coachhouse at the LaPorte pig sty. Really a two car garage with styrofoam panels for sound dampening and the tub in the center.

    Hey how about another? A selfie stick with a live feed of food events with Skype calls during trips between food purveyors?

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    1. Is there even a law against dressing up as a priest? Fucker hasn’t done or said a single priestly or pious thing in all these years… could be a fraud.

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  6. Sick of all the lies and spin. Maybe it’s a plan B for when kicked out of studio. The only thing to be certain of is that it’s not exciting, it’s not big news and no one will care.

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    1. If the Padre is going indie and taking some staff with him, I actually tip my hat to him. This actually would be reason to keep secrets from Chief Pie Hole and Mrs. Pink Slip.

      Maybe TWIT is going to move some equipment from the shit house and rent out “C”? Given Leo suddenly doesn’t know what the fuck he’s doing video for, this is kind of plausible.

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  7. As much as I support Leo, I don’t like ballecer. Also, correction a couple weeks is not 6 weeks. A couple weeks is what you think it is, 2! That is why they say couple.

    two individuals of the same sort considered together.
    “a couple of girls were playing marbles”
    synonyms: pair, duo, twosome, two; More

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  8. Adding a new studio with no new shows ?
    The place what they have now is not used to it’s potential.
    Could it be that the buyer of the building is buying their
    lease partly to get them out of their ? That would be money
    in the pocket and a reason to scale down and move the whole production. They have to move either way just a matter when ,
    now or end of the lease.

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    1. Indeed, a lease buy-out would provide capital. Odds are these numbskulls would rent the church space via a smoking hot deal facilitated by the FMCP rather than buy.

      It appears the sale of the Keller property hasn’t closed yet, per the Sonoma County Assessor’s data service. Anybody who cares to follow the transaction, use 132 Keller Street to search.

      Listing info:

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  9. Philippians 3:19
    Their end is destruction, their god is their belly, and they glory in their shame, with minds set on earthly things.

    Proverbs 25:16
    If you have found honey, eat only enough for you, lest you have your fill of it and vomit it.

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    1. According to the video, it would be something that Leo is yet to announce. I thought he was (at least thinking about) downsizing video. Well – time to build a new studio then.

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  10. I think TWiT will slim downed, where Padre will take over several podcast on his own network. He’ll probably take along a few people from TWiT’s staff.

    Since this new network will be aligned on some level with the a church, some studio equipment might be given to them by Leo or leased for a low price. And this will be tax-deductable of course.

    Leo will keep most of his moneymaking shows (those that require little preparation and can be hosted on auto-pilot) like TWiT, MBW and WW.

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  11. Studio C will be built in a church and host a 24-hour evangelical podcast called “TWiC” (This Week in Church). A fraudster dressed in a holy man’s clothing will “heal” the sick and babble on for hours about drones, while a glutton and a harlot will join other sinners as they pray for forgiveness.

    God will smite them all.

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    1. Free baptisms in the soaking tub for loyal, registered #twitlive chat members, and white knight defenders. Leo will personally oversee the purifications. NatureBox ™ snacks will be made available at a very reasonable markup to cover the new studio and vaca…business trips.

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  12. Fuck
    I wish that fat fuck Leo would finally give up the reins of MacBreakWeekly
    He is beyond being neutral on that show, feels like a big Google ad with Rene and Andy going over board on apple luv to counter act fat cunt Leo’s ball busting insults towards the apple viewers and toward apple

    I watch All about Android as well , lot of great info from Jason and crew every week, no Apple bashing on it, so viewers get more info & facts instead or biased bullshit viewers get on MBW

    Step down Leo, give MBW to a young smart guy , your old ,fat , stupid and still pissed Steve Jobs had your sneaky ass number years ago and blacklisted you and Mike Elgan

    So fuck off

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    1. I’m surprised he doesn’t make it a “makerspace” and invite the bay area maker community to rebuild it for him pro bono. “If you need me, send me an email. I’ll be vacationing in Iceland”.

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  13. My money is on this being the first sign of them downsizing space. Sure, for now it will be called Studio C during phase one, but phase two will be “We love the space so much we’re moving everything there!”

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  14. Sounds like the new building owners are buying out the twit lease to build their brewery. Some of the money will be used toward a new (cheaper and more churchy) location. The “C” could accurately be either church or cheap.

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  15. I’m shocked that they haven’t made a Studio ‘Q’ for the massive Quadcopter show. Robert is a horrible host. I totally agree about Leo and MBW. He should give up WW as well.

    I watch Paul on GFQ. I like ‘What The Tech’ enough to pay for it. Same thing with Tom. If you remember when Sleez-O used to go on vacation, Tom or Iyaz would host WW. Both of them made that show GREAT. It was topical, no long bs segments about nothing and none of Sleez-O getting Paul and MJ off topic because he is weak in Windows knowledge.

    I wish Paul & MJ would do a Patron with Tom or Andrew and just replace WW altogether. When Robert guest hosts that show, I can’t even watch it.

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    1. Mark, they have made it their private group by banning all those who do not conform to their small minded shit! There are a few still carefully walking that thin line of decent but they hold back just enough by not taking too big of a bite out of the sheep’s assess.

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  16. If it’s a single room where cameras can be configured however you want, then it’ll probably be a green screen studio. That way, they would be able to pay for less space but still vary their sets. It would allow them to continue doing video while paying less rent. Might be enough to offset the cost of bandwidth.

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  17. It’s nothing more than it being the third studio.

    Studio A – The Cottage.
    Studio B – The Brickhouse.
    Studio C – The Church.

    Leo is out of ideas , out of talent, out of passion and needs to be out of the way, or his legacy will be one of “failed new-media creator.”

    I can not stomach the creepy father, and I most certainly do not like the hosts of MBW who, I’m sure, consider themselves the elites in the tech space. Jarvis is the worst example of this and makes the Google show impossible to view. Elgin the same way. He even rides a Segway in a smug manner.

    Leo. If you don’t have approachable hosts who care more for the audience and the content than they do their own egos, then you have nothing.

    All of this has been wasted time, and now you have fans who actually invested money and time into the network turning away. The trouble is not with the disgruntled fans. It’s with the direction TWiT is heading now that Leo and Lisa are running the ship instead of the fans.

    Good luck downsizing. I’m sure it’s just what your once-loyal audience wanted, right?

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    1. Studio A is the main studio at the brickhouse. Studio B is the loading dock where they shoot iFive and the TNSS tips. Studio C must be IN the building, but somewhere else.

      If you think it’s in a church just because church starts with C, you’re a fucking idiot. They’d call a new office something different like “The TWiT ______”.

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      1. The plan to relocate the entire operation to a “Church” was the plan all along. It’s quite devious and actually brilliant. It sounds so outlandish that most people would dismiss it as a joke. Its called misdirection, people. Something that Leo would have learned from Brushwood and Scam School. Its a smoke screen. To see beyond their deception, you merely have to do one thing: Follow the money. What would they gain by moving to a “Church”? They gain tax exemption status for one and protection from religious prosecution on the other. Bringing on Ballacer was the long con. They established him as crucial to their operation by forcing out the other hosts. Ballacer also lends credibility when they eventually apply for “Church” status. Once that status is obtained, they are allowed to shelter more of their money from the “State” and also gives them leverage against their enemies here on TD on religious prosecution grounds. Its a textbook Vatican move. Well played Laporte, well played.

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  18. It’s clear that CoHo’s plan to sell the network and studio isn’t bearing fruit. Now she’s winding down the network so when the shithouse lease runs out, she’ll get Leo moved into a space that will just fit the two of them, as nasty as that sounds. Their will be no live streaming, all editing will be off site via sub contractors and Leo would have poked that Carley Perkins… His way of dumping young talent .

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  19. That dickwad Leo can’t show up , on time , for his only true money maker, TTG. Of course, Lisa has her own money maker which, I’m sure, was tightly wound around Leo’s dick pic causing Leo’s lateness today!!! Please premier radio,suspend Leo and dock his pay !!!

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      1. Good point – Leo will shove $850 up his ass but can’t spring for a cab ride so that he, I don’t know, gets to work on time like a normal human being.

        Hey Laporte, consider this reason #3875 why you’ll never be on the cover of any magazine except maybe Sex Swing Enthusiast.

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  20. Father Robert again punks TD. No “Studio C” is planned. Padre was joking around, and the Brickhouse lease runs through 2017.

    Source: TNSS preshow Saturday, 8/29.

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  21. I didn’t hear it because I gave up on TTG a while ago, but it was always fun to see if “Sherman Oaks” or whatever was going to have to throw a rerun on because Lardo LaPork thinks he’s Bill Gates sliding into an airliner at the last minute. That said, my dentist, and any others I have visited, are not open on Saturday.

    Fat Fuck.

    Love this site BTW.

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    1. As I noted above…#1 Lisa couldn’t have Über’ed Abby to her appt.?#2 Jennifer couldn’t have taken her daughter to the dentist? Both women relay on Leo’s income , you’d think they have a vested interest in getting Leo into the TTG on time and sober!!! #3 with all of Leo’s money, you’d think Abby would have very own Tesla or at the very least a Segway or has her driving privileges been pulled ??? My vote is on #3

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