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Leo Laporte Views Porn on His iOS Today iPad Before the Show

Leo enjoys pornography
Leo enjoys pornography.
Porn aficionado Leo Laporte let us know one of his favorite porn sites during iOS today: JamesDeen.com (NSFW). We knew he was a big fan of watching porn in virtual reality as well as on the previously linked Samsung Galaxy smartphone.

However, it must be pointed out that Leo regularly hands his iPad over to jammerb to clean with that screen cleaner solution of which Soup is so fond. We shudder to think of the biological material John has come in contact with, thanks to the Chief TWiT.

He nasty.
He nasty.

We were tipped off to this story by a wonderful reader/chatter. Thanks to everyone that sends in tips and participates in our chat. There’s no way we can stand to watch TWiT all the time, so we rely on reader tips/suggestions.

Raw, Unedited Source Video: