John Slanina leaks TWiT’s new secret show “Hands on Tech”

John Slanina, TWiT "Engineer"
John Slanina, TWiT “Engineer”

Proving there are no limits to his incompetence, John Slanina (aka JammerB, aka Table Rotation Artist, Studio ‘A’) demonstrated again on Saturday why TWiT still has the worst engineering team in the business.

If you have been following CEO Lisa Laporte’s Inside TWiT posts you would have read that TWiT plans to release a new show in early 2019 to pacify the dozens of fans who were upset with the cancellation of Know How, The New Screensavers, and This Week in Law.

While Lisa Laporte has stated that this show will incorporate reused content(™) from previous shows, more specific details about the new show has otherwise been sparse. Although one of our tipsters did find a few more ramblings on Google+

Video of the big reveal is above. At this time we believe JammerB purposely leaked the contents of his GMail Inbox simply to get TotalDrama to ramp up excitement for this upcoming show. You may be an incompetent engineer but you’re a fucking PR genius.

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Click on picture to see JammerB’s leaked GMail Inbox.

17 thoughts on “John Slanina leaks TWiT’s new secret show “Hands on Tech””

  1. Hands On Tech, so Lisa will be lubing up her hands with european butter and Leo’s taint drippings, and slowly jerking off a futuristic triple headed dildo with an Oled display, showing off its Cortana abilitys by putting it in her mouth?

    You fine folks in the shithouse 2.0 keep trying, the public doesn’t care anymore about twit. Your running out of show to axe and people to fire – who and whats next?

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    1. Jeff:
      How is Hands on Tech (HOT) different than BYB or KH?

      Call me crazy, but I actually liked BYB. I thought it was nicely produced, and generally well-packaged reviews. Leo’s were generally the most insufferable, but even then I thought the reviews were pretty solid. I miss that show. I know that every tech channel on YouTube does reviews, but there’s something to be said for a sort of long form Fresh Gear-style show where you can just sit back and watch people review cool products instead of just looking reviews for specific things that you might want to buy.

      I miss that era of TWiT, honestly. You had Tom’s TNT (I still love that set! It was simple. I loved the T-shape of those gorgeous tables. Tom’s bookcase background. And a great panel of hosts that genuinely liked each other and seemed into the job). The original Know How before it became Priest Plays with Drones. Game On wasn’t my cup of tea (I’m not a gamer), but I liked the energy it had. Same with OMGCraft.

      I just liked that they were actually putting effort into producing new shows instead of just having a bunch of talking heads around Leo’s dining room table. It was an exciting time to be a fan.

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    2. Jeff:
      How is Hands on Tech (HOT) different than BYB or KH?

      The NAME is different. New. Innovative!
      New new new new. The buzzword for 2019. Throw out the old and do new. “New things. Turn us on.” Old TechTV slogan we can probably steal.

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  2. Lol at “strictly confidential”.

    Is she worried that a leak would reduce the massive impact this would have had in media and social media when they dropped the bomb?

    Or maybe that a competitor would copy what the biggest losers in the industry are up to?

    Or did she want the option of cancelling the show before it was even announced?

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  3. Hands on Tech? Where did he screw that up. It’s “Hands On Dick”!

    Keep trying to explain to him that he needs to read the damn memo’s, memorize them then eat the memo followed by keeping his mouth shut.

    Oh well, at least he got the title of the show wrong.

    Trouble is now I have to find enough interns willing to put their hands on my dick. We have a lot of guests lined up that I hope will do it to.

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