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Leo Laporte mocks radio show caller

TWiT fan VIP area

It’s no secret that Leo Laporte treats his fans like absolute shit and is never grateful for their support.  Everyone remembers the bricks debacle, the time he said people in the chatroom had no lives, and the time he embarrassed them by saying they only watched the livestream because they had nothing better to do. Classy.

Typical radio show caller (probably from California)

It was only a matter of time before he set his sights on one of his callers from The Tech Guy radio show. After receiving two weird calls in a row (what are the chances?!) he decided to visually mock the third caller whose only crime was that he rambled on a bit. Leo Laporte could have been respectful and listened to the question in full. Alternatively he could have politely interrupted the caller to get him back on track.

Actor demonstrating what proper disdain looks like

But what Leo Laporte ended up doing was one of the most disrespectful things you can do to someone who can’t see you. Many of you probably remember the time he also did this to Steve Gibson on Security Now. This level of contempt is fucking shameful. Leo Laporte has completely run out his usefulness on this planet and needs to retire.

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Chat Mods Lose Control

All the excitement, from seeing Leo straight for 24 hours, has caused the #TWITLIVE chat mods to once again display abhorrent behavior. Perhaps it was a result of all the blood rushing to their lower (male organ)extremities which caused a lack of oxygen to the brain. The practice of doxxing [that gets people banned from most chat rooms and shunned from internet communities] is exercised with impunity by the twit head chat freak on the innocent patrons of chat.

Actual Name Blocked Out By #TotalDrama
Actual Name Blocked Out By #TotalDrama

Your jaw will drop as you see the freaky Dan give out personal details of another innocent former twit fan. Take note how the fellow mods and neutered members of chat sit idly by as he gives out a users FULL NAME and breaks every social norm that governs the internet we love. We thank the freak for sending more people to our IRC but the strain on the server is costing us a fortune.

Leo Laporte threatens his fans in the official chatroom

This thing runs a tech network.
This fat fuck makes me sad.

Today the fat emperor of the crumbling TWiT empire, Leo Laporte, presided over his official chatroom #twitlive with a veiled threat of doxxing.

<~Leo> please ignore morons in chat – thank you
<~Leo> the management
<~Leo> It’s the same few people. We know who they are, where they work, etc.

In an attempt to maintain a family-friendly environment, Leo has sunk to the lowest level of chatroom modding: The threat. “We know where they work.” Nice.

A sharp-eyed #drama watcher sent us this screengrab:


So fuck you, Leo!