Leo Laporte threatens his fans in the official chatroom

This thing runs a tech network.
This fat fuck makes me sad.

Today the fat emperor of the crumbling TWiT empire, Leo Laporte, presided over his official chatroom #twitlive with a veiled threat of doxxing.

<~Leo> please ignore morons in chat – thank you
<~Leo> the management
<~Leo> It’s the same few people. We know who they are, where they work, etc.

In an attempt to maintain a family-friendly environment, Leo has sunk to the lowest level of chatroom modding: The threat. “We know where they work.” Nice.

A sharp-eyed #drama watcher sent us this screengrab:


So fuck you, Leo!

16 thoughts on “Leo Laporte threatens his fans in the official chatroom”

  1. What the fuck does Leo have in mind by, “We know where they work?” He seems to think that making critical or even trolling comments in an IRC chatroom is criminal activity or deserving of getting people fired. As long as there are no threats of violence or other illegal activity by chatters, it is LEO’S threat of “We know where they work” that borders on being criminal.

    This is why the guy in #drama who keeps making a (dumb) joke about crashing a car into the Brickhouse is being an asshole. This could be used against Totaldrama and any of its followers by those (like Leo) who would leap to take it literally and use it to report it to ISPs or police who might choose to interpret the joke as a serious threat.

    Leo’s veiled threat of putting people’s jobs in jeopardy because they are rude or obnoxious in a chatroom was NOT a joke, but It did demonstrate that Leo is worried about TotalDrama.

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  2. Let’s break down his statements?

    please ignore morons in chat – thank you

    He’s telling us to ignore the Moderators and himself??

    the management

    Oh I see, he wants to include Lisa in the list of people that should be ignored!

    It’s the same few people. We know who they are, where they work, etc.

    Hmm, yes they seem to work at TWiT and I am sure that he is aware of where the Mod’s are employed and supposed to be working when they are Moderating #twitlive IRC instead of working for their actual employers!

    Seriously, anyone that takes any threat that this fat egotistical moron Leo Laporte makes as anything other than just another abusive threat.

    At least there is now a public record of him making such veiled threats. He could end up in serious trouble. Especially these days. For him to have personal information about anyone that posts here or ‘criticizes’ Him on any forum on in their IRC is requisite to them ‘hacking’ and I am sure that the FBI will be interested in taking him off for a vacation along with that fugly monster of a fiancee or wife or whatever she or it is! They can take only their pet Pedophile monster Fr.Ballsucker as well!

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  3. “It’s the same few people. We know who they are, where they work, etc.”

    Seriously? Threats? Well, please go ahead and call my or any of our offices. We’d love to step on your little “biz”. I know it’s not fair considering we make more money off one case than twit’s entire yearly budget but our new employees can always use the practice.

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