Bruce Almighty

Leo Laporte has millions of fans worldwide. He is the host of a nationally syndicated radio show. He was once known as the President of the Internet. A few people don’t like him and put together a wordpress blog about him, some made Twitter accounts and some made funny videos and others did both.

Laporte identified one member of this group, Bruce,  who is responsible for about 5% of the content. Laporte then used his pulpit to ridicule this man, make up stories about him and blame him for the actions of countless others in an attempt to divert attention from, well you know what. Laporte got only one fact right, Bruce does cross fit and like all Vegans, Crossfit enthusiasts and people without TVs, he can’t shut up about it. But everything else Leo says is untrue.

Bruce says "Helloworld"
Bruce says “Helloworld”

Bruce grew up in a small Canadian fishing town to a family without a penny to their name. He was often forced to work after school as his friends played ice hockey. He was chastised for being smart and having an interest in computers. But he never fought back and always turned the other cheek.

That was until Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait. Bruce enlisted in the American army and fought bravely in the Persian Gulf War, where he was awarded a Congressional Medal of Honor and two Purple Hearts. The medal was earned for single handedly rescuing his entire four hundred man brigade who were captured by a savage band of Iraqi Republican Guard with ties to the Taliban, ISiS and weapons of mass destruction. Unfortunately he took machine gun fire to his spinal cord and was told he would never walk again.

That was until he met a little red headed girl diagnosed with a terminal disease. Bruce couldn’t bear to see her give up. She promised that if he were to walk again, she’d fight the illness. Needless to say; Bruce began to walk again without a pesky spinal cord and that little girl beat her disease and became President of Canada. (Prime Minister, Czar, Supreme Leader or whatever it’s called there) Bruce was overjoyed.

That was until, while on a field trip, Bruce was bitten by a radioactive spider. This bite gave him super powers so he went on to fight crime by night and do tech support by day.

All Bruce according to Laporte
All Bruce according to Laporte

Ok maybe that is not 100% true but it’s closer to reality than the tall tale Leo has spun which Padre regurgitates. More-so, at least one member of Leo’s staff and one of the illustrious chat-mods was in Drama with myself, Bruce and many others when HelloWorld came on the scene. (Helloworld is the name of the guy who produces the content driving the #soupguzzler batty) Those people have told Leo that he is way off base and they are not the same person. #Soup actually came up with a Hulk/Dr Banner parallel to explain the glaring differences between Bruce and Helloworld rather than accept reality and the physical laws of space and time.

Nevertheless he continues to publicly malign an individual with full knowledge that, not only is he making a poor guess, but he is blatantly wrong. Leo doesn’t care, what’s important to him is that he gets people to stop talking about his incident and if he disparages an innocent someone publicly, well F it.

5/27/2015  CEO/Wife Lisa Laporte “But it seriously crosses a line when it becomes targeted harassment, cyberstalking, and there are threats of violence–especially when your children are in the crosshairs.”

Seriously, threatening children? Seriously? And this “threat” that no one saw just happened to occur on the same day Leo accidentally released a picture of his penis on the live stream. Are there really people over the age seven who believe this fabrication?
A quote from one of  Leo’s mentally stable fan base:

<cr1> Leo, you are experiencing what China is doing to the rest of the internet on a smaller scale

Post Script: Something is up with the mods, I think they may be getting tired of defending Leo. One thing is certain, whatever he says publicly is going on is not what is actually going on. Paying mods is odd.

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  1. Don’t want to stray to far off topic but that awesome guy that runs (formally@LeoLaporteSucks) on Twitter had caught this message from MS CeHo looking for chat mods …

    @LeoLaportePenis: “TWiTQueen: If anyone wants to be a mod – we would appreciate it! Just email me at

    @LeoLaportePenis: …Gold-digging #nympho, Lisa Kentzell, attempts to con more people into volunteering for free to support Leo Laporte’s sickening delusions.

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  2. If others dont feel like they get proper credit then feel free to email Leo your real name, address, phone number and links to your social media.

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  3. this has gotten out of hand. maybe bigger than anyone thought it could. many jumped ship because things got too mean or it was having the wrong effect.

    are things better? no. we just feel better because it seems like twit is doing worse.

    i dont want to march in that parade anymore.

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  4. As for his wife, Lisa, I am afraid there is no hope for her. I have failed miserably with her. The children are also a hopeless cause. What is important here is Leo. I have grown to love this man and if I were thirty, well forty years younger I would gladly give myself to his depraved sexual needs. I digress. So how about it trolls. Take a break and give peace a chance for TWiT’s sake.
    Thank you for your cooperation.
    Dr_mom MD.

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    1. Dr Mom,

      You are the best! You’re my ‘Chatroom Celebrity of the Week’ every week! I couldn’t agree with you more. That Leo has something about him. I know he is not much too look at, old, and what not, but I just can’t get enough of him. Don’t tease me with his sexual depravity. Unlike you (I did see you on Skype with Dicky D, ya don’t look so good), I’m not 40 years pasted my prime, and if Leo is as lecherous as this website claims, I’m looking forward to doing a lot more than just talking tech with him if I every get to visit the Brick House! #I_Wanna_Sex_U_Up!

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  5. I have posted here a few times, I have read just about everything.
    There is no way any post, thought or criticism will change Leo’s thoughts. There is one thing that does concern me. Leo and Lisa’s claim of threats to the family. I have never seen any such threat here. But some person could have sent a really nasty email or social media post.

    If that where the case I am sure no one here would support that. These posts should never be about Leo’s or Lisa’s kids

    I look at the reporting parties Leo who lies, covers up lies and points blame at others, Lisa a very cunning woman and Robert the quad. (I’m not going to call him a priest). The Jesuits don’t know his involvement trust me.

    The claim that one person does all of this is whimsical.
    Leo face it there are a lot of people that just don’t like you. Thank you You Tube. Every dumb ass, snarky , demeaning, and nasty comment you have made is archived for all time where you can’t alter it.

    Every single person that reads this has had life changing events.
    Things they would have done different or that they would never do again.

    One thing we can count on is Leo having such an event evert week until nobody cares anymore.

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    1. Her entire blog post was misleading. I think the story of someone coming to his house took place 10 years ago.

      And how were Leo and Lisa doxxed? Their identities are known.

      Anytime Leo’s fans get his phone number it’s because it’s on the stream. It happened to Sarah and others as well.

      Bottom line, the reason there was an uproar with chat, live and Bruce was an obvious diversion. But according to Leo in the video posted five or six posts ago, it had nothing to do with “the pic.”

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      1. As a lawyer I know that Leo and Lisa cannot give details of any active investigation or litigation in progress. There are things they may not be able to say.

        Domain registration details also pass the admissability test of public knowledge.

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        1. “Holden,” What statute or bench ruling promulgates that registration details pass the admissibility test in the court?

          Please be specific. That might have been on your exam.

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      2. Definitely agree with RichardYes…

        As I keep saying, the mistakes are his fault. He is the one that decided to lie about it. He’s done it so much, I can’t support or forgive him.

        If he had accepted responsibility and apologized in the beginning, I honestly would have just forgiven the man.

        I can’t get behind anyone who makes up lies to cover for a mistake that they made.

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  6. Leo Laporte needs a fall guy if it all goes wrong. And if there’s one thing to take away from the 2000s, it’s that you can justify any and all bonehead decisions by blaming everything on some mythical terrorist.

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  7. I have been coming here for a long time and liked seeing Leo get a dose of his own medicine after the whole Erik thing. I saw him as a total phoney ever since. I tried to move on past it but he just tells lie after lie and makes cock-up after cock-up.

    I was a worried that things were going too far because I assumed he was telling the truth about threats and stuff. That would havr crossed the line. I came to my senses though after #dickgate when he had the bare faced cheek to say it was photoshopped by the trolls. It was this lie that made me realise he was lying about the rest too and to single out someone from this blog is outrageous. Leo puts himself out in public view to make his living people visiting a blog do not. All TD has done is report on things most viewers/fans miss and it’s hilarious at times. Leo knows rightly who’s dick was in the photo but he’s blaming others for picking up on it.

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  8. Pretty terrible how Leo and his chat room followers chose to smear and discredit Erik immediately after his departure. “He blew it”, Leo said. I think Leo found some pleasure in derailing Erik’s ambitions to some extent.

    Funny how Leo can’t participate in a sane leave-taking, everything has to be at least extremely awkward if not outright scorched. Every conversation with the likes of Merlin Mann and Molly Wood just tells me that their next appearance will be quite a while, if ever. Remember when Patrick Norton, John C. Dvorak and Kevin Rose were out creating independent content during the earlies days of TWIT? Leo Laporte pouted like a pathetic jilted lover every week. He never minded as much with Roger Chang, David Prager and Robert Herron because he ultimately dismissed them as forever subordinates. All of these people felt/knew they needed to constantly assure him, “you’re the king, Leo”. This man’s relationship with people is not a healthy one.

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  9. I used to be a dramatist but no more. I requested public records using my real name as required and yes TD the bomb threat was 100% true. Next, I listened the other day and thought sure I’ll write Priemere. So I receive a phone call from their customer relations gal and she says that if I have a legitimate complaint to send my letter notarized verifying my true identity and at what point did the infraction occur on the radio because they don’t video their shows. So how do I do that?? The BIG point is she refers to a group of people targeting their host and therefor and using a “spoof” website to harass him. Good going guys! You have parodied and twisted so much with your “humor” that no executive making decisions about a host is laughing his ass off when we refer to TD as evidence against Leo. GOODBYE Total Drama. Get a life. I have mine back.

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    1. I’m sure Dr. Seuss gets bomb/death threats, w/e. Welcome to the internet. You have to remember, Premiere hosts the likes of Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, George Noory, and Sean Hannity, so I’m sure they get more complaints a day than Leo Laporte absorbs calzones.

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      1. The only thing that will get Leo off the radio is the eventual “who-gives-a-shit” attitude about tech talk that is bound to happen. It’s all getting old. Also Leo’s endless boosterism and uncritical analysis of new products and trends will not help.

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        1. Who listens to this show anyway? People with nothing to do between listening to racist shit from Rush Limbaugh and racist shit from Glenn Beck?

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        2. The Peacekeeper
          Well said. It is much to easy to get answers yourself. T he ages of the callers are either older or under 16. Leo has been replaced by Google.

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    2. Totally false post. There’s no way on earth they are asking for a notarized letter and your real name.

      In fact, when I called them about your hero, I asked for the best physical address to mail to .
      There was no mention of what you wrote about.

      Oh, by the way, our letters have been addressed to the top executive who happens to be a woman. So saying the exec is ‘laughing *his* ass off’ is further proof of your lying.

      Try again, loser scum.

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      1. Not true. I am a lawyer and nowadays with complaints people consider the source.

        If it is a fake identity it hurts the credibility of the real complaints. It is a one man letter writing campaign.

        If it is a real identity but you have unsavory racist, sexist or homophobic posts all over the net then they don’t care about your opinion either. Everything outrages you.

        If you get a call back then maybe your complaint will be looked into.

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          1. As you can see by the graphic next to my name I am the REAL Holden.

            I am a lawyer and an expert and whatever subject is being debated.

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          2. I don’t think it’s him at all. All ‘lawyers’ that I know call themselves an ‘attorney.’ Plus he’s anot inarticulate writer.

            He’s just craving attention. What we must keep doing is calling out Leo on his bad behaviors.

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  10. why would u use td as evidence? you send them the link to the raw video feed. if it was taken down there’s also the sites that Leo lied to about it being photo shopped. if they want a real paper letter that’s just stupid and shows how premiere prob doesn’t care unfortunately. Why are u bashing the site if you don’t like it move on then . people come here to view the train wreck that twit has become. also they come here for a chat room that doesn’t treat you like crap.

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    1. Really, I think paper complaints carry more weight since it takes time and effort to send a letter as opposed to an email.

      I’ve written physical letters to all his advertisers for that reason.

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  11. Here’s the issue. You all at TD have around 50 people, probably less, participating. YouTube sensation Leo Laporte Sucks has about 20 followers at last count. And there’s a scattering of a few more here and there.

    TWiT TNSS, TWIT, SEC NOW, are listed as #5, 8, and 10 of the iTunes Top 40 podcast downloads. Not too bad just behind NY Public Radio and NPR TED. You can see where the real money is. And 50-60 of you all are little outweighed by the hundreds of thousands of downloads across all mediums.

    When Priemere receives thousands of complaints per month on other national syndicated hosts you can see where your 100s of letters, mostly anonymous or poorly written, are going to end up. And advertisers? Maybe you all get lucky and 1, maybe 2, pull out. So be it. Happens all the time in this industry. Life goes on. More advertisers replace them. Whether you believe it or not there is real money involved and it’s not the money that grows on trees in your magical TD Kingdom.

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    1. Rogers, Not for long. Leo looks like he’s on his way to a complete meltdown because of his lying and cover up.

      And if Premier isn’t concerned, why did they your hero to go to LA to a do a show? He announced that yesterday. Sounds like he’s gonna get a good talking to.

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      1. Loper, If you knew anything you would know he has meetings in LA all the time. Additionally, he also stated that he’s sure TD will be on the discussion points. They’re going to be discussing upcoming changes that Lisa/Leo have been talking about. You NEED to listen up so you don’t miss these little tidbits. Leo isn’t going anywhere.

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          1. And you’re not a fucking lawyer, so STFU. You’d never make it through law school with your bad writing. In fact, you’d never get admitted.

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    2. well Leo’s latest escapade was tweeted to 10 million of perez Hiltons followers as well as on his website. It was front page on Gawker and TomoNews. LEO IS THE LAUGHING STOCK OF SILICON VALLY AND THE REST OF THE TECH WORLD.

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      1. Something tells me no attention is bad attention to Leo Laporte. Especially attention from the In-N-Out drive thru.

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    3. Premier may receive 100s of letters on their other shows, but none of them exposed a dick pic and then lied about it being photoshopped . If that fat turd was man enough, he’d admit the fuck up AND all would probably be forgiven. Advertisers will not like that this happed on a family friendly show since that is how they sell it.

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    4. As I recall @leolaportesucks had over 2000 followers or more in its first iteration that was hounded off of twit. It was often more entertaining than the Twit shows.

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    5. Downloads does not equal audience. What happens when Apple pulls the plug on iTunes, and all those zombie downloads go away, and we find out that there is only about 10000 actual listeners. What happens to Leo’s magical kingdom then?

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    6. Leo mentioned that both Premiere and some advertisers had contacted him about complaints after “the pic” and he said he had to talk some of them down. They would not have contacted Leo if they didn’t care, and Leo certainly wouldn’t be saying they had contacted him if they didn’t – he is much more likely to understate their concerns, or deny that they happened.

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      1. BTW, no one who is writing letters to complain about Leo should be mentioning TD. It doesn’t make any sense and it will only devalue the complaint.

        I don’t know what the average listener of TTG is like (male? 45-60? etc) but that is who the advertisers are going to care about.

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  12. Leo always has to blame others and fails to look inside at himself and why people are turning their backs on him and his bullshit.

    Bruce has been victimized by this imbecile and his little bulbous friar. He’s been Doxxed and been a target of verbal abuse and bullshit by a man that can’t keep his dick inside his pants and not because of size either, I’m sure that there plenty of space even in a tight pair of speedos for that maggot.

    While Leo seems to think that the advertisers have been talked off a ledge maybe it is wishful thinking that they have or maybe advertisers are demanding lower advertising rates for this ‘risky’ host. either way he is going to have to ‘justify’ why they don’t look for a replacement. There are plenty of Tech guys that don’t have dirty laundry airing consistently on the show and won’t tell a caller that they are there for his entertainment rather than because it is ‘helping’ the person which is the point of that shit show called The Tech Guy.

    It will be interesting over the coming weeks to find out if certain advertisers just don’t advertise as much this month and whether some just vanish.

    I believe that this Saturday he was rather flustered and his chat room was rather less forthcoming with answers than they usually would be. Not surprised after the insults that he made about them.

    Even fat boys claim that Bruce can magically be in multiple locations all at the same time was unbelievable, so much so that even some of his cult members in the chat room questioned that statement.

    I give every guy that makes posts, videos, twitter comments etc a huge slap on the back and say, “Good Job”.

    To Leo I shout


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    1. You notice that Tom Merritt doesn’t have trolls? That No Agenda has no trolls? The list goes on and on….

      He was flustered during his TTG Saturday and Sunday shows this past weekend. He knew that Premier and his advertisers were listening / watching those shows carefully for another fuck-up.

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      1. Notice how Leo started off the live Radio pre-show Sunday with him dicking around with his install of Google Photos and the unknown pictures scattered about his pics folder. Trying to establish a alabi and then taking the first call from a woman with the same issue!!! Chat room to the rescue and the hint to check the photos meta data. Proof that Leo is clueless, doesn’t know how or why his phone or apps interact . Leo was trying to establish the fact that photos can pop up from a unknown source… Only problem Leo is that the dick pic was sourced to your groin.

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      2. My observers, like Leo, all voluntary, did tell me as such about Leo’s flustering, caused by the number of viewers that went on an “Eff you Leo” and didn’t bother with the chat and/or the show.

        Someone somewhere up there above, maybe it was you, that said that Leo was called down to Los Angeles. I suspect that this was already on the books, he did mention the visit weeks ago according to my observers. Thankfully they do it for free and unlike Leo’s free workers they get a truthful thank you for going through the torture of watching old fatty in action.

        I suspect that they are going to negotiate his new contract for The Tech Guy. It was around this time last year that he wobbled his way to L.A. Quite possibly a sore point will be the video feed and maybe that will be up to strong negotiation or is a sticking point. Who knows, maybe he will be forced to do the radio show but not have the podcast portion. I’m sure that they are very aware of the number of times he barely made it to the studio in time for the radio show to start, rather than being a rare occasion it has become a regular occurrence.

        Either way whatever happens he will still have those loyal followers that chase after his backside and wait for his every word like little puppies waiting for attention.

        I remember when he was always playing that Clash of Clans and they would all sit there and get all excited in the various clans associated with Leo and when one was mentioned they would make comments that envisioned them peeing in their underwear like one of those excited little puppies.

        Yes I TROLLED LEO’S CLASH OF CLANS and was in one of the clans laughing at the shit they would say and all those pathetic loving works they vomited.

        Now his clan is gone. His fans have all but given up because they spent their time fighting for attention.

        I don’t think any of us would care if he lost his gig at Premiere networks except maybe Jason Cortez and possibly you Molly but you seem to be changing your tune, was that when he called you a baby?

        Well Goodnight Ladies, Ladies goodnight…

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        1. The fact that he’s late for his TWIT shows and especially the radio show proves without a doubt his ego is out of control.

          I would bet my house that Premier will read him the riot act over that , as well as his insulting callers, etc.

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          1. “holden
            JUNE 1, 2015 AT 9:14 PM
            just kidding. i live in my mother’s basement.”


            This post is not by me. Some loser used my handle since he’s too stupid to create his own. Please ignore.

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    1. Ah so you want him to be left alone, he finds it okay not only to out SkiEast and make wild accusations and abuse him but he has also done similar nasty little acts to Richard Yes and even in his conversation he went out of his way to make a comment about someone he falsely alleges is behind the Leo Laporte Sucks twitter feeds.

      He has trolled far more people than have trolled him. He even trolls persons he declares are his friends but with Leo those friends only last until they cease to be of use to him then they are tossed aside and forgotten until he needs them again months or years later then he acts like nothing is wrong.

      Leo’s been trolled for years and far longer than Totaldrama has been around. In fact one of his biggest trolls is a woman that he had an affair with whom he then tossed aside and spread malicious gossip about to try and wreck her personal life then he moved onto another and another extramarital affair and did the same to those. All of whom have publicly outed him and trolled him.

      Personally, that fat fuck can rot in the pits of hell, he will probably be joined by his fake-godly friend Robert Ballecer (I won’t give him title since he is no more Godly than Leo is annorexic) but that is my opinion but I reserve the right to call out that asshole at any chance I get and I have a network of people that let me know when he slips up so that I don’t have to endure watching that pile of shit. I personally feel I am doing a service by denying him at least one less viewer in his viewer counts for advertisers though we all know they make them up (his words) and just charge for whatever they feel should have been the number of viewers watching his shitshows!

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    1. Well no “We” as in those other than you and a few others, are supportive of him as part of the collective.

      Leo has chosen to make wild accusations and throw them about and point that appendage, his finger thankfully, towards SkiEast. I am not going to use anything other than his posting name because I respect people’s right to remain anonymous.

      You need to get out of your head your alternate reality you created where Leo Laporte is a wonderful person, he is a mean, conniving person. His middle name is Toxic. Have you ever wondered why he is using the pose that he does on his Twitter Avatar? It’s the same pose that was used regularly by his hero Mussolini. He really has a complex about being a dictator and all encumbering power that would go with it but his Ocean is but a tiny puddle in the scheme of things and he just doesn’t know it.

      If you think that Leo is that wonderful then Fuck Off back to Leoville where you can worship him.

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  13. The brain trust at twit couldn’t find any one else to blame so they’re blaming the whole thing on bruce. wag the dog.

    Their attempt to demonize td is staged to frighted any noob trolls into thinking if you mess with twit, twit will fight back and ruin your life by doxxing you. It’s a ugly political tactic.

    If you disagree with twit you must be a troll. If you don’t agree with my politics, you must be a racist.

    leo and ceo are 100% trolls and ugly people on the inside.

    soups manifesto

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  14. Please reflect on these words. If Leo loses his job the “collective” will wither and die. We would all have to move out and get jobs. We would have to all go out into the sunshine and breath fresh air. We would all have to move in with skieast and go fucking skiing everyday. Or even worse go to the gym and work out with bruce every freaking day. Trust me there are no cheetos at Bruces house.

    Be careful what you wish for.

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    1. You must be thicker than Leo’s trunk. He lives a public life, not only by virtue of being a broadcaster but more importantly by constantly espousing the virtues of living a public life and putting everything on the web and the cloud.

      How can you even compare the two? Leo’s name and whereabouts are known, the only thing this blog outed was his perverted behaviours.

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