Leo Laporte bows to chatroom demands to cut hair shorter

Leo finally gets darn close to shaving his head.
Leo finally gets darn close to shaving his head.

In the spirit of peace, love and understanding, the editorial board here at #TotalDrama would like to congratulate Leo Laporte on making good on one of the promises he made during TWiT’s “24 Hours of 2015.” Initially Leo made the claim that he would shave his head, but then subsequently severely disappointed fans who had donated a significant sum of money to see just that. Leo used No. 3 clippers to buzz his head, which fell far short of the “shaving” that was promised.

After bowing to chatroom demands, Leo did indeed do the deed, but not before calling those calling for the shorter locks “a bunch of dicks.” One buzz forward, one shave back.

So now it’s completely done. But doesn’t it look as if Leo is putting out a bitter vibe? What could possibly be so wrong about doing the right thing that would cause this sourpuss to be so sad:


Leo Laporte, hero of the “family-friendly”

In a pre-cursor to next week’s posting of one of the most important blog posts in the history of this blog, the editorial board of #TotalDrama would like to humbly present to you an early edit of Leo Laporte’s potty mouth from his recent New Year’s Eve broadcast (in 20 seconds or less.)

And please, if you have children, please shield their eyes and ears before you click “play.”

Mike Elgan might be racist

In order to chart a course into the future, it is oftentimes necessary to look into the past. How else will we know where we’re going, if we don’t know where we’ve been? So now that it’s 2015, the editorial board at #TotalDrama has decided to clean out our video closet and share a few final gems from 2014.

Watch now as TNT host and TWiT embarrassment Mike Elgan reveals himself to possibly be racist. What else could explain his tone-deaf joke about “Hollywood” (but said with an Asian accent? It’s just not funny, Mike. Grow up and join the rest of us in the 21st century.

TWiT Audience Proven To Be Mentally Disabled

A great con was pulled off before our eyes this past New Years Eve. Perhaps greater than the scheme invented by Charles Ponzi himself in 1922. What made this hoax so amazing was that there was no sleight of hand, distraction, hypnosis, distortion  or decoy. Leo Laporte needed only to rely on the fact that his audience is a brainless bunch of bafoons. His cohort in this caper was none other than the The Part Time Professor.  @ProfJeffJarvis

Calm yourself, I am not saying he tricked people into donating. I could not care less if he did. UNICEF makes 3.5 billion a year, no one cares about twit there.

The con was simple. Get the donation total to  reach some milestone amount and Jeff Jarvis’ beard would be shaved. The amazing thing, that no one seemed to notice was………. Jeff Jarvis had no beard. Leo’s audience is now officially pronounced brain dead. I say again people, the emperor has no clothes. Myself and a few others were watching this hoopla as if we were living in a world of drones. They went on and on about shaving his beard of 42 years and no one thought it relevant that he had no beard? Has the world gone mad? Was it a joke I was not in on? Leo is way too detached from the truth, there is no line between fact and fiction in his subconscious anymore.

Before…………….During………………..and After

Oh I almost forgot to mention, on a sad note, Leo may have passed away. Our staff will be  looking into it as soon as we finish lunch. Allegedly his last words were “a wedding soup please.”

#Soup in peace
#Soup in peace

Sarah Who?

Just kidding, but let’s hope the lovely ad talented Sarah doesn’t treat the competition as #soup treated Lanigan and Tom. Otherwise, this dancing and prancing princess better watch her behind, because she won’t have dropcams watching her behind 24/7, or will she?

Editors note* Body type suggests a history of dance, probably ballet or soccer/lacrosse

Leo Laporte ends charity broadcast with obscenities

In a complete lapse of professionalism, TWiT founder and host Leo Laporte took leave of his senses and cussed his way through a bedtime story as children were present in his Petaluma studio.

UNICEF was the beneficiary of his “24 Hours of 2015” and it is inconceivable that the broadcast sponsors would be happy with the sad ending of the marathon production.

One commenter in the official #twitlive chatroom said:

Litesmth_London: so after $50,00 of donations the cuss filter comes off the twit brickhouse as well? 🙂

TWiT fails in quest for 24-hour broadcast

They didn’t make it.

In an odd twist to the alleged “24 Hours of 2015” Leo Laporte decided apparently on a whim to end the broadcast just one hour short of their 24-hour goal.

The #TotalDrama editorial board is at a complete loss at why Leo would do this. Whatever.

But it’s not too late if you donated to UNICEF to cancel your donation with your credit card company—because TWiT did not complete their publicly-announced goal of broadcasting for 24 hours, you can change your mind as well.

Leo Laporte falls short of pledge to “shave head”

Not short enough...
Not short enough…

Update: Leo has cut it much, much shorter

Leo Laporte fell way short of his pledge to his remaining fans to “shave his head” if they donated $50K to UNICEF during his “24 Hours of 2015.” Using a No. 3 guide on a hair trimmer, TWiT CEHo Lisa Kentzell refused to take his hair all the way down to the root as initially promised until Lisa stepped in and put a stop to that. Apparently she’s cool with bobbing on his knob, but doing that AND Leo without his trademark gray mop…why that’s going too far for the sweet and chaste Miss Kentzell.

Judge for yourself from the this screengrab if Leo went far enough—or if he let his vanity stand in the way of a promise.

Here’s a sampling of the irate official #twitlive chatroom comments:

gadget: Leo should have his nose hairs pulled out
Web5140: shave is no hair
Stroszek: Leo sells razors…. and he promised to shave his head…
CK496: Leo, forget Lisa, she ruins all the fun. SHAVE your head! it”s for a good cause and you promised all of us
Pepelluepe: shaving involves a rzor. If he has not used one, he did not shave.

We here at #TotalDrama are nothing if not fair, so here’s a shot of Leo’s ass tattoo. He really did follow through on that promise.

He really did it!
He really did it!