TWiT Audience Proven To Be Mentally Disabled

A great con was pulled off before our eyes this past New Years Eve. Perhaps greater than the scheme invented by Charles Ponzi himself in 1922. What made this hoax so amazing was that there was no sleight of hand, distraction, hypnosis, distortion  or decoy. Leo Laporte needed only to rely on the fact that his audience is a brainless bunch of bafoons. His cohort in this caper was none other than the The Part Time Professor.  @ProfJeffJarvis

Calm yourself, I am not saying he tricked people into donating. I could not care less if he did. UNICEF makes 3.5 billion a year, no one cares about twit there.

The con was simple. Get the donation total to  reach some milestone amount and Jeff Jarvis’ beard would be shaved. The amazing thing, that no one seemed to notice was………. Jeff Jarvis had no beard. Leo’s audience is now officially pronounced brain dead. I say again people, the emperor has no clothes. Myself and a few others were watching this hoopla as if we were living in a world of drones. They went on and on about shaving his beard of 42 years and no one thought it relevant that he had no beard? Has the world gone mad? Was it a joke I was not in on? Leo is way too detached from the truth, there is no line between fact and fiction in his subconscious anymore.

Before…………….During………………..and After

Oh I almost forgot to mention, on a sad note, Leo may have passed away. Our staff will be  looking into it as soon as we finish lunch. Allegedly his last words were “a wedding soup please.”

#Soup in peace
#Soup in peace

9 thoughts on “TWiT Audience Proven To Be Mentally Disabled”

  1. Jarvis should have pledged that when the $20,000 goal was reached he would fix his wretched teeth. Unlike his beard, those gnarly monsters are very much for real.

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  2. The whole new years thing was a huge scam. It wasn’t even 24 hours and Leo didn’t even shave his head and only got a buzz cut. But the truth is that TWIT did this so they can use this as a tax right off so they can say oh we donated money but actually it’s the fans that gave the money.

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