10 thoughts on “What it takes to get a job at TWiT”

  1. Oh Wow, Friar Tuck throw Elgum under the bus.

    I got home from an appointment this morning in time to see TNT and I couldn’t believe it.

    Elgum sounded like a monkey eating it’s own shit! He sounded like a drunk trying to placate a police officer!

    I’d also say that Friar Tuck don’t quite make the cut with the standards either and neither does Scarf Hall.

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    1. Don’t worry that’s the problem when you are dealing with a wino! He has the face of a drunk, speaks like a drunk and probably lives his life in a permanent haze!

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  2. Never had a problem with Padre – he never started out or intended to be a host or entertainer – he’s just doing what he does because he’s trying to help.

    Elgum, on the other hand, is so soul-crushingly boring I’m shocked anyone willingly talks to him. He reminds me of what a 50s era nuclear family father figure would be like: “How was your day son?” “Golly Dad it was fun!” “Well, that’s just super swell Timmy! Now go brush your teeth and do your homework!”

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  3. You could say that the Swan Vesta Match Chad is incapable of talking decently on screen, he sounds as garbled most times as much as Elgum. in fact he has also started making snide and snippy comments as well. Guess he believes that copying Guzzler and Elgum will one day get him promoted to cheek asslick.

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  4. Padre’s not a bad guy. Chad has taken up residence in Leo’s colon. A guy named Glen Rubenstein has taken up residence in Lisa’s colon. Chad came to twit having done a couple cat videos on youtube, so of course was made producer of MBW and given his own show. Behind the scenes, what you don’t see, Tony Wang. Took part of Eileen’s job when she left. The most passive aggressive, yes man, weasel to ever walk the earth. These are the types of people the whore and fat fuck want around them. The day twit goes down will truly be a great day.

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