No shirt, no shoes, no women

TWiT Policy?

I am willing to accept that in five years there has never been a black woman on TWiT. Never, not once. (excluding ring central ad) I am willing to accept that although ten percent of the US population is black, less than 1% of TWiT faces are black and zero employees. But women? More than half the worlds population was born with female genitalia. You have to make an effort to shun half the population.

The following listing is of the most recent This Week in Tech episodes, all of which did not have one person born with (XX) chromosomes:

  • Nov 23: 1 host and 3 guests
  • Nov 16: 1 host and 4 guests (special segment included)
  • Nov 09: 1 host and 3 guests
  • Nov 02: 1 host and 2 guests
  • Oct 26: 1 host and 3 guests

Making your girlfriend CEO does not make you less prejudiced, it shows what traits in women you value and what a woman has to do to get respect there. If you combine this with his outlandish statements to the lovely and talented Sarah Lane it makes me wonder.

For those of you who like math, the chances of getting head 15 times in a row on a two sided coin is .00341796875.  So if 50% of tech journalists are women and they were selected randomly the odds of getting (see listing above) 15 guests in a row as men are likewise .00341796875. And tech journalism is filled to the brim with female journalists.

22 thoughts on “No shirt, no shoes, no women”

    1. The problem here isn’t TWiT or Leo, it’s actually that the tech world is male dominated. I’m sorry that vagina warriors and feminazis hate to hear that, but it’s true. As a result, about the only place you do find women in the tech world is in journalism, where the most technical thing they need to do is open Word. Sometimes you get guys like Gina that slip through the cracks, but she’s a lady on paper only.

      What should really be focused on is the crap guests TWiT gets now, and no one of any importance frequents it any longer. The only people Leo can get now is the latest blogger from or a new Perez Hilton-like Twitter celebrity [AT BEST]. The show sucks. Race and women has nothing to do with it.

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  1. This policy of discrimination against Blacks is probably cool with “John” who left this comment to the below post “Leo Laporte and the dirty cake.”

    “John” opined, “She [Sarah] really let me down fucking niggers and Indians.”

    Racist comments are not tolerated in the most free expression, least censored forums. I support the lack of censorship here, but there should be limits.

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    1. The trouble is there is someone going on and posting using different names. There are also two Johns that post. I talk to one of them regularly and I know that he didn’t make that comment.

      There was a couple of people on the #Drama IRC that were banned and they were making similar comments on there until they were removed and banned.

      I suspect that we have a few “TWiT Cult Members” coming on and posting and going into IRC to try and make it possible for a complaint to a hosting company that it is a racist website.

      I am disgusted with such comments and so are others. In fact the John that posts regularly made the comment above it that said about waiting until Thanksgiving. The racist comment was made by another poster using the same name. That is one of the unfortunately aspects of the comment system that WordPress uses is that it allows someone to post just by using a Name and any old email address whether it is valid or not like A@B.COM.

      Sadly Total Drama is not immune to being trolled and at least one of the Hosts at TWiT boasts about trolling, at least one Moderator also boasts that he is a troll and some of the biggest TWiT fan’s was highlighted by one of his customers as being a vindictive troll that went onto a website they had and trolled it because they had chosen to cancel the contract with him. I wouldn’t put it past Leo himself to go on and post comments either.

      In fact if someone knows your email address they can post comments and put another’s email address into the address box and it will show as that person if they have a WordPress account with that person’s avatar. It is a problem inherent with WordPress.

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      1. May the great and good Indian Chief of lore, Tahquitz, Look down upon BHB and all relations to wit, with mercy and grace. May the TD trolls jump off the Little Stone and comit Suicide.

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  2. I agree with Tom, I’ll probably be leaving soon if comments like that are allowed here. I know you guys are proponents of freedom of speech but sometimes it goes against civil conversation and criticism which #Drama are big fans of.

    And it was all directed at your darling Sarah!!! *GASP!

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  3. Nothing is deleted here to my knowledge, I can delete comments but will not delete a comment for being disgusting. Most of the racist comments are not really even racist, they are doing it on purpose to get us to kick people and ban people as a way to bring us down to the level of twit mods. Kind of clever imo. But the tag team of Tom & Moonchild is kind of obvious. Maybe wait for a comment between the two.

    What post was that comment on with the N word?

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    1. Aside from the ethical issues, the pragmatics of not deleting hate speech, racist insults or threats of violence are such that TotalDrama is put in jeopardy of losing its ISP and/or handing over to its enemies the tools to destroy it.

      In answer to your question, the racist comment is in the post “Leo Laporte and the dirty cake.”

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      1. Threats I would delete, private info and doxxing I’ll delete.

        But if someone is a racist and posts racist crap they will not get the benefit of having it deleted by normal people. They wrote it, they live with it.

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  4. This is a manufactured controversy. Nobody cares. It’s a stupid technology blog site, not the Special Olympics. Besides, do you really want to see more of the likes of Mary Jo Phoney and her B-52s inspired look on TWiT?

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    1. To be fair, Mary Jo Foley has been covering Microsoft since the 80s, and covers very dry Enterprise-focused stuff that is not glamorous at all. I think she does her job because she actually enjoys it and is actually quite good at it. She’s an old school journalist who is very concerned with verifying sources and not misleading readers. Maybe not a pretty lady, but I at least believe what she says, even if she’s not the most well spoken or visually appealing on camera.

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      1. MJF has developed into a very respectable on air host. She was rough and shy when she started co-hosting WW, Leo and PT were apt to walk over MJ because she wasn’t forceful enough getting her voice out front. Look, she gets a exit interview with Steve Balmer and Leo can’t even get a bathroom key at the Apple campus, Leo should just remove himself from WW, if anything to get the audience prepared for the eventual WW move to GFQ network.

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        1. I agree that Mary-Jo has great scoops and insights, and I loved when she just threw the ‘Why should I keep using / recommending Windows?’ grenade into the room two eps ago.

          But I also find myself quite enjoying the occasional ‘old-school’ WW with just Paul and Leo.

          It’s great that we get to have both!

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          1. I remember the episode where Paul was explaining all the different MS SKU’s revolving around Win7 and Server 2008, pure genius . Yes we yearn for the days of yore.

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      2. I agree that MJF has improved markedly on WW. I thought she was lost in her early appearances due to being overwhelmed by the much stronger, outgoing, and confident personalities of Paul and Leo. It’s uplifting to see someone who seemed hopeless and probably felt hopeless manage to soldier on and develop confidence and humor and her own shtick (beer) as well as always having been a solid reporter. Too bad the same can’t be said for Elgan.

        Unfortunately, Microsoft has become such a boring subject (for me at least) that I don’t listen anymore unless there is a big MS breaking story.

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  5. “So if 50% of tech journalists are women and they were selected randomly”

    They are not, and they were not. (And no, the blame for neither lies with Twit.)

    There, that was easy!

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