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Setting the Record Straight

As Leo Laporte continues to escalate the conflict with most every former TWiT host, it is important to take a step back and and set the record straight about what exactly has happened.  And this is exactly what the hosts of the Night Attack show, Brian Brushwood and Justin Robert Young have done last night in the Episode 32 of the programme.

The events unfolded in the following order:

  • Robert Ballecer wanted to invite Brian Brushwood and Justin Robert Young to his TWiT show “Padres Corner”. Lisa Kentzell, the TWiT CEO said “no”, they are not allowed back on the network.
  • Ballecer asked one of the following days and was told “no” again, and to not bring this issue again.
  • At this point there was only one source confirming that they were banned from TWiT.
  • Baratunde Thurston got an invitation to appear on the “flagship” TWiT show, and as Brian and him have always been a good match on that show, a suggestion was made to invite Mr Brushwood. Show’s producer Chad Johnson went to Leo Laporte with this idea and was told that, no, the hosts of Night Attack are not allowed to appear on TWiT shows.
  • Having heard the exact same thing from two different TWiT staffers, during Night Attack 31, the hosts expressed their sadness (butthurt in their own words), that despite their best efforts to maintain a good relation with TWiT, this was the treatment that they were getting.
  • Returning from one of his numerous vacation, this time in London, Leo Laporte hears about the mention and goes into blind rage. He sends a series of messages to Brian and Justin, that we have covered earlier. Judging by the level of rage we can only conclude that he didn’t actually see the Night Attack episode in question but that he was told a much exaggerated version by one of his minions.
  • Night Attack 32 is published that features “The Statement to End All Statements”, which outlines this series of events.
  • Leo Laporte in another fit of rage, orders his staff to erase any trace of Tom Merritt, Brian Brushwood and Justin Robert Young ever having been part of the network.

Here is the clip from the Night Attack 32 where Brian and Justin explain what happened in two minutes,

Happy 10th Anniversary to a truth-filled blog post

Today, August 18, 2014 is the 10-year anniversary of an epic blog post entitled “Leo’s Affair…Everyone needs a hobby.”

Check it out in all its venom-filled glory here.

But for those in a hurry, here’s a choice passage:

This man is a lying, cold hearted sonofabitch who only cares about himself. Unless he can get something out of you, then he’ll pretend to love you, until he’s done with you, then he’ll pretend you never existed. Who is this? Leo Laporte. He’s married, but it doesn’t much stop him from hitting on women. Watch out. He’ll send you naked pictures, tell you he wants to sleep with you, and then discard you like yesterdays news. All the while claiming he’s not to blame because he has no control over his actions because of Adult ADD. Bullshit, people. Bunches of bullshit. He lies to his family, his wife, and his fans.

It’s good to keep in mind that we’re not the only ones here at #TotalDrama interested in exposing the #truth.