Setting the Record Straight

As Leo Laporte continues to escalate the conflict with most every former TWiT host, it is important to take a step back and and set the record straight about what exactly has happened.  And this is exactly what the hosts of the Night Attack show, Brian Brushwood and Justin Robert Young have done last night in the Episode 32 of the programme.

The events unfolded in the following order:

  • Robert Ballecer wanted to invite Brian Brushwood and Justin Robert Young to his TWiT show “Padres Corner”. Lisa Kentzell, the TWiT CEO said “no”, they are not allowed back on the network.
  • Ballecer asked one of the following days and was told “no” again, and to not bring this issue again.
  • At this point there was only one source confirming that they were banned from TWiT.
  • Baratunde Thurston got an invitation to appear on the “flagship” TWiT show, and as Brian and him have always been a good match on that show, a suggestion was made to invite Mr Brushwood. Show’s producer Chad Johnson went to Leo Laporte with this idea and was told that, no, the hosts of Night Attack are not allowed to appear on TWiT shows.
  • Having heard the exact same thing from two different TWiT staffers, during Night Attack 31, the hosts expressed their sadness (butthurt in their own words), that despite their best efforts to maintain a good relation with TWiT, this was the treatment that they were getting.
  • Returning from one of his numerous vacation, this time in London, Leo Laporte hears about the mention and goes into blind rage. He sends a series of messages to Brian and Justin, that we have covered earlier. Judging by the level of rage we can only conclude that he didn’t actually see the Night Attack episode in question but that he was told a much exaggerated version by one of his minions.
  • Night Attack 32 is published that features “The Statement to End All Statements”, which outlines this series of events.
  • Leo Laporte in another fit of rage, orders his staff to erase any trace of Tom Merritt, Brian Brushwood and Justin Robert Young ever having been part of the network.

Here is the clip from the Night Attack 32 where Brian and Justin explain what happened in two minutes,

16 thoughts on “Setting the Record Straight”

    1. Second you on that HelloWorld. The reporting on here is better and more accurate than anything that the grinning idiot on TNT can provide when it comes to accuracy and clarity.

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  1. Every word there is true. Brian & Justin are being too nice in my opinion. The most interesting subpoint is the total detachment Leo has from the truth. It is epic. Since he banned them but never used the word “ban” in his deluded head they were not banned.

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    1. It’s like how the NSA doesn’t “collect” data until it’s actually looked at, at TWiT you aren’t banned until until they erase you from history.

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  2. Wow, this is a perfect example of the craziness of #Soup and his bint #Slop. #Soup and #Slop show how extreme they really get.

    It saddens me that they chose to eradicate the shows featuring Tom Merritt and Brian and Justin. It is a sign though of Leo needing Psychiatric medicine and contrary to the post that claimed to be from “the X” (which I believe is meant to imply ScooterX) which gave information and assumptions claiming that he is a depressed man and it is our fault. No his problems are because of he needs anti-psychotics rather than anti-depressants.

    In fact it indicates that he is jealous because they didn’t fail and are in fact doing better off TWiT than on. I honestly think that the final straw that triggered this was finding out that Tom was going to expand His show and include Justin as part of that as well which for Leo is a “Shit on me, I’ll shit on you!” situation.

    Meanwhile there are other shows under threat. Friar Ballsucker had to go to extremes advertising Harry’s Shave products on Know How. He didn’t just shave, he didn’t stop at the beard he shaved between the eyebrows and his whole forehead! Trying to one up #Soup??

    When did I see it. This morning, I had been out on a job and the property was not ‘clean’ and I had showered and left TWiT streaming to the TV in the Living Room. I came through to the huge shave foam covered mug of Robert Ballsucker while it went at it with a blade. It was mesmerizing as it went at it with the blade. I only hope it does not spread to a whole body shave on camera!

    I told Harry’s that they have lost my business, I can’t look at their products again in the same way that it scarred me for life! LOL

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  3. Posts like this are MUCH easier to take seriously because it’s not name calling every time you mention someone. When I see “Soup” and “Gum”, it’s very hard to take those seriously.

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  4. What I heard on Tuesday was a shock; how could both people who left TWiT on good terms suddenly not be allowed on the network? They made sure that it was okay, all they wanted to do is swear but now they’re jealous? Now they’re jealous of all the money that they’re making.

    My immediate thought is this. If Lisa Kentzell is such a super duper CEO. Why didn’t she think outside the box; hell, why didn’t she pay them more or even understand that they could do better. I understand if you have an image to protect but what’s more important, the image or keeping relationships afloat.

    She and Leo basically signed the papers that allowed Brian to walk; they weren’t forced to leave, they left on good terms. Now they’re not allowed back on, and that Leo was putting on an act by saying that they were not banned and then they were banned? Even worse is that OMGchad was conversing with Leo that fateful Sunday and even I suspect that he’s been corrupted; playing along with his scheme.

    I’m thinking of turning in my TWiT membership. I mean if Brian & Justin are going to become swear words on TWiT then that means I can’t like them publicly without getting harassed by the head mod.

    Take this fact. ScooterX has consistently been a part of #chat since the beginning. Take this Wednesday; he’s gone, vanished without a trace and he’s not coming back. Why? Because he values TWiT more than he values us, he values power more than he values us. I suspect can0k will jump ship soon and Dan will be logging that chat for any potential people who are on both channels.

    Zach, WabbitMagic, ThatGuyRooT, QWERTYnamous, Strengths, Dem90, Beef and Arbiter who are on both chats will eventually be faced a choice and you know what that choice will do, destroy morale. TWiT has entered an era of censorship and racism; one where you’re forced to keep your respect for past hosts a secret. One where Tom Merrit, BB and JuRY are forbidden words, one where those 3 never existed in TWiT in the first place.

    Leo says that Tom is always welcome on TWiT but when have you seen him invited, when has Mike ever invited him back on? That’s right, never. He even did a lengthy goodbye for him and deleting Framerate is the way he repays him.

    Nice going TWiT, this is definitely the worst thing you’ve done.

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    1. “What I heard on Tuesday was a shock; how could both people who left TWiT on good terms suddenly not be allowed on the network?” Because they are making 4 times as much money without TWiT. proving that the CeHo is a feckless idiot who knows nothing about running a business.

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    2. So a few months back TNT was interviewing a reporter about a story. The reporter had interviewed a person that had appeared on *SHOWTITLEREDACTED* a day or two earlier. I mention this in chat and one of the other TWiT employees jumps down my throat about it saying that it was inappropriate to tell people to stop watching TNT and go watch something else. That’s not what I said mind you. That was when I started to think that there was some bad blood between TWiT and the former hosts.

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  5. That last bullet point isn’t entirely true. The Tech News Today episodes with Tom Merritt are still up. It’s just NSFW and Frame Rate that are gone. I haven’t had time to look and see if they’ve gone in and deleted the episodes of other shows that Brian and Justin have appeared on, but I curious if they have gone to those lengths yet.

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    1. They also deleted Current Geek Weekly (Tom and Scott Johnson) and Tech History Today (Tom only). They’re going after stuff that had nothing to do with Brian and JuRY, just Tom. So petty.

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  6. Wow, very disappointed to hear all this. Mike Elgan and I had an argument on G+ back when it first started and the Reddit mob came after me. Shit, I just told him to stop posting like a rich A-Hole during Occupy Wall Street. Common Sense, right?

    Nah… Anyways, I like the shows, all of them on both networks. Don’t care about the drama. And no, I don’t listen to anything with Elgan on it… Not cause I have a beef with him, I just don’t find his shows insightful… At all. Give me Russell Holly over Mike any day of the week. But I’ve been a TWiG listener since the beginning, that won’t change… Even when Mike fills in to host… Even if it’s like eating glass. The man had no flare or sense of humor on air. 🙁

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