10 thoughts on “Um…who the hell is this?”

  1. He is the camera man when they go on location. Back when they would go to South by South West and when they go to CES he is the one holding the camera. I only know because leo says his name but they never show his face.

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  2. They are trying to beef up their presents, making it look like they have a professional crew, to create a honey pot for an acquisition.

    I mean we all know Leo would sell this sinking ship in a heart beat. That is why they are taking his face off of most of the art work, to make it seem like it’s not the “leo” network.

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    1. Myriam knows her stuff, isn’t afraid to shoot her theories, has many contacts in the industry and is apparently getting review loaners even though she’s freelancing.

      I liked her on the past two AAAs, and am frankly glad they could work out a deal!

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