Mike Elgum Bullies Randal Schwartz

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Are ee ess pee ee cee tee

One of the only remaining nice things TWiT does, dating back to the golden era, is give the fans a show about Linux.  FLOSS Weekly was genuinely born in a time when TWiT cared about the audience and not profit.

Another old tradition is not adhering to a schedule and having programs begin on time. When non-professionals like Elgum helm a broadcast, it is paramount that there is no time frame to follow. The length of his show can vary from seventeen minutes to sixty five minutes. He has no control of what happens nor any idea what he is doing, the chances of him starting on time are virtually non-existent.. All the hosts have always been understanding about the malleable calendar.

The girls won't go for this in 2015
The girls won’t go for this bullying in 2015

It seems power hungry News Director Mike Elgum found someone to push around. Although Gum is unable to start or finish his show on schedule he is forcing the kind and generous Randall Schwartz to start his show an hour earlier so as not to dare delay the comedy news show known as TNT. Oh how I long for what once was and what will surely never be again.  The lovely and talented Sarah Lane would never have stood by for this.

Update 1: Hilton was unavailable for comment. We are investigating why he was let go from TWiT and no longer appears in the “people” section. One possible explanation is he never worked there. Speculation that his picture and profile were  put on the site instead of actually hiring someone of color is pure speculation

23 thoughts on “Mike Elgum Bullies Randal Schwartz”

  1. I don’t think the new website is all that bad…maybe not worth 350k but most of that was probably spent in the API…buuuut…The video player on the site is a real stinker, I have not been able to watch a whole episode of anything before it craps out.

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    1. I think this is news. Gum did force Russell to start an hour earlier even though the custom at twit was that if someone once in a while runs overtime, the next host deals with it. Only Gum would have the disrespect to do this to Russell. And it is only the one day a week Gum can possibly be delayed.

      And Leo only lets Russell do the show because jammerB insists on it. It’s a favor to him, probably because jammerB barely asks for money.

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  2. Elgin is just following Leo’s example of shuffling the schedules for who knows what reason. In Leo’s case, it was to make room for every new meal time he’s discovered between second breakfast and the mid-afternoon snack.

    Hey remember the time Leo didn’t even recognize Randall Schwartz, I think it was a NYE. He treated him like one of those Sunday night post-TWIT elevator pitch a-holes.

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  3. This post blames Gum for making sure his podcast starts on time.

    But this post slams Soup for not starting on time:


    Or, it’s what we all know to be true: Nothing on this site is a real beef. It’s just basement-dwelling losers scrounging for something to criticize because they’re pathetic trolls with no life.

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    1. Actually, the article you quote is a critique of the head of the network not having a policy where the network has a schedule.

      With the policy being set that they do not start on time, Gum is a prick to Russel because he doesn’t want to be delayed by someone else. Furthermore, Gum is late all the time because of his own inadequacies. He is fine being late just not being delayed by a lesser person.

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  4. I remember a certain punk girl that was insulted badly by a certain DB when he was drunk at an airport. I looked for video proof, but alas there is none. But trust me just like Hans getting tossed out of the 32nd floor of Nakitomi Towers, IT HAPPENED!
    & this isn’t really news worthy but just shows the lazy arsed news reporting Gummy does. God how he needs to look up the word ‘Research’

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