One last look at the mental disaster that was Gina Trapani

Google Wave fan and bumbling genius Gina Trapani is going to be alone with her thoughts soon—and that’s a good thing. Perhaps she can take some time to organize her brain. Gina recently announced that she’s shuffling off “This Week in Google” to focus on running her useless Twitter business. Jeff Jarvis of course groaned like a jilted grandmother and Leo said that Gina is going to be missed because he loooooooooves her so much.

In honor of Gina’s tenure on TWiG, here’s one last look ’n’ listen at her groundbreaking Google insights. She’s quite a keeper—too bad Leo didn’t pay her enough to have her stick around.

I think in 10-15 years we really could have maybe learned a thing or two from her. Or not…I can’t decide. Uh…Well, I guess. Maybe not. Or…

23 thoughts on “One last look at the mental disaster that was Gina Trapani”

  1. What a sad loss. Let us remember some of her most valuable contributions, in her own words..

    “My Wife, My Wife, My Wife, My Wife, My Wife, My Wife, My Wife, My Wife, My Wife, My Wife, My Wife, My Wife, My Wife, My Wife, My Wife, My Wife, My Wife, My Wife, My Wife, My Wife, My Wife, My Wife, My Wife, My Wife, My Wife, My Wife, My Wife, My Wife, My Wife, My Wife, My Wife, My Wife, My Wife, My Wife, My Wife, My Wife, My Wife, My Wife, My Wife, My Wife, My Wife, My Wife, My Wife, My Wife, My Wife, My Wife, My Wife, My Wife.”

    That 17th “My Wife”, in particular, is sure to bring a lot of memories flooding back to many of you.. Sniffle!

    I’m sure we all wish her the best now she’s decided to move on. Wait.. What’s that? Maybe there’s more to it?! Maybe someone was pissed when she didn’t show up for their special event?!

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    1. What a load of BS!

      Don’t blame being a homophobe on Gina having a wife and being not afraid to mention that fact occasionally.

      And I mean occasionally, because you might have put more “my wifes” in that post than Gina said that in the past year (maybe more) of Twig and AAA.

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      1. Gina has said in interviews (and even on the TWiT network a couple of times) that she does it on purpose to “disarm” people and make them uncomfortable. Nice of her to assume we’re all homophobes with her “in your face” attitude.

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  2. Hmmm, Leo’s gold digger can just replace Gina’s um uh um uh with Randals Warts. Randals Warts can add his um uh um uh’s to the Google show and talk about how he wrote a book about Perl 30 years ago. Problem solved and all he requires as payment is another bottle of wiskey.

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  3. TWIG has been pretty bad, a content-free mess for most of the last year. If they can get someone on full time who isn’t an idiot, the show might turn itself around. Sadly twit only employs yes-men and yes-women nowadays, so chances of getting someone on who will call out Jarvis’s bullshit is slim. Also, Google is just kinda boring nowadays anyway. A few years ago they were cool, but now they are all about becoming Microsoft 2.0. Yawn! At least Windows Weekly is great for schadenfreude, hearing about all Microsofts flops and miscommunications. Google just keep doing everything OK-ish, sort-of beta, and make a shitload on adverts and tracking all the things. Who cares about that?

    As for Gina, I thought All About Android improved when the screeching, giggling Eileen Rivera left. Sorry Tom Merrit fans, but I couldn’t stand that woman. If only Jason would stop saying “like, you know” every sentence and was not “totally stoked” about every damn thing it’d be a great show.

    Gina wrote an Android app years ago, so she at least knows a bit about the platform. She has abandoned it now and long before that just bummed off the contributions from the community. But as she more-or-less knows about Android, she wasn’t as stuttery and dopey on AAA. TWIG was just so vague and wishy-washy that I think that brought out the “I..I…I… dunno” super-comments.

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    1. Tom is awesome but yes, his wife is a terrible, terrible host. During her last AAA she was downloading the latest Android update and instead of paying attention to her hosts she was ooohing and awwwwing so much I thought Tom was under the table.

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  4. I like Gina but this video is funny, she does need to be more assertive with her thoughts. Hopefully now TWIG will not be such a lovefest. Imagine if Gumbot had Gina on as a guest, yeah sort of kinda unm oh ugh, maye yknow

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    1. I remember Jeff and Soup getting into a huge argument over the Chromebook Pixel and Gina sat there and offered nothing. It was like trying to interview a child while its parents argued and mentioned divorce.

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      1. Gina hates confrontation. Most of her discomfort with getting words out occurs when it is something negative or disagreeing that she needs to say. If she wants to disagree she gets that fidgety look and says:
        “yeeeeaaaaaaa, i don’t know, I mean” and then reluctantly makes her point.

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      2. All of Gina’s statements are confusing because she spends her whole time trying to make a statement that is not affirmative or negative so that she will not be the one that gets the wrath of the two angry old trolls. Nothing worse than being trolled by Laporte and Jarvis.

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  5. wow, such antipathy for a person whose is notably uncontroversial and inoffensive.

    What I see as laudible: balanced and willing to consider both sides of every argument is apparently more regularly perceived as weak, stuttering indecisiveness.

    unless there’s some other reason.

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  6. Even I one of the most accomplised trolls think these are cheap shots with no standing. Gina is one of the people to have bailed out of the downward sprial of the evil empire.
    So she has a wife, get over it. People are nitpicking now because
    Leo has no one to pick on and TD can’t come up with anything new.
    Don’t forget who the real asshole is. The toad with the short haircut.

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