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One last look at the mental disaster that was Gina Trapani

Google Wave fan and bumbling genius Gina Trapani is going to be alone with her thoughts soon—and that’s a good thing. Perhaps she can take some time to organize her brain. Gina recently announced that she’s shuffling off “This Week in Google” to focus on running her useless Twitter business. Jeff Jarvis of course groaned like a jilted grandmother and Leo said that Gina is going to be missed because he loooooooooves her so much.

In honor of Gina’s tenure on TWiG, here’s one last look ’n’ listen at her groundbreaking Google insights. She’s quite a keeper—too bad Leo didn’t pay her enough to have her stick around.

I think in 10-15 years we really could have maybe learned a thing or two from her. Or not…I can’t decide. Uh…Well, I guess. Maybe not. Or…