HelloWorld says “goodbye” unless things change

td-gifI’ve made this joke before, but this time I’m serious. Unless GuacaMole leaves the chatroom for good then I will not be posting anymore to this blog or participating in the chatroom.

His two-faced presence is a constant distraction. So I bid a very heartfelt farewell to all the fun. Let me know if things change, otherwise this is my final post.

26 thoughts on “HelloWorld says “goodbye” unless things change”

    1. Woah, man, total 90s flash back, yo!

      The thing about ignore is that people don’t care to not see whatever the other person has written, they care about _others_ not (also) seeing it.

      It’s a control thing.

      And now I’m taking my ball home.

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  1. Ignoring the problem doesn’t make it go away.

    If people here want to have him around, so be it but I’m not going to be involved with anyone who thinks the stuff he’s said is remotely funny or appropriate.

    The difference between him and a random chatter in #drama is that he takes whatever is said in #Drama out into the real world and I’m going to be honest, he had me on pins and needles (no pun intended) during the #NYE broadcast.

    There are multiple instances where he’s said stuff that just creeped me the hell out like talking about “touching” Lisa’s son in the studio and having “urges” and talking about what a brat he is, etc.

    He later backtracked and said it was only talking about touching him on the shoulder but that was the final straw for me, I don’t think its funny, humourous, cute or whatever some try to dismiss it as.

    There are other instances where he has talked about going up to Petaluma and psychically hurting someone (not going to say who), he’s talked about watching this person’s daughter at night as she went to a theater and he’s talked about meeting this person in a parking garage and so on.

    If TWIT wants to have him around and put their employees in danger despite all of this then so be it but T.D should exercise common sense and not allow him to be involved in any way, shape or form on the site.

    He is nothing but a loose cannon, a liability and his parents obvious have done a really crappy job monitoring him given his disability. If Leo and the gang wants to be his parents, fine but TD should not.

    Unless this “problem” is taken care of I too am I’m taking my ball home and saying sayonara to TD.

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  2. Okay… What the fuck?

    This site is too focused on me. I’m autistic, I don’t have a high school diploma nor job experience; two things I wanted. You think I want to focus my life on IRC, you think I want to be the center of attention.

    I just want to let go and move on but then again, you have emails you have not released at all implicating me as some sort of snitch. I never claimed I had a perfect grasp at the world, I’m just a guy trying to make it in life. If I had a job, if I had stuff to do; things would be different but instead I’m obsessing on this.

    You’re obsessing on this as well.

    You want me to leave, post those emails; don’t mass ignore, don’t say I’m unwelcome because I stand by myself and I will not change my stance. I promise you, if you do this; I will fuck off and I will clear my name with the emails you posted.

    One more thing: remember this, this is NOT about me. This is about YOU. Do NOT let me get in the way, if you do; they win. That is all.

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    1. You seem to be under the impression that you’re living in a spy movie and you also seem to think you have a free pass to stalk people’s kids, brag about touching a little boy and threaten to physically hurt people because “I’m autistic”.

      You need proper supervision and help, obviously your mom and dad isn’t doing that right now.

      Totaldrama is not the place for you because you seem incapable of differentiating between fiction and reality and quite frankly I have no idea if you have any limits or what you’re capable of and even you said you may become “unintentionally violent”.

      The truth is no one is “obsessing” with you but many of us are concerned and recognize that you need real help before it gets out of hand.

      Obviously Leo Laporte/TWIT for whatever reason doesn’t care or doesn’t take what you do or say seriously. Although I cannot speak for them nor can I speak for the people who run TD, I would hope that TD does the responsible thing and puts an end to your activities on this site.

      Either way I am not going to be involved with TD if you continue to stick around, you’re bad news.

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    2. “This site is too focused on me.”??

      This is the first I have seen anyone make a post specifically about someone else on the site.

      I do remember that HelloWorld had reservations about you when you first started stalking, yes stalking, the IRC using a pseudonym. At that time he did say that if it were you, as he suspected at the time, that he would walk away from Totaldrama.org (as it was at the time). He gave you fair chance and he remained and he did tolerate you.

      Even when your statements on the IRC were, to say the least, potentially admission of criminal intent to harm, hurt or do other acts against minors. You also seemed to feel it were perfectly okay to meet a minor and use them to make a series of video’s for your podcast channel. Something that everyone at the time kept telling you that it was an unacceptable thing to do and that you were leaving yourself open to a whole world of hurt.

      Do you realize how tiring it is when someone justifies their actions on being ‘autistic’, it’s a little like Leo Laporte defending his actions by saying he doesn’t have the ability to self censor, it is an excuse for your actions.

      I this “I Love Gumstep” has it perfectly correct, that you are living in a dreamworld where you are some Master Spy or double-agent.

      You need to hold you hand up and admit that you crossed a line. Not demand that people publish emails that you sent! You need to make a decision about where your loyalties lay and make a line in the sand and choose to not cross it.

      I watched maybe 30 seconds at most of “The Leo Show” on December 31st. It was just by chance that I happened to turn it on while a certain person was climbing off that Rodeo machine and being all buddy buddy with Leo Laporte. I thought two things. First, He did go up to Petaluma. Second, at least he didn’t make a public scene or physically attack Leo Laporte., thank God!

      What you have to understand is that anything you say, and that includes statements of intention, have a real world implication. Do you realize that a court room is not going to give a crap about whether you are autistic or not. The judge, even if he wanted to, isn’t going to slap you on the back and say, “Just don’t say you are going to attack someone again” and send you on your way.

      You say that you don’t have a High School Diploma or Job Experience? First of All, focus on getting a High School Diploma. Put some of this pent up energy on getting that Diploma and as for Job Experience? Pah! Go out and do something. Make a job and gain experience doing whatever you enjoy doing (legally enjoy).

      Life’s too short for all this drama and nobody wants to lose HelloWorld so soon after the loss of LeoLaporteSucks!

      The only Drama on TotalDrama should be TWiT Drama!😉

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      1. “You need to hold you hand up and admit that you crossed a line. Not demand that people publish emails that you sent! You need to make a decision about where your loyalties lay and make a line in the sand and choose to not cross it.”

        You know what, you’re right. I do need to make a decision on where my loyalties lay but you also need to realize that one person is not going to change the course of this site.

        And I did not send those emails, I will repeat it until I die; your site is all about the truth, is all about investigative reporting, is all about proving big business wrong and if you want to prove me wrong, post the emails; reveal me for the person I truly am.

        And if you want me to focus on where my loyalties lay, you should not influence mods about people banned on their chatroom. That what Leo and his goons want, for me to drink the kool-aid.

        Fuck that shit.

        Every minute that ticks, Leo and his goons are winning; who do you think has the power? Me, a little old person in a room with his parents or a old person who has the number 1 technology podcast and a grasp on the podcasting empire?

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        1. You said that’ leo and his goons’ were very nice to you on New Year’s.

          Even after all of the above badmouthing of twit, you still said you were going to persuade twit to help you get ads and give you a #talknet room on the twit server.

          You keep talking about sides but seem to play to whichever one will pay attention to you and you think you can benefit from.

          It’s been pointed out here how kindly twit has treated you by tolerating you, despite what you say here. I wonder how they’d treat you if you they saw half of what you’ve said about them?

          You shit on twit and expect them to pay attention to you and treat you well. You shit on your family and expect the same.

          #drama is drawing a line.

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  3. Just out of curiosity – has anyone seen that Paul Thurrott has left WinuperSite.com and is going to do his own thing? Does anyone know if this affects Windows Weekly (anyone w/ some insider info)?

    If so, his departure from TWiT would be a HUUUUUUUUGE loss for Leo. I suspect he may be trying to distance himself from Windows in general, hence the focus on What The Tech (that has a Patreon generating $565/per ep. – not bad). I wonder if that non-TWiT focus is gathering steam behind the scenes…

    Just wanted to give you all a heads up. I bet TWiT related changes are coming…

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    1. I caught some of WW this week (I am catching quite a bit of the audio of shows as I lay around in a flu fever induced hallucinations). It sounds like Paul will be more focused on personal computing and MJF will continue to focus on Enterprise Computing. Paul was really pushing signing up for his free newsletter at http://www.thurrott.com. I am sure he will stay around on TWiT to promote his new site. Leo mentioned maybe having him be a regular on the radio show.

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  4. Sadly, this is all deja vu for IRC. A site starts with lofty goals: free unfettered expression, no one gets banned, everyone respects everyone else. Sooner or later things deteriorate. Cliques form. Squabbles begin. Anger, intolerance ultimatums become the order of the day. Next: Splinter groups spin-off into new channels. Helloworld, imo, is a total crackpot as are some of the other regulars, no better or worse than Taylor. Just different. Can’t we all just get along? Answer is obviously NO.

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    1. I don’t really get the point of actively and purposely messing with some other random schlub’s mind. We’re all here to watch the demise of TWiT because we have issues with senior people on staff there. I don’t understand the point of anyone bickering with anyone else, however. That just seems pointless. I don’t do the chat stuff here because I don’t get the “value” from that (constant TWiT news does not occur, so do realtime chat?), and maybe people just need to stop obsessing over every little bit of minutia involving Total Drama.

      The TWiT downfall matters – this site? The means by which we learn of the downfall? Notsomuch.

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  5. I’m on your side, GuacaMole! Nice going!!

    HELLOWORLD is a creepy troll who has devoted his life to stalking and harassing another man.

    What would his mother think about his obsession?


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  6. This is getting quite entertaining. Shame I have no clue who this GuacaMole guy is or isn’t. In many ways this is the story of the internet: you start a platform committed to fight against censorship and for absolute openness, and sooner or later some ass comes along and takes so much advantage of it that you have to exercise some form of censorship yourself. The world is a sad place…

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  7. I for one, wouldn’t miss Helloworld and his dumb videos.
    I love TotalDrama and the attention it has brought to TWiT and the blog has opened my eyes as to the behind-the-scenes of the operation.
    HelloWorld makes me want to close them. And plug my ears. And bury my head in the sand.
    Deep sand.

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