To the Small Time Troll

Today we salute you. The guy who usually follows rules but once in awhile, has to let one slip through.
Wearing nothing but a webuser or iphone ID, you’re living the real dream.
Getting up the courage to say what you believe, and always believing what you say.
If Sarah looks especially pretty today, let her know and comment on the host’s appearance.
Sure there’s danger; ridicule, and a permanent ban is not completely out of the question.
But your keen instincts tell you to say what you think and type what you feel. And if the joke doesn’t work, who cares? Use your cell connection with its variable IP and try again the in the morrow.
So think up a witty insult, ask about TNT ratings, inquire about the calorie count of that container of #soup.
But always remember, we  love every one of  you!

2 thoughts on “To the Small Time Troll”

  1. What the blazes, has Father Bobby been called back the vatican, was watching his tweets, went to favorite one and was told that he had been suspended.

    Does Twitter censor the truth now! What happened to the days when they made a big deal about getting the truth out!

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