Mike Elgum infected with drama, walks off the set

In a shocking display and breach of journalistic tradition, “Tech News Today” anchor Mike Elgum walked off the set after coming down with what some TWiT watchers are calling a case of the “dramas.” Later, heartless jerks Leo ’n’ Lisa laugh at Elgum’s predicament and show absolutely zero compassion for their stricken employee.

22 thoughts on “Mike Elgum infected with drama, walks off the set”

  1. What I don’t get is why does there need to be someone “on set” for TNT? What’s the point. I wasn’t the biggest Tom fan, but I had no issues whatsoever with him doing it remotely. I mean, the new studio is basically a table with a better backdrop – I fail to see why this makes on-set employees a necessity. So if Elgummo walks off the set, does it matter? The set is pointless.

    As for him being sick…that sucks, but I’ve come to work sick before, mainly because A) I needed the money/didn’t want to use my PTO (the cheapskate way of handling ‘sick’ and ‘vacation’ days at shady businesses) and/or B) I felt pressured to show up, no matter what.

    I suspect Elgummo feels pressure to be on set, every day, no exception, or else Lisa and Leo will chew his ass out. I sorta feel for him in this situation.

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  2. Thank you for showing us just how heartless Adolf and Eva really are. And they were on Mike’s son’s wedding just this past weekend. Now just make sure that there is a bucket for him to vomit in.

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  3. Wow… Drama is a forbidden word within the TWiT dome. It’s like they’re afraid of our power, afraid of the change we’re making.

    And seriously, if Elgum values his professionality then he wouldn’t leave during recording. He must be cussing his mouth that he said that thingy, I would just go on with that and just say what I have to say, not leave someone else to do my work for me.


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  4. I’m not fond of Elgum as TNT host, don’t mind his G+ posts though. However if he isn’t well, then that’s appalling behaviour of his boss(es) to make fun of him. He at least tried to do his job, regardless of how poorly he executes it when he’s well.

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  5. You people are such losers. The prototypical nerds who were always picked last in kickball. I’m guessing your so-called careers are as “independent contractors” or you work for a government entity where raises are guaranteed, you can’t get fired for all the nothingness you do all day, and then you go home to your empty apartment filled with pokemon cards and JRY posters (he’s the frat boy you always wished you could be – funny only to him and 1 or 2 others).

    It’s too bad daddy ignored you when you were young, but you were always such an uninteresting person. Maybe because mommy drank too much during preggo? Who knows.

    Your accomplishments in life will amount to nothing more than going to work clicky clicking on a computer screen and making new email addresses for new employess. Oh, and telling people to reboot their machines.

    You are keyboard warriors whose life work will amount to…nothing.

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    1. Wow it’s the Algonquin Round Table and another insipid ass has taught Drama a valuable lesson. Hello Losers seems to know an awful lot about ‘nothing jobs’ & bitterness

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    2. So which dick of Leo’s have you been sucking. Furthermore did he give you any recognition for the dick you just sucked? Cause no matter how much you suck Leo dick, he’ll never give you your own show or a job at TWiT or even his phone number. That’s just how he operates.

      Sorry kid but you’re just hiding the truth from yourself and when the truth is revealed, you’ll be wishing you’d believed in us sooner.

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