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Helping Children

We have said some mean stuff on this site, even me. But never in the exalted history of this site have we ever implied that TWiT or anyone at TWiT would take advantage of starving children.

Think of the Children
Think of the Children

Can someone please help me out? Is TWiT donating the proceeds from the New Year’s show to UNICEF? Are the proceeds of the TWiT shirts going to UNICEF? Partial proceeds? Will TWiT be making a public donation to UNICEF? Are the fans supposed to donate?

I don’t understand how this works and as a journalist, I need facts. One thing you can count is you will get an exact figure from Leo. He is not the type of guy to just say “a lot” or “we could not be happier with the money raised” or “UNICEF is so so grateful.” I am certain we will get actual numbers like every other fundraiser right? Hello? Hello? Anyone? Is this on?