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Sarah Lane can tell when Leo Laporte is lying

Watch this tragic clip from a recent pre-show for “iPad Today” as Sarah Lane has to pretend to believe in Leo’s delusions of grandeur. It’ll be a cold day in Pet-hell-uma before Leo actually does a “worldwide meetup.” But here he is, proclaiming once again that these things will happen. We can tell by that death stare on Sarah’s face, however, that she ain’t buyin’ his shit no more.

Lisa Kentzell eyes the competition with angry eyes

Lisa "Ug" Kentzell
Lisa “Ug” Kentzell

Human barfbag and TWiT “CEO” Lisa Kentzell is rumored to have it out for every woman at TWiT that rates higher than a 3 on the internationally-recognized “Hottie” scale. She has subsequently put the kibosh on at least four potential female hires because they were considered too good looking and a real threat to Lisa’s grip on Leo.

Many in the know are relieved that Sarah Lane’s tenure at TWiT has not been cut short by Lisa’s vicious evil eye. For starters, Leo would be foolish not to recognize Sarah’s extraordinary talent; but more simply, Sarah was simply there before Lisa’s unfortunate arrival.

So watch your back, Tonya.
Girl, don’t get any plastic surgery or a new hairdo without Lisa’s approval. Because if you get even a hair’s breadth away from jazzing up your style, Lisa will axe your ass faster than Leo lickin’ up his liquid lunch.