5 thoughts on “Captain Juno is early unlike Laporte who is late”

  1. As a long time member of this site I am appalled that the Captain made this website a .com instead of a .org.
    Whatever, as @leolaporte said, “a monumental achievement.”
    Much better on the big screen, too long for a computer.

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    1. John Smith, The Captain has been known to go to extraordinary efforts to mask his identity. For all we know that was part of that agenda. Truth be told, Juno could be you John Smith, it would not surprise me one bit. Truth be Told moreover, TWiT is going down the tubes.

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  2. I agree John Smith. Perhaps Cap Juno was under extreme stress? To make a mistake like using the wrong website address seems to betray a certain laziness, so there has to be some logical explanation for that lapse.

    But the film stands on its own as a testament to one man’s iron will to spread #truth and #light. I applaud you Cap Juno—wherever you are.

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