What exactly is Elgan Media?

Our team of crack (not on, but crack) investigative reporters has jumped on this after HelloWorld revealed the company behind TheGum™ , Elgan Media.

A quick google search and some guessing found the following:


It appears to be the employee of TWiT currently know as Gum, but the address might be a previous secret lair.

So a Mike Elgum (TheGum™) is the mad genius who has created this media empire.

LinkedIn give us confirmation.  Gum + wife + unnamed 3rd party (house mate??)


But this media empire, have their domain listed as elganmedia.com has the world beating site:


It’s sort of Squarespace© v-00.1.  Web 101. Starter site.

Let’s get this going Gum!,  You’re fans are waiting

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