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Leo’s “best friends”

Leo Laporte claims Kevin Spacey as a “great friend.”

Any regular watcher of the TWiT livestream has heard Leo Laporte and his dubious claims that he has celebrity pals. Although it’s unclear how many of these “best buddies” even know that Leo exists—let alone are aware that he boasts of their friendship.

Please leave a comment if you have any evidence of Leo being friends with:

  • Kevin Spacey (Leo has interviewed the Academy Award-winning actor “many, many times.)
  • Kevin Rose
  • Kevin Bacon
  • Kevin from “Home Alone”

New information has come to light from a trusted source, here are the latest additions to Leo’s FriendZone®:

  • Steve Martin
  • Steve Wozniak (The WOZ)
  • Stevie Wonder (We might need to research this one a bit more.)
  • Kevin Pollak
  • Nick Bilton (dubious)

Update! Update! Update!

  • Regis Philbin (Leo taught Regis how to use Twitter.)
  • Pope Francis (Leo knows His Holiness through an indirect spiritual connection courtesy of PadreSJ.)
  • Steve Jobs (Leo apparently played volleyball with the late founder of Apple.)

The sooner this is sorted out, the sooner we can get back to more important topics. Thanks!

Proposed update to Twit show title “Coating 101”

YUM! wear 309
The show might get a name change to “Coating 101.”

It has come to our attention here at #TotalDrama, that PadreSJ’s show “Coding 101” is up for a possible name change.

Leo Laporte, in consultation with his girlfriend CEO, are set to change the name to “Coating 101” to bring the show more in line with Padre’s love of fried chicken.

Padre will reportedly discuss all manner of chicken coatings from KFC’s “Original Recipe” to the Popeye’s chicken franchise’s legendary “Louisiana Spicy” coating.

Best of luck with the name change, Padre! And don’t forget to wipe your mouth.

The only bright lights on TNT

There’s been a lot of hate thrown around on this blog lately—so it might be nice to take a step back and note that a few TNT guests are nothing but pure delight. If they were ice cream, they would be a double scoop of mint chocolate chip.

  • Elise_Hu2Elise Hu
    NPR reporter

    Smart and engaging feminine presence on the mostly male-dominated Twit network. Elise is not only clever and funny, she has a dazzling smile and gorgeous hair.
    Check out some of Elise’s writing on her blog.
  • markmilianMark Milian
    Bloomberg reporter

    The slender, adorable and scruffy-faced young reporter for Bloomberg with the mildly surfer-dude deep voice brings a youthful outlook to an otherwise dull show whenever he’s a guest.

Oh, I guess the list is pretty short after all.  Weird.

#drama FAQ now available

Just the facts

Greetings #drama fans!

Just a quick note to let you know that the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) is now available at the top right of the screen. This section will evolve over time, but for now includes a section outlining seminal Events in Twit history and also a Nicknames section that attempts to catalog the various monikers bestowed upon the infamous denizens of the Shit Twithouse.

A hot sausage for a cold lady

Lisa Kentzell, the girlfriend of Leo Laporte and home wrecker extraordinaire, is spotted about to eat a hot sausage (moist pic action below). Oh, and there’s also some food on her plate, too.


Now if all this nasty sausage talk hasn’t completely turned your stomach yet, this should do the trick. It’s a video of Lisa flashing a single boobay while wrestling with their freakshow of a dog:

I am so proud *weeps*

So one of the all-time greatest Tweeters in human history, the magnificent #leolaportesucks, has retweeted one of the masterpieces of the hate-piece genre. Here it is for you to enjoy in all its malignant glory: